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  1. Popped to whitstable for a walk, fish and chips and came back to my car to find another Evora parked in front of mine😎
  2. That looks very nice indeed They are sent back
  3. Fitted the new light but was not easy as i tried to pull the new light cabling though by tapping it to the old cabling as I pulled it came loose and then i had no option other to use a wire and spent 30-45mins trying re-thread it though the rear wing Then tapped the new cabling to the wire and pulled that though think if there is a next time I’ll just cut the cabling and save all the hassle
  4. So it’s the wrong one again and has costed me around £40 so far
  5. My Evora S is standard sounds like I should be fine🥳
  6. I am look at doing booking my 1st track day for my Evora S and unsure on its DB level until I can get it checked Just seeing the general consensus on how other owners have gotten on with there Evora S on track?
  7. Yes that’s the only way I can see of doing it at the moment
  8. I now have the light and looking at the cabling it’s looks like I may have to thread it all The way though the spoiler and in the boot is there an easier way of doing this?
  9. Cheers wish I had seen that bit late know unless the new order is wrong
  10. Ok you would’ve thought by now that the lotus community would know where to buy this hose from that is not lotus and be able 2-3 meters cheaper
  11. Bibs is that of the deroure site or lotus otherwise I’ve ordered the wrong one again
  12. Only one way to find out ordered number 3
  13. Tried tugging it and fluid came out of the end its not the sort of ducting that can be pulled
  14. Well that wasn’t the right ducting from deroure It probably needs to be 3 times longer
  15. Also found another one on EBay Mine has both part numbers for the red and clear models
  16. Cheers never heard of rimmer brothers sounds like a pornstar productions i found this take it this is the one I need?
  17. I have a one of the LED lights gone on my Evora S rear spoiler brake lights Is there a way to replace the single LED light or do I need to replace the whole unit? also where is the best place to order one from too funny how lotus are still using MG parts as it’s stamped on it
  18. I did see number 4 but just wanted tocheck before ordering it so its just taking the hot air around the manifold area which kinda makes sense as the there is a glass window on the boot lid that can restrict the heat leaving the car ok ill go ahead and order it cheers
  19. Where is the best place to get a replacement from? As I’m a new Evora owner can you also tell me what’s it taking air in for?
  20. Hi Doug all I’ve managed to do yet is drive the family down to Margate and back and love the noise and pull away from the lights and the steering feels great I need to get out in it on my own to try out the late braking and corner speeds
  21. Me too just need a day that it’s not raining to find out
  22. Just picked up my Evora S sports racer and now I need some advice on what the best baby seat would be to use as it’s tight space I have a 2 year old and looking for the smallest seat possible to use? also the how to I get the belt clips out as they maybe pushed back or tucked out of the way?
  23. Got it home but hard to drive it back in the dark and heavy rain just have to wait for the rain to stop so I can find out what’s it like to drive
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