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  1. Hello: Looking for a source to replace my 1986-1987 turbo esprit hci side graphics. Maybe a known shop that has the info on file? Someone that made up an extra set? Or just a good photo with some specific measurements. Had a set made once before for the previous '86 I owned, but that particular shop now wants $130/pair. Can get from overseas for half that, but don't trust postal service reliability. Any help greatly appreciated. Looking for black w/ red. Thank you, Michael Duncan
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  3. Hi Mark. Just received your Welcome to the Forum. Thank you, although a bit disappointed you weren't someone from my local area with an '87 Pearl White over blue or red Esprit HCI you desperately needed to sell and get out of your garage! Yes, I had a rather unusual Lotus 47 in the mid-1980's. I was living in the San Jose area, in CA, at the time, big into vintage racing. and it was advertised in Autoweek, in the San Diego area. I drove down with a trailer, and it was sitting outside a reputable Ferrari restoration shop. Ended up buying it on the spot. What was unusual about it, was it had flared wheelwells, the front and rear bonnets had been glassed shut, and the nose and tail were made to be lift-off, and held on with dzus fasteners. Not especially attractive, nor was the full roll cage. The good news was it had the knock off wheels, Hewland ft-200 gearbox, and a Tecalemit-Jackson fuel injected Vegantune twin cam. I never got around to restoring it, ended up putting it back in Autoweek, and I believe it went to Italy, for a lot more money then restored ones go for now. Those were the days! I probably have a few pics around somewhere of it sitting out in my backyard.
  4. Got a few emails this morning in response to my joining the forum yesterday, and posting a hello under the introductions category. I can't seem to pull up my posting from yesterday, or do anything. Merely trying to respond to the welcome greetings I just got. I can read what they wrote in the email notifications I received, but can't seem to do anything when I go to the sight, other than pull up the introductions, but then this happens when I click on my post. Just keep getting the SQL ERROR message.
  5. New here, as of today. Previously have owned a '69 Europa, two '74 Europa's, a 47, a Series I 7A, two '74 Jensen Healeys, and numerous twin cam powered vintage sportsracers. Currently looking to purchase a nice '86 or'87 Esprit HCI. No basket cases or total restoration projects this time! A car with documented service history would be great, but at this point, I'm just hoping to find a nice, presentable, original driver, that could possibly need a little TLC, etc. Black or yellow don't excite me too much, but I'd like to know what's available. I'm located in southeastern CT, so something in the greater New England area is most desirable. All leads greatly appreciated. Michael (860) 205-5566 cell/txt, or: [email protected] Thank you!
  6. Hello: Looking to purchase a nice 1986 or 1987 Lotus Esprit HCPI car. Not interested in a basket case or total restoration project. Need not be a show car; needing some TLC, etc. is fine. I'm located in CT, so something in greater New England would be preferred, but not an absolute requirement. All leads appreciated. Michael (860) 205-5566 cell/txt, or [email protected] thanks in advance.
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