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  1. The brake switch is a Renault part. HTH.
  2. Now that the bumper is off, any other tasks I could/should look at in this area. And a friendly note to the guy who placed the 2 screws/nuts on each side of the wing:
  3. Turn wheels and remove x 4screws inside wheel arch (2 per side) Could anyone post a photo of the screws inside the wheel arch? I seem to have trouble finding them. And yeah, removing the front bumper is a PITA!
  4. Steven Tyler in a pimped Exige Patrick Dempsey had an Exige, too
  5. The Excel did it, the Esprit did it...after 20 years or so! But on a NEW Evora??
  6. You could visits German Lotus fans via the Autobahn / Nürburgring / Nordschleife /
  7. if the Pioneer is the same as the F930BT or 940BT: you can put a .jpg or .bmp on the Micro-SD and install via System-Settings or you could use the Navgate Feeds software to customize your headunit
  8. You're welcome Yes, headlights do look similar, there also some other styling clues. Nowadays it is impossible to present a design which hasn't been around before, I guess... Koenigsegg use bespoke parts, right - but I don't think it would hurt their status much to grab some readymade parts. PS: while it is a nice design work, it is not as refined as the lines of an Evora. But I am biased...
  9. Wow, that looks good Stephane. Looking for a good place for a 1kg extinguisher, too...
  10. Hello Udo. Where are you from? Gruß jimmybondi / Bonn
  11. It's for the a/c comp.
  12. jimmybondi

    Very quiet here!

    If this is a Günni-free zone, I would look here more often...
  13. You guys may be interested in the RED 2 trailer:
  14. You scraped the licence plate, buddy...
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