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  1. I do hope to be back after not too long - assuming Dex sells and I do actually leave! Whatever I get next in the sports/supercar world will be Lotus and will be matt black again if at all possible ?
  2. Thanks, yep he's really awesome still, paintwork doing well and kept up to standard with a 5-6 monthly visit to Paul Wilkins in Glenrothes then cleaned regularly in-between. He's in great condition! He was at Craig's while I was down in London for a week - having his 54,000 miles service (tho actual mileage is 47,300 right now; he's always been a few thousand ahead as had his 9k one done when I got him at 3k on the clock) and new front brake discs and pads.
  3. Well I've just bought a lovely little Seat Mii called Deb ? She's a lot of fun to drive, particularly when trying to overtake anything at all. Or wanting to go uphill on a motorway.
  4. That would be super - and sad at the same time as I'm having a whole heart/head struggle ? The dealers all seem a little nervous about taking on a matt black car, even the lush famous Dexter ?
  5. Fairwell, sexy Dex. PS: Yeah of course I'll accept offers a quid or two less, so long as you look like the sort who will love and care for my Dexter in his new life.
  6. I didn't think there was that much money in online porn these days.
  7. Jesus Christ, had I not been vigilant, that scrounging multi-millionaire-free-Lotus-car-getting @Bibs would have automatically got another £100 out of my bank account in a few days. Here was me thinking a grand gesture donation gave me lifetime membership. No such luck. I feel so cheated. Abused. Molested even.
  8. Gorrrrgeous Evora 400 heading down the hill on Palmerston Place the other day in the morning as I was finally driving into work. And almost the same place heading the other way early evening when I was leaving. Still not a fan of the interior but the exterior view of the car really is amazing.
  9. snoboardr


  10. Oh I dunno, a nearby chav fest sounds a perfect reason to make a special trip to the area!
  11. Change your recommendation to the Crail Fish Bar. Bigger fish, more chips, better chips, no queues. And you get to see Crail. What's not to love?!
  12. I was just gutted I wasn't in Dexter so we could've had a Lotus love-in - particularly as I'm allowed to rev him up to the limit by now. For next time, the Crail Fish Bar is a LOT better than that place in Anstruther and not too much further. First 400 I've seen "in the wild" (other than at a Lotussy event).
  13. Heading north to the Forth Road Bridge. Driver couldn't help revving it wildly going under the tunnel where everyone queues at this time of day to meet the other poor souls in the bridge congestion. Understandable but I've always felt a bit embarrassed doing that in tunnels for fear of appearing to be "one of those tossers with a posh car". That said, it only takes a hot chav type to give me the thumbs up and Dexter seems to involuntarily go up a few thousand revs.
  14. I've become obsessed with that bonkers new AI photo app, Prisma...
  15. Did I miss a memo about the banking photoshoot? Has the amazing Malcolm completed his magic on it; or any idea when it will be ready to roll?
  16. Eurgh, why didn't you just ask him how the fk he knew anything about hairdressers?
  17. He couldn't find anything on Dexter to make shiny other than the exhaust so gave it a good going over. It was never matt black, it's always been the shiny whatever-the-metal-is. Generally these days it is black from the shit that comes out of the exhaust and that's how I tend to keep it; life's too short to constantly be tickling my pipe.
  18. Ok I'll try to be there by shortly before that; would normally go a slightly different route from home (joining M90 at J5) but will try to get my timings right! If I'm *not* there by then leave without me just in case.
  19. I can't do Craig's now but no major drama as will pop to see him sometime soon anyway. I've only just realised I need to be elsewhere early afternoon. Still at Petit Paris tho and will meet at Hermiston Gait as usual ?
  20. @Bibs, I hope you've patched the new ImageMagick bug that was found recently! #securitynightmare if you haven't just say you have ?
  21. You re-size them down and re-compress them on the upload though presumably? This is why many images uploaded to Facebook look bad, they must compress to about 50% JPEG quality given what many of my masterpieces turn out like.
  22. When I tell people I'm categorically NOT a car nerd, I will point them to this discussion about number plates, screw hole positions and digit sizing to demonstrate what proper car geeks are like.
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