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  1. I wanted to do this with mine, somewhere I took a picture and cut it to do the same thing, I was going to cut and follow the air scoops down to hide some of the cut. Looks great there
  2. Still looking for rear hub carrier right side
  3. Located in New Jersey USA. looking for right rear hub carrier. part number AO82D4072F
  4. Good info on the latches, I almost bought the cheap d1 sankos also labeled as JDM racing on ebay. The aeroCatch are also available on ebay.
  5. Headers are from cxracing( can be found on ebay). They are made for twin turbos. Maybe someday if I ever change the gearbox to something that can handle it. Then I can put the Turbo Esprit decals on.
  6. Few pics with headers installed. Sorry pics from my phone suck.
  7. Im actually going to open the radiator where the spare was similar to yours Rob and glass in an area that will lead to a louvered section on the bonnet. Also going to clam the extra body I have, along with making new grill and rear section to lose the big bumpers.
  8. Yes it fit nicely with room to spare. I like your Vids Rob, I have a few on youtube(can be found by user name "dionr05"),but Im a terrible narrator,
  9. Im trying to upload the pics again of frame mods. Basically the inner part front cross bar that meets the backbone was moved forward 1 and 1/2 inches to make more room for belt pulley.. New boxed in areas were added to the outer corners of this bar.The old engine mount areas were boxed in.Gussets were added to most corners. An outer bar was added to replace the removal of the bar that connects diagonally from engine mount area to the forward cross bar that was modified.
  10. Got around to getting everything fit, engine mounts, shift linkage, axles, A/C, altenator,etc. Going to fit the exhaust then I can take it apart again and start powdercoating, painting and plating parts for final assembly. A few pics of it together with the burnt body on just to make sure body will fit with the frame mods that were made. I have a bunch of other pics of frame mods and fitment with body off,but forum wouldnt let me post them due to size.
  11. The door panel finished with ostrich insets and new round 4 inch round speaker. A Luisi steering wheel looks right at home. The headliner and half the sunvisors also done in Ostrich.
  12. Matt thanks for posting. Im a Corvette guy and have a list of where I usually go for Corvette Events, but seems hard to find Lotus/ Exotic Events.
  13. eddie lotus nj


    Just some around the garage pics
  14. Door panels, I reglassed the speaker area to accept new 4inch round speakers.
  15. Seats before and after. Black with Gray Ostrich insets and embroidered headrest.
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