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  1. I had the performance ones fitted I mention further up the thread. I like them.
  2. It was only th erear bushes knocking on mine, but I decided to do powerflex all round as half and half didnt make good sense. Apparently mine was the first time Lotus Silverstone have fitted powerflex
  3. I just had Powerflex bushes fitted front and rear. No additional road noise or harshness, cost about £130 to have both ends done at Lotus Silverstone. Ift hey last longer than the OEM bushes I will be a happy bunny.
  4. Mine are as per the handbook. I bought a set of Evora wheels with them already mounted. They were brand new about 3 years ago
  5. I got a WiFi OBD2 dongle for Christmas, it works really well, just trying to decide on the best free app.
  6. Pull diagonally across the car. I found out the hard way that pulling along the length of the car breaks the fittings and doesn't open the boot.
  7. Lotus Silverstone are fitting the bushes. It's not that expensive and my attention span when it comes to mucky jobs on cars is miniscule.
  8. First thing I would do is check the torque on the wheel bolts. I hap similar on my n/a car and it was because a refinished wheel had too much pain in the bolt hole so the bolt came loose. My current car has rear end clonking and is having bushes done next week. I am going to try the powerflex ones.
  9. MPSS are not great on damp white lines on a cold day. My car feels much more secure on it's winter tyres than the MPSS
  10. It's a very subjective thing, but for me a nice progressive pedal gives the best feel for progressive and adjustable braking, I hate grabby no travel brakes, they are too binary and give much less control. In my book controlling the car with the brake and throttle is as important as steering input except round town. With regards to creeping, my Subaru out back was worse than the IPS Evora, so I don't really see an issue. Progressive pedal helps you moderate the creep easily too.
  11. Wonder if I have mis remembered mine?
  12. Have you had Evoras before? On both mine the brake travel is long but very progressive allowing you much better feel and control than brakes that grab hard with short travel. Most track cars I have driven have long pedal travel for the same reason, it also makes heel and toe easier IMO
  13. I think traction control helps reduce the CC issue, but the main issue maybe that people brake to cancel the cruise and braking when aquaplaning is a bad plan. We have 3 cars with cruise control, olderst is 4 years, newest is 6 months. In each the handbook says don't use cruise when there is risk of standing water
  14. The summer tyres I have on my S are MPSS in MO fitment. They seem to be fine, rears are 285 wide.
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