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  1. That's what I have ordered 2 cans off Hopefully it's made of magic and it'll let me knock them out with one punch 👊
  2. I have used up half a can when I was trying yesterday which is now empty I have ordered more releasing spray cans and I can try and spray them and leave it over nite
  3. I am finding it hard to remove the retaining pins for the rear pads Any TLF tips and tricks on how to remove the retaining pins?
  4. I see that the red S1 sports racerer 2014 at 43k has had a deposit put down
  5. Currently in the market for new brake pads Quick question What brand are the standard stock pads?
  6. Bibs Did you manage to get a deal on brake pads because I'm now in the market for a new set
  7. Agreed he does I bought mine of will B and has a good reputation in the lotus community
  8. Ha ha 😂 🤣 So it is Just ignore me I'm Living in the past
  9. Will B evora was sold last September Not to sure why he is keeping it live
  10. When I’m not spending time with the family I do my other hobbies such as mountain biking and airsoft
  11. think I might give these a try
  12. Tried that but it wouldn’t let me log in for whatever reason
  13. What oils are people using on there Evora S engine oils? transmission oils?
  14. Might pay a visit plus I could book in my service whilst I’m there
  15. Troy5925

    EVORA Weight

    Am I right in recalling that I read somewhere that the S with all the super charger bits amounts to 50kg I have the S sports racer so it has all the packs and I’m interested in making it lighter are the heated components in the seats easily to remove? has anyone weighed the bulky air box and the heated components in the seats?
  16. Looking at doing a trackday seeing who is about that want to to also do a trackday
  17. I bought my Evora S sports racer about 4/5 months in this covid mess and gone to look at the car but couldn’t drive it due to social distancing so there will be people out there selling and buying at the moment
  18. I reckon they have bottomed out now on the series 1s When it comes to selling my Sports racer S and say 5 years from now I will not accept anything less than 38k which I paid for last year
  19. Popped to whitstable for a walk, fish and chips and came back to my car to find another Evora parked in front of mine😎
  20. That looks very nice indeed They are sent back
  21. Fitted the new light but was not easy as i tried to pull the new light cabling though by tapping it to the old cabling as I pulled it came loose and then i had no option other to use a wire and spent 30-45mins trying re-thread it though the rear wing Then tapped the new cabling to the wire and pulled that though think if there is a next time I’ll just cut the cabling and save all the hassle
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