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  1. I have gone for this and an extension so I can mount it on the garage roof Thanks for the feed back guys
  2. I have recently bought a 250cup with a lightweight lithium battery and I store my car in a garage with now power I need to weigh up my options for this problem Easiest option is to use a solar powered charger but I am unsure if it will work on a lithium battery?
  3. I will and looking forward to getting back out and doing some events and trackdays I will probably bump into you at an event soon
  4. Hi bibs Yes I have bought a 250cup and should be picking it up on Saturday and the fee I did have to pay up
  5. Guys thanks for all your input It's its always best best to ask these questions on platforms like this
  6. What would class as admin work? Not sure this is much admin work to be done as a salesman I have never come across this fee before with all my previous cars I agree with bibs why don't they just factor it in the price of the cars and not mention it at all Registrating a new owner on the DVLA I wouldn't class as admin work that justifys £150
  7. Is It common practice now to ad admin fees when buying a used lotus from a lotus dealer? Its not even a small fee either at £150
  8. Currently interested in the 250 cup for my 4th lotus purchase So who is selling one?
  9. My front corsa tyres have plenty of tread left but are looking old and are starting getting air line cracks between the treads (Corsas on rear also and not due to be changed for a while yet) For a evora S what is now the best tyre choice now that it's 2023 Also my tpms works fine do I replace them or just get new batteries fitted?
  10. I have noticed 2 LED lights not working on my today Is there an update on best practice to go about replacing the 2 LED lights now?
  11. Lol I know someone that did the very same thing and was told by the Mrs to sell his exige and overpriced his exige by 10k so that he had an excuse to keep it
  12. Lol I was just about to post this up 👆 as I too was also watching it
  13. I see that Will B has sold the grey S sports racer at 43.5k
  14. I just noticed that mine has one light and was starting to panic because it's going in for its MOT in 1 hour
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