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    1990 Elan M100, Elite 501 and Elan +2S 130/5
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    Uprated brakes, Piper s/s exhaust
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  1. It is a solenoid and a shuttle valve with with two hoses and a release port
  2. Has anyone got a working unit that is surplus to requirements--please? Thanks
  3. HID bulbs in standard units is now an MOT failure
  4. Hi, has anybody got a usable headlamp vacuum solenoid that is surplus to requirements? Thanks
  5. Does you know what the door mirrors fit and are they available? Mine are b-----dy useless,
  6. Nice, what wheels are they, they suit the car very well. ( Esprit is very tasty also)
  7. You could also try D.S Thomsett (Jim) in Cambridge who did my M100 interior or P & M Taylor in Burwell near Newmarket.
  8. When that pic. was taken, you're right, bare rollin' shell, now gearbox in and original totally rebuilt twin cam engine in and running
  9. It is indeed Lagoon Blue L12, I managed to get the original ICI paint code from Lotus, cross referring from original codes.
  10. Lagoon Blue metallic, code L12, a Rootes group colour, Lotus number A036 B 6357V Lagoon Blue metallic, number L12, Lotus number A036 B 6357V
  11. Does anyone know what vehicle the front fog and spot lamp switches were taken from on the +2S 130/5? As my car was far from complete when I bought it, I have nothing as a pattern.
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