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  1. Troy5925


    Bought a crate of leffe when I was at Spa F1 a few years ago and found it to be very fizzy and bloated me out after the 3rd bottle but did taste ok
  2. Yes for a limited mileage say onder 5k
  3. my insurance has gone up for the 2nd year running I use Henderson taylor and my renewal quote is £564 with agreed value and 5 track days I drive a 2004 S2 Exige N/A and is not used for cummuting aged 35 not made any claims in 10-15 years but have no years bonus due to my past insurance companies don't count or honour them (Henderson taylor and one answer) looking for new insurance companies to try
  4. Brussels broadcasting corporation BBC since the brexit vote I have stopped watching the bbc news because of all the bisad bullshit
  5. I do think Kent seems to be lacking in events this year
  6. has the lotus forum been registered on the car club and Who has been before or are going this year?
  7. Found it it was this that had come off Can’t send picture for some reason but it was the small purple wire that sits in the topside of the column
  8. I have checked the number 5 wire and that is not loose and also checked all fuses and are all ok so could it be the horn now or another loose or rusty connection somewhere else?
  9. I sent of my switch pack to technozen electrics on eBay for £40 to get repaired and Now all lights are working I also got the invoice explaining what had failed on the switch and the parts that got replaced (he uses a rig to check all parts of the circuit board so I kinda need to check everything else before going back to him) I did a Sunday morning run today and went to use the horn and that is no longer working what should i check to find the fault?
  10. I need to remove my switch pack from behind the speedo dash so that it can be repaired how do I go about getting access to the switch pack behind the dash?
  11. Has anyone fitted the TRD air filter upgrade for the S2 Exige 190?
  12. I booked my Exige in a local garage and just got a phone call saying they can’t do it be because of 2 reasons 1. The car is too low to get onto the ramp understandable 2. The MOT tester can’t get into and out of the car because his to fat LOL
  13. Anyone had any experience with uk sports cars just looking around for any new garages in the Kent area for a service and came across there website
  14. Are there any threads or links on how to do a gearbox oil change on an S2 190 Exige and what is the best fluid to use these days as my logbook will most likely recommend out of date fluids?
  15. Troy5925

    Pyrenees trip

    I would be interested in getting your routes once you have finished planning it
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