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    Lotus Evora 400

    I have good news... and bad news.... Good news. After years of waiting, my Lotus Evora 400 order just arrived in the USA at my local dealer! Bad news. I can not buy it. I was notified at work about a month ago that my services are no longer required. Thanks Life. You are just the best. :-\
  2. Hi. Thank you for your interest in the project. Those are many questions you have. The basic "idea" , which could not be fine tuned in any way without advanced software, was to use an electric supercharger to generate hi boost on a small engine. The prototype I hold in my hand is only about the size of a lunch box and it creates a single 330cc chamber with intakes the size of ping pong balls. mega boost on a 5Litre engine is no easy task, but much easier on 330cc with large ports. The hope was to use the pressurized air to cool the parts, seal the gaps, and provide compression. the only lubricant would be internal to the rotors' bearings and in the gearbox of course. Direct injection is preferred. My main focus was to keep things spinning true, use air for multiple purposes.. (just like NASA uses fuel to cool the engines before it uses fuel to fire them) and eliminate seals. I can not be sure the rotors will make efficient use of the flame wave as it moves from ignition point to exhaust point. The design was fun to make! I know I don't have any engineering background and can not answer all your questions. "Not bad for a musician" though, right? That seems to be the best answer I can get on it. Haha. Somthing about it "Makes good music". It is balanced, harmonious... and shiny! :-P
  3. reminds of the childrens math riddle. if you are 1 and your brother is 10... he is 10 times older than you. In five years he will be 15 and you will be 5. now he is only 3 time older than you. In another 5 years, he will be 20 and you will be 10. He is only twice as old as you. At what age will you catch up completely?
  4. The design should scale very easily within any kind of reasonable application. Since the unit free spins (save a very little bit of resistance from the gear set) The efficiency should be quite high, minus the work done by the supercharger on the input side. Many car companies have incorporated electric superchargers now , because they are so very very efficient. The "work" transferred to the rotors is based on the rotor "cut-out" shape you choose. the one pictured here is a 2.5x differential between the long and short sides... but it was chosen because it made the most visual sense on the patent... not necessarily because it is the most efficient. The rotors are all spinning in the same direction and at the same speed. so even if they do "interfere" at some point the effects should be minimal. The "power stroke" can be adjusted by shrinking the rotor cut-out to less than 90 desgrees of the rotor diameter, as well as moving the exhaust ports further from the center of the case side. If you really really want to get your mind wrapped up in a mess... think about all this and then add Direct Liquid Compression Injection to increase all effects.
  5. Whaaat? An "engine" with no seals, no compression, no cooling channels, no oil channels.. what a waste?! unless... as you clever peeps have stated.. you super-charged it. and I mean A LOT of boost. not 15 psi or 18 psi.. keep going. waaay up. there is no mechanical compression limitations to stop you so keep going.. The theory is you will hit a "sweet spot" in which the boost pressure, coming in from oposing sides, will pressurize the entire box.. in effect sealing the tolerance gaps, cooling the rotors, and providing compression for your air fuel mix because boost.. is.. compression.. I dont have the kind of expensive simulation software needed to know what that sweet spot is.. but I think it will work.. (and i'm open to collaboration.) I'm thrilled to have made it this far on my own.
  6. yup... and this is where the conversation gets interesting. haha. :-) keep thinking.. and I will chime in with more soon.
  7. I have had many discussions about this design since it was published... and many are wanting it to be a "traditional 4 stroke" engine. It is not. Never intended to be. It has other potentials which are not immediately clear as the patent is desired to be as broad-brush-stroke and generic as possible. The model I have in hand has a length and width smaller than a laptop.. has a 330cc "combustion chamber" and intake ports so large you can just about drop a golf ball thru it. The integrated timing set and transmission box can be adjusted for various output ratios or extended for more forward or reverse gears like any other manual trans.
  8. wow.. yes please tell me more about that.!! Very exciting.
  9. I only have an aluminum model proving it fits together so far. I do not have the tools and tech or shop to fully test it at this time.
  10. There is an "Images" button on the patent site.. and you can use the yellow arrows on the left to scroll thru them... Let me see if I can just extract a few and post them here to save time..
  11. I am happy... I have been celebrating for almost a week straight.!!!! I finally got the patent approved on my new engine design. :-D *dances a happy dance* Have a look... ask questions...
  12. ..Because Lotus still has not actually built any of the cars the USA customers have pre-ordered... *stares at empty garage*
  13. hyteck9

    Lotus Evora 400

    In the USA manuals are so uncommon that we joke that manual transmission cars should receive an insurance discount because we keep hearing of news stories where carjackers have walked away from a stick shift because they don't know how to drive it.
  14. hyteck9

    Lotus Evora 400

    Indiana USA dealer Gator Motorsport now has 2 Evora 400's in stock if anyone wants to buy a floppy paddle box unit.
  15. hyteck9

    Lotus Evora 400

    I have seen a total of two pictures of USA 400's being delivered on the internet as of today... that is all I could find and I was hoping for more... many more. But.. at least it cork has popped on the occasion. They do look nice too....
  16. hyteck9

    Lotus Evora 400

    Hey... I resemble that remark.. :-P
  17. hyteck9

    Lotus Evora 400

    I heard the USA Evora 400's are finally shipping.... And for some reason.. all the automatics are being built and shipped FIRST. *face palm* I guess mine will show up next spring... after the holiday break and blizzards.
  18. So, moving in to my new house. A Very nice place that I should be thrilled to have obtained. The moving company crew hired to get us there however... well.. packed just 1 box an hour! You guessed it, paid by the hour too. What should have been a morning move across town took 14 hours! Several damaged goods too. Very disappointed and disputing all charges until something reasonable can be negotiated. First and last time I hire someone to carry my stuff. Honestly we moved most smaller things in advance, and Some stuff stayed since I was hanging back an extra 10 days with the pets until the new place got fences built, etc, so really this was only like a "1/3 rd of my stuff" move... And somehow they claim the truck was full up and couldn't finish, so really it was only 80% of 1/3rd of my stuff. My old place was only like 1500 sq ft?? Sloths could have done it in less than 14 hours. Never Never again.
  19. Lotus.. What are you thinking? You are missing a chance to make money. Why wouldn't Lotus reach out to customers with pre-orders and say," Hey we are about to build your car, here are the latest options available. Which ones would you like to add?" Maybe I wanted a Titanium exhaust. Maybe I at least want the chance to consider it.. Lotus = allergic to communication.
  20. i think the Evora models are limited by what Lotus can build per month and the 410 takes up part of that bandwidth. Every 410 built is a 400 not getting built. is that good or bad? you decide...
  21. More dealers, more reliability, faster service, better marketing , improved overall presence in the USA... This all sounds great!! Too bad it is only being mentioned here.. in a forum already full of Lotus enthusiasts. Lotus needs to get the word out to everyone else.
  22. It sounds like your dealership's service department is staffed with nervous raccoons.
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