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  1. One of my wheels made a knocking noise. It was a loose wheel bolt caused by paint that was a bit too thick on the bolt seat.
  2. I find that leather creams do soak in and it looks better after treatment. I use a Meguiers leather creame.
  3. Seems to go on straight and sticks down really flat without any force. One of them is only about 6 months old.
  4. Not sure I agree. On my recent road trip, all the items in the boot were thoroughly warmed through
  5. In my experience Homelink is nearly useless. It will not pair with the gates to my parents house or to my garage door opener. Something to do with the rolling codes and the only fix is altering the hardware on the gates.
  6. Hi Guys I am fed up of the A pillar trim foam tape failing to stick properly and causeing the trim to flutter when driving. Has anybody tried alternatives such as silicone sealant, silkafix etc. Failing that, any tips that mean the tape will stay stuck even on a hot day in Spain.
  7. I bought a new set when I had the same issue. Every Evora I have seen apart from race cars and the gte has had a security bolt on each wheel.
  8. Driving fast roads in the mountains last week, 3-4 hours of repeated braking every few mins from 80mph to 20mph led to some significant squealing and fade when the brakes were hot. I am using the standard Ferrodo pads, but think that I need something a bit more performance orientated but that still work when cold. Someone has suggested pagid RS29, does any one have thoughts or recommendations?
  9. My Evora was in town but not parked up with the display cars. The Espirit looked good
  10. Nice looking Elan winning the last race at the Circuit des Remparts yesterday. Also, 3 original 7’s at my mates hotel, a blue esprit and a couple of Elise’s parked up in town.
  11. I am going a Euro road trip to northern Spain via France, departing on Wednesday next week. Where are you going? Fo not miss the Picos Europas. We did them 2 years ago I do exactly this
  12. Interesting stuff, thanks Steffan So light wheels make you car faster, I might go the whole hog and remove the wheels all together, save 100kg and go like a rocket
  13. I wouldn't mess about - I would go straight to the warranty especially with an MOT in the offing.
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