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  1. Cool I drove past it the over week looks like they will be tight for space there
  2. I heard a Rumour that FG barns in Maidstone will be a new Dealer any news on this?
  3. I could be up for a run next month
  4. I have entered but don't know if I got in? who is the chosen few?
  5. Realised I can't make this due to me going to the ring for the 24hr race
  6. Driven past there and there was land rover meet today. Do they take card there
  7. Gary dos Dave know your out on the pull
  8. I'm up for it if work Allows it The meet not the dogging I mean So what does these rules mean to me Doesn't car insurance cover people for any damages
  9. thinking about replacing my k series 122bhp 2002 camshaft engine cover due to damaged screw's for the plastic engine cover. would this be the right parts to replace it w
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