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  1. SCC082910RHA61250 S4 John Day Cockfosters, Herts For sale on LEW but looking for V8
  2. LotusJohn


    I can sympathize Jonathon, I to was bitten a couple of months ago I had the idea of mooring on the Thames around Chertsey with a Searay 21 that had a cosey cabin and loads of power if you wanted to take it off shore I was so taken with the idea I even considered selling the Esprit. I fell in love with this thing at Bates Wharf in Chertsey but in the end the more peole I talked too the greater the costs seemed to rise and I've put it on hold FTB. The fuel consumption on a 5 ltr Mercruiser is frightening enough so maybe a long boat is the answer. The days I spent at various boat yard
  3. Thanks guys All sorted now - having just had week off work to replace exhaust gaskets (blown No.4), studs etc with engine in situ I'd taken numerous pics of pits I had to take off - felt a bit silly taking off the busted valve and thinking which way round it went after taking so much care with the major job Yes you can replace manifold and or gaskets with engine in if you take your time and actually enjoy the challenge in some sad warped way John
  4. Hi guys I have to replace the one way valve on my S4 (the one near the timing belt cams). Stupidly I didn't make a careful note of the which direction it went when taking it off If someone could check what direction say the Black side faces (eg when viewed from the rear of the car) I'd be very grateful Ta John
  5. Thank God for that At last 5th Gear tonight have actually found something to be possitive about the Lotus Marque for a change This was certainly a new slant aimed at the Green brigade and could be a winner so long as you can find the fuel !!! Esprit HP in an Exige has got to be interesting. Was that the Lotus track on film ????? Good to see some good publicity - really cheered up a very average Monday
  6. It was great to meet you and the talk about your experiences something special indeed The whole weekend left me with that kind of memory you keep after a good holiday - longing to be back there from the daily routine Still took the beast for a run this afternoon and she seems to run even better following the factory visit and not a spanner in sight. Long live LOTUS
  7. Yep I'd be up for that Clive Chapmans guys do a great job in keeping those babies going Got the Lotus DVD from the CTL stand last year which features Chapman Snr conducting affairs at the height of Lotus F1. Also film of Fitipaldi driving the F1 car at Festival of Speed 2005 - awesome
  8. Just got back - car in one piece but filthy after all that nasty wet stuff on way home. Hope everyone else managed to return themselves and hardware safely. Really enjoyed this once in a life time event which was really well organised, so a big well done guys. Track was great and really impressed with how the old girl performed (Car that is !) Hope things get better for our beloved Lotus Cars....... John
  9. Evenin all 1994 S4 SJ Exhaust EBPV replaced with spacer SS clutch line K&M Air Filter Turbo Blow off valve thingy Leather touched up Air Con converted to R134a
  10. Thanks to Bibs\Kimbers in arranging what will be a great event. Really looking forward it and staying in hotel now so even better (sorry no spare bed)
  11. 161 & 162 John Day 94 S4 +Sally No Ta for hotel No Golf or Charity Drive Track Yes Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Leaving Cocfosters at some unholy hour !!
  12. 183 184 1. John 2. S4 3. +1 4. Not Needed 5. Cockfosters
  13. Just watching Brazil\Japan on 14 inch tele in kitchen while wifey is watch some soap stuff on proper TV Looks like Brazil have woken up ! Still England to look forward to on Sunday .....
  14. I'm up for this - sounds great will have to blag my way off work early Meets/Convoy??? John
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