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  1. Makes it stand out more, nice, would like to see a pic of the rear end!
  2. Hi all, Had mine done, after complete restoration, with nexis Armour guard, via Matt at Silverstone. Complete front end, and bottom of doors and sills
  3. Thank you, I will know by the weekend, again thanks just for looking! Andy
  4. Thanks for all the help, no stock anywhere, but think we can sort it.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for a clutch Master cylinder, or if any body else knows what else would fit the car. or even where I could get the old unit rebuilt Trouble started after the people in wales built the box, and didn't lock tight the bolt that holds the pivot for the clutch fork! so far, flywheel, clutch, new slave and now a master not bad for less than 100 miles, and two and half years work. If anybody could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading . Andy
  6. booboo93

    Evora GT430

    The original release from Lotus, was 6 for the uk , Fact 12k deposit at time of order Fact No colour change except for the outside of the car Fact So if you had spent 120k on something that was going 1 of 6 in the uk wouldn't you be pissed? As now you can have any colour, inside or out, calipers of what ever colour, and 4 times the amount of cars!
  7. booboo93

    Evora GT430

    If success is built on deception, is it really success? Or did JMG just take the initial 6 buyers as mugs?
  8. booboo93

    Evora GT430

    Gt 430 up for grabs at
  9. How about getting rid of the lying, penny pinching bloke that sits on top of the tree in the UK. Each year you get more taken from the car, cargo nets, engine covers, speakers to name a few, and the price goes up. Another 10 BHP? " that will be 30K please
  10. booboo93

    Evora GT430

    Just 60 editions are planned for worldwide markets (only 6 vehicles for the UK). The Evora GT430 is available to order now with a non-refundable £12,000 including VAT deposit. Regards Lotus Marketing Team I knew I had seen it somewhere, It's quite easy to see why some are up tight about things ! PPI's were mis-sold !
  11. booboo93

    Evora GT430

    Have to agree with this!!!, I was one of the 6, and at time of order you had to put 12.5 k in as a deposit, within a week it was 10, now its 20 plus. Form a super rare car, to a fairly common car within this group at least! (picture of three together on here) would I do it again, truth is NO! Stunning car to look at, but think I should of stuck with the 380.
  12. I just laughed my co.. off reading that!!! funny as foooooooook
  13. sorry for the delay, but yes it works.
  14. Mine works, except when in sport or race it reverts back and will only open at 4500 rpm.
  15. like, like like like! looking sweeeeeeeeeett, hope all else is ok Stepthen
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