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  1. I would like to keep my Eclat as well but the garage is getting a bit full!
  2. Hi Dunc, I did see that post a few years ago, a great idea and thanks for the advice on positioning. I need to get my car on the road again this spring - unfortunately its also blocked in my garage by my wife's MGBGT which as no wheels on at the moment!
  3. Yeah would be good to meet him, yes these cars do seem very under valued for what they are. are you moving far?
  4. Same interior as mine, it has a riviera Bonnet and boot, no PAS, AC or factory fitted sunroof. Assume the factory run out of bonnets and boots and fitted to all S2’s by then?
  5. I did think that as I don't suppose there's too many of them about? Mines got a birdseye maple veneer.
  6. I've started working on mine again after struggling to get the lower links out! I would be defiantly interested in it, did you sell that red one last year?
  7. Looking for a S2 centre panel for my Eclat, the previous owner butchered it to fit a modern radio!
  8. Hello, had to change the bushes on my antiroll bar and as I'de never done any work on the front suspension decided to replace all the bushes which also resulted in new springs, dampers ball joints,trunnions and track rod ends. Stripping has been ok until I came to the lower links. On both sides the pin in seized into the bush sleeve and not much room to get in with any thing. are there any tips to get these out or do need to destroy the lower links?
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