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  1. These pics are a Million times better than the CG vids!
  2. I got this error message, though upload seems to be OK: [#10740] Sorry, but that does not appear to be a valid image. If you arrived at this screen by following a link on this site, please notify a system administrator
  3. ‎- FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - Pictures were taken after midnight at around -7°c. Camera: Sony Alpha 500 lens:Tamron 28-300mm Exposure: f4 @ 20 - 30s with fill-in flash James Bond-style ski rack was made from solid wood and lacquered in calypso red I got some of the last OLIN skis made, from ebay to complete this setup I have slightly adjusted the body color of the Esprit in Photoshop to match the bronze metallic of the 007 car. More photos can be seen here: Here.
  4. Happy Birthday from Germany Dave!
  5. The 1st picture from my last post is from the game, there is a scenic mode where you can take 'photos' The 2nd photo is from the same location, not the virtual but the real thing. This is the Altenahr market place from last night, which is very close to the Nürburgring and about 80 km from my home... Here is another pic from photo mode: More pictures can be found anywhere on the internet: Here!
  6. Basically, yes. Projector is located behind the playseat beaming on a curved screen. In order to do it correctly without any significant distortions on the sides you would need to use rear projection - but I am using this setup due to lack of space. Of course you could use the trick with the mirrors... That is just NFS-Shift on a PS3 - If you would use PC based games you could change to a wider angle of view (like you would do if you use a 3 TFT setup) but with a seamless setup. Works also nice for flight sims...
  7. Spa is one of my favorites...
  8. Don't know if you would need it. But I'd guess you would want it....
  9. Got my copy 'Collector's Edition' yesterday:
  10. So the Baldwin boys are the new ambassadors for Lotus, right?
  11. Piccies are fine for me! Thanks for sharing. I love you number plate Al! ;-)
  12. John, you urgently need professional attention!
  13. R.C. - Really Cool! Next time: Lift the inner rear wheel in the third picture!
  14. Really nice trip Paul, very impressive! I did a trip to Sardinia in the TurboEsprit myself. But what the heck are you doing in this piccie Paul:
  15. It is a short movie filmed entirely with a NOKIA mobile phone cam (N8) - sure worth looking
  16. Thanks again Bibs. Here are the P/N for the items I would be interested in: A089N0711F Cable, Speedometer (I would take 2 pcs.) either A089N06017F Speedometer, km/h (labelled 'W:0.60') or A089N06019F Speedometer, km/h (labelled 'W:0.656') not sure which one is the correct one and also may be interested in: A089P6001F Condenser Air Conditioning Car is a 1988 SE LHD
  17. Thanks Bibs. Just discovered that the speedo cable in the Excel is broken. New VDO speedo would also be nice, as mine is knackered and I have repaired it by transplanting 2 old ones...
  18. Hi all, will there be a new parts sale in the near future? Or is this history since Bahar took over?
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