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  1. Cambelt is around £1200, its not engine out in the 360. Needs doing every 3 years through
  2. Thanks The Ferrari has 40k miles on it, I sold my last Evora at 52k miles. In terms of the service, I never benefited from the fixed price, I'm assuming that's a new thing? My last service on the Lotus was May I think. A basic oil change etc on the Ferrari from and Indy is about £450, it typically cost me £350-500 on the Evora, so I guess the Evora is a bit cheaper.
  3. Forgot to add, the heater and aircon in the Ferrari is way better than in the Evora, it heats up quickly and cools very effectively.
  4. I have a set of Evora wheels and tyres with part worn Yoho W-drives advertised in the classifieds
  5. I thought I would update this topic now that I have had the Ferrari for a couple of months, its a very interesting comparison with the Evora. Obviously the Ferrari si nearly 20 years old whilst my last Evora was only 6 years old so that will affect some things especially the tech side of the car, but the cars are similar in many ways, let me try to set it out. Looks: The Ferrari is obviously dated in this department, but in my opinion its starting to become a classic and is less fussy than the later cars. The Evora much more modern. I always thought the Evora looked a bit high
  6. I found that with enthusiastic driving in the mountains that you can suffer with significant brake fade (I am usually gentle on brakes). If I hadn't sold my car I was going to upgrade the pads and discs
  7. Totally agree. Really enjoyed my S IPS. Much preferred it to my previous manual n/a.
  8. Funny you should say that, I had an Audi A6 Le Mans in Daytona Grey
  9. The F1 box is ok if you treat it like a manual. I have driven a few F cars with it. The best application is in the 575, the worst in the 355. It has to be set up right too The car I am buying was very good, nearly as smooth as the IPS in my Evora. One of the cars I considered was awful, almost undriveable. Going up the box you have to lift the throttle a tiny bit to avoid the jerkiness. It changes very quickly under high revs, but is more docile at lower revs. I believe that reversing uphill is a bad plan.
  10. It’s Nero Daytona (metallic black). F1 box and 40k miles. The key things though are that everything these cars need doing will be done by the dealer before I pick it up. I don’t have many pics
  11. The 360 shape has really grown on me over the last few years. It’s much more coherent than the 430, having classic Ferrari curves, the newer cars are quite angular. The rear with the challenge grill looks especially good and makes the 430 rear look a mess. But this stuff is all subjective.
  12. Ferrari 360 has been purchased delivery in a couple of weeks. some observations from test drives. 360 faster than a 400 especially 50 plus acceleration handling similar steering feel similar brakes similar engine in the 360 is stunning Ferrari interior miles better For a 20 year old car, the 360 is impressive Lest see if I still feel the same after 12 months
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