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  1. If you have turned the engine over, meaning more than about 45 degrees or so, and your camshaft(s) aren't turning then it is engine out time.
  2. If the 3,500 miles was put on right after the belts were changed last and then the car put up for three years then that would be different than if the car had the belts done and then driven about 1,000 miles each for three years. You didn't say whether the work was to be done by you or a reputable Esprit mechanic but the advice would be quite different for each. If you have a reputable Esprit mechanic then I would rely upon their inspection. Does the car already have the blue Gates belt or the original black belt? There are several special tools needed to tension or replace the belts so you will either need to get them or the mechanic will need them.
  3. I would really like to try out Peter's software. Please excuse me if I'm missing something but I believe I need to e-mail to get the code to activate it but I cannot see an e-mail address to use. Is there something I am missing? Thank you.
  4. He was gonna offer it up for a lot more... I think he said something like $67K. He said if either my son or I put up 50K then it's ours. I went to high school with this guy and we have seen each other at least every week for about the last 40 years. He was best man at my wedding. He's getting rid of it ONLY because he wants to move on to something else. I am absolutely and positively certain about the condition and care the car has received. it is totally as-new... the guy is anal about his cars! He has a 1956 Jag XK 140 that he had restored at an OUTRAGEOUS price. It is probably the most gorgeous car I've seen outside of the Lotus line. He has a photo of Ala DeCadenet leaning on it with an approving smile.
  5. I have a chance to get a 2003 Twin Turbo V8 with about 8,000 miles on it for $50,000.00 (That's US dollars... not the valuable ones over there! ) I was with the guy when he bought it new, have seen it at least every week since he bought it, and it is in absolutely perfect "as new" condition. Any input as to the deal on this? I also have: 1974 Europa TC Special: Owned it since 1978. In the procees of a body-off rebuild. 2005 Elise: Have almost 50,000 miles on it already. 1990 Esprit SE: Really my son's but he moved up north and it is still here. The fellow that has the car for sale was with me most of the time that we put about 70,000 miles on the Europa in the late '70s and into the '80s. I've known him about 40 years now. What ya all think of the deal?
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