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  1. I will be more than happy to have veterans attend as well. I am in continuing meetings with staff at Knockhill and want to welcome as many military past and present to attend as our guests.
  2. Hello again to all. My idea is to arrange a MASSIVE day of fun for all members of our fantastic and often underappreciated Armed Services and their families. The idea behind this event is to bring us all together as a community of car owners and friends, as well as the wider population to show all of our troops that all of the efforts and sacrifice made over the past few years in Afghanistan and Iraq has not gone unnoticed. I have been in talks with Stuart Gray at Knockhill Race Circuit and he and the management at Knockhill have kindly offered to host this event for me in conjunction with at large SMRC event that will be held the same day. The idea is to bring together as many rare and unusual Supercars, Classic Cars, Vintage Cars, Sports Cars etc. as possible. I am hoping to gather up to 100 Cars for this one!! The intention will be that ALL MEMBERS of the Armed Services and their families will be given free entry (50% for their guests) to Knockhill on this day. During the day they will be given full access to the array of cars, including passenger drives on the public roads, as well as Parade Laps of the Circuit during the afternoon of the 21st June. I am looking at placing groups of up to 10 Cars at a time in a holding paddock, during 1 hour slots throughout the day in order to rotate the vehicles that will be used for the public road runs. Further to this, I am looking to liaise with the military to see what displays they can bring along on the day to enhance the day. Stuart Gray has already told me that some of the BTCC Teams are looking to support the event as well. I will also be seeking donations from far and wide which can be included in a Charity Auction to be held on the day. The monies raised from this will be distributed amongst the various Military Charities. Can I please ask you all that if you choose an event this year to attend, that you really try to support this one. It is a unique event that will not be repeated and is in a small way, our way of saying a massive thank you to all of these brave men and women and their families for the sacrifice. Can you please reply to me if you can support this event, including the marque of car you can supply on the day, as well as anything you may be able to provide for the Charity Auction please. Kind Regards Mark
  3. 1. Steve & Kathy (Yes please) (2) 2. Dom (Yes please) (3) 3. Philip (yes please) (4) 4. Duggie & Susan (6) 5. Saj (7) 6. Steve Brown (8) 7. Donkey(9) 8. Keith & Ann (11) 9. Kenny & Lesley (13) 10. Steve_Weegie (14) 11. Sanjoy (15) 12. Hedgerley plus 1 (17) 13. Ian Corse + 1 (19) 14. Arnold (Veggie) 15. Joss 16. Mark Ryan + 1 (23)
  4. Hello Brian Its a pity that this fantastic event clashes with my Supercar Cars and Coffee event at Knockhill that same day. Stuart Gray from Knockhill had invited all my group of contacts to join together for the last big event of 2014 at the SMRC Event that day. So far we have 35 Cars over vaious marques coming along for the meeting at noon on the 5th with a full parade lap of the circuit for the crowds, followed by cordoned off Paddock Display Parking and free entry for the afternoons racing for all. If you thought it all possible to tie this in with anything at all on your event than that would be fantastic. If not, then I am gutted that I cannot meet up for this one with you all for both parts of the day Regards Mark
  5. 1: bingoking +1 2: delands 3: sainttoad 4. Keith +1 5. John Cherry 6. Andrew C 7. Ruadh08 (Depending on date) 8. Sharron & Dave 9. Douglas 10. Ian C (if after 24th) 11. Dom 12. Mark Ryan +1
  6. Hello again to all my friends and Car enthusiasts I have now managed to arrange the next meeting of my the ‘Cars and Coffee’ meets. The date of the meeting is Sunday 22[sup]nd[/sup] June 2014 and the venue will be the 5 Star Kinnettles Castle Hotel, near Forfar. [url=""][/url] The event is open to anyone in Lotus Ownership as well as other marques. I have run these events for a couple of years and it is intended to bring car enthusiasts together from across the marques of cars to admire the vehicles and chat in nice surrounding with refreshments provided. There will be Aston MArtin, Ferrari and Porsche as well as some other marques. This hotel is set in its own ground with ample group parking and we will have exclusive use of the venue for the afternoon. The event will again commence at 1pm and finish about 3pm, with sandwiches, shortbread, scones, cake, tea / coffee being provided. The cost again being £9.95 per person. It would be nice to incorporate a nice Road Run en route to and from the hotel through the good roads that run up through Perth and Coupar Angus and therefore I will post out preferred meeting points for all attending once I know how many wish to come to the meeting. As before, can I ask that anyone wishing to attend this meeting please let me know asap and I will add you to the list of attendees. [email protected] [attachment=27181:20130519_132221.jpg] Many thanks again Kind Regards Mark.
  7. 1. David Darling 2. Archie Buchan 3. Dominic Shanahan 4. Douglas Smith 5. Margery Cherry 6. Saj Mohammad 7. Jos McGuire 8. Gordon Masson (possible + 1) 9. Hedgerley + 1 10. Jason (SnoBoardr) 11. Mark Ryan + 1
  8. Thanks Brian. See you tomorrow at Lamborghini 1. bingoking + 1 2. Colin G 3. Kar07 +1 4. Sharron & Dave 5. Liam+2 6. Mike C +1 7. Brandon 8. miket +1 9. wizard + 1 10. Mark Ryan + 1
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