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  1. That's the same part number I ordered, and I did disconnect the battery just to be safe
  2. Hi Got the switch from Bell & Colvill DeRoure, so a genuine Lotus part A few cross head screws remove the lower cowl and just plug the new switch into the wiring where it is marked exhaust flap Plug and play with no ECU updating, comes up on the dash as exhaust open or closed in any of the modes at a touch of the button
  3. Hi Theshur, Where did the carbon parts come from please? - Several carbon parts for the interior of GRP (gear lever, airbag, Climate Control and Door Pulls)
  4. Hi Paul Do you happen to have a list of the size bolts that you purchased? Looking to order some for my car now Thanks Colin
  5. Looks very cool Paul, where did you get the replacement fixings from as I think I may do this to my 410? Thanks Colin
  6. Fitted one to my 2020 410 Sport 20th Anniversary edition and works straight away, works in all modes and comes up on the dash to say open or closed. Happy days πŸ‘ Purchased my online from B&C and took about 15 minutes to install πŸ˜€
  7. Thanks for the info Dave, I don't suppose anyone does supply them for the 410 Sport?
  8. Look what I found under the passengers mat while cleaning the car at the weekend πŸ˜€
  9. Picked up the new car in December, not had too much use yet but hoping to get out and about as lock down eases πŸ™‚ only done 400 miles so far Also a picture of the interior at the factory before delivery
  10. That’s all I have, but I do know they produced 27 in calypso red πŸ˜€
  11. I have been in contact with Lotus customer service again and they have confirmed the below:- "I can confirm we have produced 155 Exige 410 20th Anniversary Editions"
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