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  1. TMR’s Pete πŸ˜‰ And just to add to the thread....reuniting Peter with his old car πŸ‘
  2. I’ll pop in albeit with a slightly sparse interior! What time do you get there?
  3. Afraid I won’t be there as I don’t have the car yet, collection is now tomorrow....
  4. Clam going on tomorrow; ppf left to do πŸ‘
  5. I might be able to make it, depends when I pick it up.
  6. I’ll be keen for next year; I may not have my car in time to pop over this year...
  7. Hi Does anyone have any experience of the repair side of Stratton Motor Company...the level of fibreglass and paint? Thanks πŸ‘
  8. Hi Guys, does anyone have any recommendations for someone in Norfolk who is good with GRP and is familiar with lotus?
  9. Can anyone recommend an interior trimmer in Norfolk who can reupholster a couple of items in Alcantara and possibly some embroidery too? Thanks!
  11. Rob999

    Meeting Elise

    Sounds good πŸ‘
  12. Oh just get it in blue FFS man πŸ™„πŸ˜€
  13. Rob999


  14. Say hi to my old man, he will be there in his silver alfasud
  15. Saw a delorean heading towards Harlow on the 414 yesterday morning...was that you Trev? Don't see many out in the wild...
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