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  1. Hi Doug all I’ve managed to do yet is drive the family down to Margate and back and love the noise and pull away from the lights and the steering feels great I need to get out in it on my own to try out the late braking and corner speeds
  2. Me too just need a day that it’s not raining to find out
  3. Just picked up my Evora S sports racer and now I need some advice on what the best baby seat would be to use as it’s tight space I have a 2 year old and looking for the smallest seat possible to use? also the how to I get the belt clips out as they maybe pushed back or tucked out of the way?
  4. Got it home but hard to drive it back in the dark and heavy rain just have to wait for the rain to stop so I can find out what’s it like to drive
  5. this is now going to be my 3rd lotus ownership
  6. Yes i saw it this afternoon and have already messaged the seller fingers crossed
  7. Another question the IPS gearbox what’s it like to live with and use on the track and using the paddles in manual? also does it eliminate the early gearbox’s with the cable?
  8. It is a nice car how easy is it to make it a 2+2? or is it still visible to put a baby seat in the back?
  9. Question what year did the Evora S came into production because I’m seeing 2014-15 models still at the 270bhp and not supercharged I thought after a certain year they was all supercharged but I’m guessing I’m wrong to think that
  10. Looking at buying my 3rd lotus after owning an S2 Elise Racetech and S2 Exige N/A now that I have a daughter I now need back seats so I’m looking for a low mileage Evora S?
  11. Troy5925


    Bought a crate of leffe when I was at Spa F1 a few years ago and found it to be very fizzy and bloated me out after the 3rd bottle but did taste ok
  12. Yes for a limited mileage say onder 5k
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