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  1. Fantastic work MrP, love the car.
  2. Well I thought if Tony Shute can light up his tyres off the line then that’s permission to get your foot down 🤣 Thanks Bibs. Excellent day. So worth the 500 mile round trip in the 211. Thanks for arranging the weather too.
  3. Sticker now fitted in 211, near side aero screen, not top or bottom, more top to bottom. Perfectly colour matched too😉 Going to be a long cold drive down.
  4. Thanks Bibs, tickets received. Just need to fit a windscreen to the 2-11 to accommodate the windscreen sticker 😀 Paul
  5. Gav, did the paintshop remove the mesh grilles or just mask them off? Oh, I just scrolled back before submitting and it looks like on the front clam the mesh hasn't been removed or masked so presumably it was then painted black afterwards? Is that right? Paul
  6. Are you measuring inlet and outlet air temperature there Gav?
  7. How did the bracket get mangled like that Gavin? Surely not from normal use?
  8. Apologies Tom for my ineptitude on the earlier post. Yes, I'm happy to help so long as it doesn't require any level of IT competence .....
  9. Looks a great setup Jack. I like the audio and the wide angle. The tonneau makes for a cleaner shot too. Red 2-11s look great : )
  10. Atommad


    Is that what stood out most to you Trev ? i saw it at Oakmere on Wednesday, it looked and sounded stunning.
  11. Not quite "of" the 2 eleven, but certainly "from" the 2 eleven!
  12. Adam, I've been through exactly that process. I know I will regret selling it because as you say, they are sublime. I went to the Cat and Fiddle meet in Macclesfield today in the 2-eleven, having put the original wheels back on (I did the Europe trip on a set of all weather tyres rather than the A048's) and again it felt amazing. Will be sorry to see it go. Not sure whether to push it now or wait till spring?
  13. September European trip in the 2 eleven. The car was amazing on these roads, and faultlessly reliable. Sadly, I'm considering selling the car which is tough, it is very special, the last one ever built, signed by the factory, and in immaculate condition having won trophies in a number of shows over the last year.
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