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  1. Yes im happy to do most jobs and I had seen the white one in devon and want to go and see it. Its a bit of a journey for me as im in oxford .
  2. Ok thanks for all the advise, but I think find what I love the look of. So I need to find a nice elite then. So if anyone knows of one please
  3. Thanks for the advise there is a car for sale which seems to be an elite with excel parts, this does seem to be a good way to go. Unless its been put together badly I guess.
  4. Having been a lotus fan all my life but never actually owned one. I want to sell my caterham 7 and buy an elite eclat or excel . But where do you start . I love the look of them all. The elite is so 70s but will it be trouble and the excel I guess will be more of a drives car and more reliable? But seems less of a classic Can anybody piont me in the right direction
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