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  1. I saw your car in the showroom the other day - looks great in red! Lotus should fit these as standard...
  2. Quick update: had to leave the car for a few days, but took it out yesterday. The problem has gone, so I guess it was just one of those things...
  3. After early niggles, my car has been completely trouble free...and it's been a joy to own Today the DPM warning light has come on though. Just wondered if anyone has any experience or this? cheers Colin
  4. Thanks guys - this is the first quote I've had. I had no idea what the going rate is so thanks for the heads up!
  5. I was just wondering what the general opinion is regarding track day insurance. I'm finally doing my first track day next month with an instructor and thought I'd get a quote: £307 for the day with a £4,400 excess - I'm kinda thinking no, but would appreciate any thoughts....
  6. Gotta love Italy...great food, wine & art....crap bureaucracy!
  7. Not much - if it was me I would be very angry! Is the problem with the Italian authorities, the dealer or Lotus?
  8. Don't blame you, but the wait will be worth it..!
  9. You won't! Subtle colour? Are you serious? That amazingly unusual grey? Big fail I think!!! Enjoy the attention...
  10. Great colour! You're right, these things attract attention - It's the small children jumping up and down with excitement I find amusing...
  11. ColinH


    Sounds like the under tray and roof at the same time. Hope you get it sorted soon!
  12. ColinH


    The iPad was recording on the rear shelf!
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