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  1. On mine the plug felt as tight as it could possibly be, but obviously not!
  2. I had similar, code showed running lean. Lotus say it's caused by a loose afm plug, the official fix is cable tie the plug in. Silverstone did that for me, all is now fine.
  3. Yup. But occasionally it causes an issue. As advised by Lotus.
  4. If a fault code isn’t thrown again after 3 starts the MIL light goes out. Just a note for owners of IPS cars, resetting fault codes with a non lotus OBD reader can lock out the transmission. I found this out on Friday morning. Couldn’t select a geaf and couldn’t remove the key. Only fix is disconnect battery.
  5. Its about an hour and a half, circa 50 miles. Looking at the live fuel trim data it does't appear to be running lean all of the time, but has some spikes where the fuel trim can't adjust enough. Typically the long term trim on bank 2 was making 14% adjustments the I can't hear any knocking or pinking and I had to drive it a bit yesterday, the engine sounded fine, smooth idle smooth but limp mode limited acceleration. Just spoken with Lotus Silverstone, they think its MAF sensor connector issue, a common problem apparently.
  6. MIL light came on today and my OBD reader shows 3 incidents of the code in 2 consecutive trips. Code means bank 2 is lean, car has gone into limp mode. Idle is fine, car runs fine apart from limp mode. Is it ok to drive it? I need to get it to the dealer.
  7. Many thanks to Richard at UK Detailing for spending 3 days polishing my car and applying IGL Kenzo ceramic sealant. The paint feels smooth as glass.
  8. On A46 near Evesham, I wonder if it’s the same one that was at Lotus Silverstone on Friday.
  9. Fitted these to my last Evora, they are better finished than the OEM discs as they have painted centres/hubs and don't rust as badly. In summary, i was more than happy with them.
  10. I asked Opie, they came up with a range of suggestions, but reading some of the oils are better for high revs, some better in the cold etc. So I am trying to narrow it down.
  11. I am supplying my own oil for the next oil change (dealer prices are silly!). Obviously I know that I need a 5w40 fully synthetic, but I wondered if their are any particular makes/ranges that people have found work better than others in terms of wear etc. My car is my daily driver, used all year doing some town work, a lot of fast A and B roads, and a annual 2 week road trip to the warmer parts of Europe. So which oil would you go for?
  12. blueg33


    Really? I can point you towards a good optician.
  13. I have the Alpine head unit in my 2014 car, the reversing camera comes on automatically.
  14. I have had 4 tyres for an Evora NA inside the car, so its doable with the 18 and 19 inch ones. As previously suggested, 2 on the back seat (the rears) and 2 on the front seat. Its tight though, and now I have 19 and 20 inch wheels they don't fit inside
  15. Dare are the Walklett family, the people who started Ginetta.
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