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    2015 Solar Yellow Lotus Exige Roadster w/ Spoiler and Splitter
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    Est. 430HP: Larini Manifolds, Larini Sports Cat, Larini Valved Muffler, Komo-tec Modified Pulley/ECU Tune/Cold Air Intake

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  1. I actually don't like the creep of the automatic in sports cars. I drove a few dual clutch cars and I loved how you have to press the gas pedal and it takes a few seconds to start moving forward and there's no creep, as if it was a manual where the clutch is engaging to go forward. Do you think this is something that can be programmable with a torque converter? (Purely curious)
  2. I'm considering a GT4 so I looked into the forums and reading a thread there reminded me of the talk on this one of the 400's issues. Seems a Porsche has some issues too. Post #32
  3. @Bibs Do you think you can include the limited slip diff when speccing an automatic Evora?
  4. Yes and no. If I want the Evora its for its usability, it dosn't make sense to me to go to an Evora 410, I would prefer to stick to the Exige. Also in terms of upgrades I would not want to change the exhaust on the 400, Lotus got it spot on, it just sounds perfect. Maybe the cold air intake and ECU tune to extract an additional 30+ hp.
  5. I test drove the 400 automatic yesterday. For reference I come from a 430 hp Exige V6. My comments: - The 400 has an amazing sound - Seat position is too high - Upshifts are slow but downshifts are quick. I loved the fact that you can now downshift to first gear, it was restricted most of the time in the Evora S - Had it on sport with exhaust button on, the crackle on the upshift is amazing, like a V6 Ferrari - Interior is great, it was red alcantara, loved it - Compared to the old Evora steering feel is closer to the Exige, that go kart feel - I must say again how amazing it sounds - Its more fun to drift than an Exige! - Coming from the 430 hp Exige, I found it slow (it is a fast car, but just slow for me). Another 100 hp and it would be perfect. - Dual clutch please! Though considering the limitations of the torque converter Lotus have done an excellent job with the TCU - Used to have an Evora S, the 400 is a huge improvement as an overall package All in all very impressed, but still unsure if I want to trade my Exige for the Evora 400. Im a minority of people who find the Exige (fairly) comfortable for what it is and I love the way it just leaps forward and eats the asphalt. The 400's competition is clearly a Carrera, 11 times out of 10 I would take the Evora 400 over the Carrera! Can't wait to see the roadster!
  6. I went to Hethel today for the factory tour. I saw an orange Evora 400 going around the test track with the same louvered back as the new Exige Sport 350...Interesting...
  7. I've only driven 3500 km since installing. So far so good. Planning to get a Komo Tec clutch though if (or when) clutch goes.
  8. I have the 430, and it's quite quick! Wonder what they added to extract another extra 30 hp
  9. They are amazing. Get them ceramic coated if you do order them :)
  10. Here's a vid taken by a group I sometimes go on Sunday morning cruises with:
  11. I noticed also in Evora 400 pics that the brakes are branded AP Racing instead of Lotus, how come?
  12. I have the Komo-Tec upgrades. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pull very hard and the acceleration is really something, 5th still very good but goes off a bit, 6th a bit less. Even from a low RPM at 4th gear it pulls pretty hard.
  13. "Beyond new models, Lotus is also working to update its current stable. “The [2017] Exige will be faster, and have bigger wheels and brakes, even though it has better air-conditioning and infotainment, and lower sills for easier entry,” said Gales"
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