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  1. great day did we break the parade lap record? Never mind just seen it
  2. Does anyone know if we set a new record for the parade lap yesterday must have spent 1hr on track trying to break the record
  3. I’m meeting up with other Lotus’s at Bluewater in the [email protected] carpark at 0600 to nonvoy up
  4. Hi chris had a look on the other thread and there is a nonvoy being done on the Friday i’m looking for the same route but starting at M20 onwards to Lotus on the actual day
  5. Is anyone planning any nonvoy from Kent and also arrange Sussex and Surrey to meet up on route to the factory on the big birthday bash?
  6. I may know someone with a spare ticket and would also like to know when they Are being sent out
  7. I emailed bell and colvill and they was only given 20 tickets which have all gone guess I have to hack someone's lotus 70 accounts
  8. Is it ok to punch people in the face on arrival to take there tickets of them lol
  9. Think I know who you spotted but can't think of his name
  10. I posted on here to see if anyone with old elans, esprits etc to join in on the monthly runs which we have been doing for many years now but for some unknown reason none of the old classic lotus cars never really join in which is a shame because we could send a group out on the run and they can set there own pace and not worry about stone chips etc everyone that has been doing it really enjoy it and always look forward to the next run
  11. With winter seemingly behind us time to get some plans together for the first run of the season As per last year we kick off with a Kent/Sussex border run starting near the M25 in Surrey. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Start point is Knights Plant and Life Centre car park. Oxted Road. Surrey. RH9 8DB. It is on the A25 on the right just after the A22 roundabout if heading East towards Oxted. Be a bit careful as you pull into the car park as it looks flat(ish) but last year I swung in with a little too much enthusiasm and had a bit of a scrape. Nearest M25 exit is junction 6. Head south down the A22 and follow the signs to Oxted (A25). Meet point is no more than a few minutes from the M25. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Arrival time 7am with the intention to have everyone away by 7.30am. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Finish point is Wessons Café in Horam East Sussex: It is a bikers café but we have ended up there loads of times in the past and the service is brilliant as is the grub. We won't be able to park outside as there won't be room and on Sundays it is reserved for bikes. There is however a decent sized car park down a side road opposite which is free and has no ground clearance issues. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Run should last about 2 hours or so including brekky so we'll probably be all done by about 10.30am ish. ----------------------------------------------------------------- As with most runs the sign up section below will have 3 categories, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Please select which group you would like to join I'm guessing it's pretty self explanatory. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I have a route created using a piece of software called Tyre. It can be converted to most sat navs that are capable of excepting routes. If anyone would like a copy drop me a u2u with your email address and I'll email it over. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Just to be clear this is intended as a fun spirited drive and everyone participates at their own risk. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please click and read the below link: http://docs.the playground_RunBriefing.pdf We will have a briefing and sign in before setting off, the above link will give you an idea of what the briefing will contain.
  12. Anyone else interested in doing a run on the 30th April? There will various groups to join in such as: Classic cars Novice group Intermediate group Advanced group The runs are done in the kent, Sussex area's where we do a run every month except winter month's
  13. Cheers Bibs for a good night and good to hear they stories from over the pond
  14. Are the normal monthly meet peeps attending this rather then having 2 meets in the same week? I'm not on the list....
  15. Add me and the Mrs to the list Please I done 2 entries to the food menu but I don't know if it works that way and plus Emma has an egg allergy that needs to be mentioned too
  16. Cool I drove past it the over week looks like they will be tight for space there
  17. I heard a Rumour that FG barns in Maidstone will be a new Dealer any news on this?
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