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  1. Thanks Dave Glad you dont wear miniskirts........... I would be interested in the yellow car if it wasn't yellow. Showed the pic to SWMBO last night - the expression said it all. Yellow is a non starter. Shift lights are useful, I used them in my Tuscan, I fitted them to my G33 and I use them in the S The 400's are only a couple of years older than my 2014 S and I know that my car wants for nothing so I am happy that it's low risk, but I can see your logic I have "no idea" what the tax is which is embarrassing, I just pay by direct debit, but because mine is an IPS I thoink its lower than the manual S
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts. Its a real quandry. I like everything about my S sports racer apart from: Power and weight. These are the things that going to a 400 or 410 change for me, and it make a real difference on my mountainous road trips where I am following some pretty quick cars, its not vmax that concerns me, its acceleration up and down the box 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Ther 4**'s are noticeably quicker. I think I have concluded that there are 2 compromises 1. Stick with the current car 2.. Go for a 410 sport and maybe fit Recaro seats for the longer trips where comfort and access to storage behind the front seats is useful (can recaro's be retrofitted easily enough? and will they sit high as per the Sparco's or lower as in the S1 cars?)
  3. Sorry - I didn't read properly. The gearchange I found was noticeable but not hugely. Both are way faster than a manual shift.
  4. The 410 feels significantly quicker. Much more torque, pulls better in each gear. my first thought was hmm feels similar, then I realised that I hadn’t pressed sport. My next thought was “wow” followed by “oops” as I went faster into a corner than was prudent.
  5. Hence my earlier thoughts on a Ferrari 360
  6. I have seen the ads. Not sure about it for some reason that I cant put my finger on. When I bought my current car (thanks Dave :)) the level of want was really high. I'm not getting that for a regular 400 or for the Komotec one.
  7. What I didn't add is the colours I wont do White, Black and yellow are off the list - yellow because 2 of my road rip mates have yellow cars so its a bit "follow the herd" which I try to avoid, and the domestic chief executive doesn't like yellow cars, so I would get grief. Otherwise a 410 sport with those seats would be perfect if I could mount them low enough. The Daytona blue is a hard colour to replace, IMO very few colours look as good
  8. Yup window reset proceedure. I suspect you have disconnected the battery or similar
  9. Do they just pull out? Ie not seated in a captive nut? I suspect the problem in reality is that the rust has welded the nut to the bolt so it could be tricky
  10. I have a rather lovely Daytona Blue Evora S Sports Racer IPS and I am thinking about upgrading to a newer car, so I have test driven a couple and am in a genuine quandary I have test driven and/or sat in Evora 400 Hethel edition and Evora 410 sport, and I'm stuck. My car - looks great (IMO), is very comfortable but doesn't have the power delivery of the 400/410 Hethel 400 - nice engine, IPS which suits me, but the seating position is up high and the seats less comfy than the old Recaros, and overall the cabin feels cheaper than my car, mainly because of the plastic sill covers (mine are leather). Also I think that the car looks less sleek, probably because of he lack of a black roof. Comfortably in budget 410 sport - love the power delivery and looks, like the seating position as is lower, but worry that the seats would be torture on road trips where I am doing 4-5 hours a day in the car,, could I actually get anything onto the luggage shelf nagging doubt about clutches (forgot how noisy the manual drive train is), has the same tacky plastic sill covers as the 400, nowhere to put odments plus its at the top of my budget. I sort of feel that the 400 is a setp up in performance nut a step down in cabin feel and looks. The 410 has the potential to be lovely and bloody annoying If I had the budget a gt410 sport would be the answer as I have driven one, but they are too much So is my current car the sweet spot except for power, or am I missing something?
  11. Do you have Lotus pads? The Lotus version of the pads have a backing that prevents rattling, non Lotus versions don't
  12. I have a 2014 Evora Sports Racer. Quailty is great except for effing external A pillar trims
  13. Really liked my Evora with the long box. It worked very well as a daily driver and second and third were still great for B road fun
  14. I used the Suzuki ones. Excellent solution. Neither were under compression. It took me less than 10 mins to do both including time to open the garage and find a screwdriver.
  15. I think you have been unlucky I have a 2014 S IPS Sports Racer. in the last 12 month sit has been my main daily driver and has done a 10 day Euro trip. Issues have only been: A pillar trims warped (hate these things) Passenger side door wont open from the inside Tailgate gas struts (done by me last week for total cost pf £12) At the service it had - spark plugs and aux belt (both done early, my choice) At the next service it will need front discs and pads
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