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  1. Am I right in recalling that I read somewhere that the S with all the super charger bits amounts to 50kg 

    I have the S sports racer so it has all the packs and I’m interested in making it lighter


    are the heated components in the seats easily to remove?

    has anyone weighed the bulky air box and the heated components in the seats?


  2. On 08/12/2020 at 09:56, Whitey said:

    I posted several tears ago about this when my ducting perished. I sourced a very nice stainless tube:



    That looks very nice indeed 

    On 07/12/2020 at 19:29, Bibs said:

    You're legally entitled to a refund, send them back and order the correct part mate - A132S0081F 

    They are sent back 

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  3. Fitted the new light but was not easy as i tried to pull the new light cabling though by tapping it to the old cabling 


    as I pulled it came loose and then i had no option other to use a wire and spent 30-45mins trying re-thread it though the rear wing

    Then tapped the new cabling to the wire and pulled that though 


    think if there is a next time I’ll just cut the cabling and save all the hassle

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