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  1. I have had the fuel pump not working recently and it soon because obvious , that the mounting was loose or actually the foam that surrounds the pump has lost its give. So I'm guessing the 12v wires start to loose connection as it moves. It seems an impossible task trying to tighten it up as the bolts are very difficult to access, but I'm sure I will manage. does anyone use a better system that existing brackets as it seems like this could be a reoccurring  problem

  2. Thanks for all the suggestion's I have looked and had a go at all of them , but I now think its actually the motor, because although I did test it, by letting just run freely, as soon as It has any load on it eg I grab the end with my hand, I can easily stop it, which does not seem right.??  It looks fine no burning or obvious signs of damage , I assume its the magnets that go or the brush's start to not work. Anyway can they be repaired of just buy a new one, Lotus bits didn't have one any one else you know? Its a Delco motor





  3. Hi,


    I have a 1989 Excel, and the passenger window keeps getting stuck , it slows down speeds up and it looks like the battery is running out, which its not. So I have had a look and removed the electric motor and that runs fine when not connected to anything, I have sprayed silicone spray on the runners . Moving the widow up and down by hand it does feel tight in places but its difficult to know what is correct. I'm guessing its therefore either the gearbox( if that's the correct word ) or the whole of the mechanism , the steel work is somehow bent or distorted. I would welcome any advise or experience of this problem.   cheers  Pete

  4. Hi,


    thanks, yes mine are the same 55 to 58, but it does run too rich and it smells and will be a problem at the MOT. I have also bought that book it seems excellent, but the bit I worry about is actually changing things for the worst and damaging the engine by going too learn , do people use stuff like colourtune to check the idle mixture,  I may just change the jets and sniff .

  5. I have a1990 excel and it runs very rich, the previous owner had new jets fitted to get rid of a flat spot. However I would like to refit the old original jets to help get rid of the smell and get the engine running correctly. Will I have to reset and adjust the mixture afterwards, or can I just swap the jets ? Any advise on carbs would be welcome

  6. Hi


    I have only recently bought a very nice 1990 excel , very pleased.  but she is a bit smelly, it seems like exhaust coming inside the cabin and I think she s running to Rich, starts perfectly with no choke. So I have had a good look while she's been up on ramps, no trace of leaking exhaust. So I  'm thinking is the running rich and a bit of an exhaust smell connected. I know the carbs have been re jetted so I may think about changing them back to what was in them before.

    So any advise welcome




  7. Hi , I'm looking at buying a lotus elite S2 happy to look at anything, would prefer something at least up and running. Would also be happy to pay for something in top good condition. Very happy to travel

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