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  1. Just thought you'd like to know.... Time on August 7th At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09 This will never happen again (of course 3009). For Americans the 8th of July 2009 as for MM/DD/YY
  2. well i am up for the 8th, depending on weather it doesnt look that bad atm, the next wave of snow is more likely to hit the midlands.
  3. thxs guys, she will be going in for a full inspection in readyness for the trip to Le Mans, so I will get her sorted then...... thxs for the advice
  4. Hey guys, took the car out the night for a spin, and noticed that my boost gauge was not responding to the the turbo when it came on. Never had this problem before.... so could it be a simple connect/sensor that needs replacing. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.......
  5. Should be able to make this one guys, nothing on the agenda for that date, took the car out for a spin the other evening and noticed that the Turbo Boost Gauge was not working. Turbo is fine....... so is it a loose connection? or do I need a new connector?..................... any ideas would be helpful...................
  6. well guys it looks like a cop out for me for the saturday night takeaway, i have been informed that our company christmas meal is booked for the same night. Hope you all enjoy your curry.......................
  7. Series

    Essex Meet

    should be able to make this one guys, so count me in.
  8. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    I must admit that the Highwing is not a Bond car, but that didnt seem to matter to much to the organisers, as long as they had a white Esprit. Also one of the main attractions of the car, was that most people there had never seen an Esprit Highwing before, its novelty value alone caused a great deal of conversation which the organisers were delighted with. So there it is, the main thing is, a Lotus Esprit was present............... here is a link to You tube showing the BBC conducting an interview in front of it, only snatches of it I'm afraid.....
  9. While I was at the James bond premier, I got talking to a guy who is closely involved at Lotus, and we got talking about the new Lotus which is due out soon, he also hinted that Lotus was also working on another project, I asked if that might be on the lines of the Elise, he smilled and wouldnt answer......................... watch this space............................
  10. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    yep it was a nice evening, bloody freezing, and my heating in the Esprit decided that it was the evening it wasnt going to work, flippin cold drive back that night. But the Esprit stole the show had crowds around it all night leading up to the film, with any luck it might be featured in the local press, there was plenty of pictures taken.
  11. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    just a couple of quick pictures from Quantum of solace premier in Ipswich guys
  12. Sorry that I couldnt make it yesterday guys, went to start the car up and the battery was completely knackered, wouldnt even take a charge from the jump leads, so that was the final nail in the coffin. Hope everyone had a good time, judging by the pictures posted it was a good turn out, lets hope i can make the next meet. ............Series................
  13. ok guys, this trip for me might be in doubt, I have the wife's family coming over sunday, so if I am able it will be just for the first part, considering the cost of fuel, that it is also creating problems with the dark haired curly one. As rough estimates put it at
  14. can someone give me the postcode please for the longwater carpark so that i can find it on sunday guys, unless someone is travelling up from my end of the county...........
  15. Series

    Le Mans '09

    Apologies for starting this thread a bit early for next year, but being that Le-Mans is such a massive event in the car callender, I thought it might be prudent to see who is interested in going to next years race. firstly i started this damn thread last year, and ended up not going to this years event, so to put myself fimly in the frame I am definitely going....... bibs i know is also another le-Mans regular, so i am hoping that we can get a sizable group together to convoy down, intial thoughts would be welcome. my dates are normally Thursday am through Calais and coming back Sunday p
  16. i never sell anything on Ebay now, used to ofload all my discontinued sunglasses on it, but no more. Costs are to high and E bay does little or nothing to stop the scams.................
  17. Owen & Tracy - Esprit GT3 Andy C - G Esprit Turbo James - ? (Starter sorted James? you can borrow my old one if you need one just to get you out of trouble, it does, sort of, occassionally needing a tap to work! ) Simonf - ? (Is your car usable or in bits again? ) Kimbers - not in an Esprit S4 but pax in an Elan Dave F - SE Turbo Graeme - Stevens Esprit Turbo KCB - Elise mk1 (SELOC - Karen & Paul) ShaunM - M100 S2 (LEC) Freddie - SE Turbo Highwing Goner try and make this one guys, since it is my birthday on the 20th, never taken my esprit on a proper hoon, just got to che
  18. This is a interesting story, I was working one saturday when a guy came into my shop at Rayleigh, and made the remark that he knew me. I normally am pretty good on faces, but i couldnt connect with this one It turns out that back in 1996 I had bought my 1st Esprit, a 86 Esprit NA in black, I kept it for about a year and then sold it on. It turns out that this guy was the buyer of that same car. So in the course of conversation I asked him what he had now and it was a Blue V8 which i see from time to time going down the high st. It also transpires that he still had my old Esprit, which i
  19. have to admit it would be nice if it was a bit further South
  20. ok guys i am going to put myself down for this, primarily because I love Curry, and there is a great little Indian takeaway near where I work. so put me down for a great big plateful..........f**k the diabetes I will just have to put up with the sodding diarohea the next dayyyyyy ( I better check that we are not testing that day, or my patients are going to get a bit more then they bargained for)
  21. I have to admit the Essex looks lovely................welcome
  22. Maintenance budget will always be around
  23. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    ok guys i have the email address for anyone interested in showing their Esprit at Bond in Suffolk, apparently it doesnt have to be white. [email protected] if you email chris at the above email address he will respond to you.
  24. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    that would be great, Chris I simply must start using her again, I drove her on some trade plates when I bought her home and I had forgotten the simple pleasure of how nice she was to drive. Also that racing clutch that was fitted 2 years ago has finally bedded in, just shows you how little i have taken her out.
  25. Series

    Bond in Suffolk

    yep, literally just got her back, just waiting to tax her now, and once the damn gas people have finished doing a sodding great big hole in front of my driveway, I will be able to take her out.............again..... hopefully they should be filling it in next week, real bloody pain in the arse
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