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  1. This car and mine were the first two delivered to the dealer from the factory and I am sure yours was the first registered for the the road. Hi Paul, yes Silverstone, mine is as the launch car dark grey. registered Oct/Nov 2017. I have a photo somewhere of the two of them on the lorry, but can't find it at the mo.
  2. This car and mine were the first two delivered to the dealer from the factory and I am sure yours was the first registered for the the road.
  3. Nice, your getting there! Bit faster than I am with mine, seats went in nicely, just made a frame, boy what a difference! Andy
  4. Hi Trevor, how's the little one coming on? Andy
  5. If you are doing the main light units, scotch off the cover , and give it two coats of clear! Keeps it all looking dandy.
  6. Hi there, Sorry but just been reading this! And this is my opinion ! not meaning to rude, nor flippant in any way shape or form! Honestly. But Sorry but you don't seem to sure of anything to do with the task of changing your pads, Now your car would of cost more than 50K The brakes are the only things that stop you hitting something else! Labour time to fit new would be somewhere between .75 to 1 hour book time just get them done. then you are 100 % sure. Sorry if that seems a bit blunt, but as an MOT tester I have seen the results of someone having a go! Andy
  7. Hi there, I used these for my box!! largest bill for the whole build, and my largest woe! Took 6 months to get back, and what I got back was not my casings! First problem was, drive shaft seals leaked, and with 100 miles we found, that they didnt locktight the bolt that holds the pivet for the clutch fork! , done complete cltuch, flywheel, and hydraulics, approx 2 k to repair!! Would I go back? NO! Andy
  8. booboo93

    MOT Query

    Hi Steve, Its been in the workshop since it came back from its holiday! lol awaiting new nsr brake caliper. season's greeting to you and yours , and to anybody else that has read this!
  9. booboo93

    MOT Query

    We are approx. an hour away from you in Milton Keynes. Andy
  10. Option 3, well thats the way I would go Best of both worlds.
  11. Hi all, if I could just add my 2p worth, I've been lucky enough to run both at the same time, and while the Exige just has loads of raw power, and is an amazing track tool, it does have its down sides, only in as much as the running costs, they love a nice drink! 3 fills on a good long track, they eat tyres, and brakes! on the other side , the Elise, just as good! but a little slower on the strights and because of the weight, does not use the consumables as fast, nor the fuel. The only thing they lack is the noise, but that means you can get on any track in the uk.
  12. Hi Steve, That it was!, and what a car! only passed it on, to take a 430
  13. Hi there, Please take heed, of what is being said, these chaps are only trying to help, or you could loose 10k on the first turn of the key!! Trust me what Mike does not know about these motors is not worth thinking about. Mike helped me out 2 years ago, and when I had finished building mine, I then put it in the back of the van and drove it to Leicester, so a factory chap could check my timing, as I didn't what hours and hours of work and shed loads of cash going pop!! All the best Andy
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