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  1. Thanks guys for the quick answers! Appreciate it! Uwe
  2. Hi everybody, looks like my fuel pump on my US '77 S1 is at the end, stopped running on and off and returns to live by knocking with a screw driver handle on it. Electrical connections are good. I am sure it's the internal that is gone now. My question now, the car runs great with the NOT original fuel pump that is in it, I would like to stick with something similar ( see pic). What kind of pump do I need or you guys recommend, also in regards of the fuel pressure, what is the max. pressure or what is recommended? I read some horror stories of high pressure fuel situations and starting all kinds of leaks. Any part numbers for fuel pumps that would work? Thanks for any hints and help! Uwe
  3. calilot


  4. Thanks guys! Ordered the seal from SJ and needed a few other parts too. The shipping charges to US is always the surprise element.... Uwe
  5. Thanks Richard! I am not sure if the round ones will seal the 5mm square groove in the oil adapter, or if I have to go with 6mm then instead to make it tight. Would prefer the original square 5mm profil, that's the hard one to find. Still looking....
  6. Can somebody help me to find or has a part number for the rubber seal that goes on the back side of the oil filter adapter towards the engine on a '77 S1, see pic what I found on the net. It's a square in profil hydraulic seal, about 70mm outside 60mm inside diameter (about the diameter of the oilfilter seal). Thanks for any leads!...... Uwe
  7. Camera car from TSWLM in Sardinia, 1976
  8. Filming on Sardinia for 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. They used the same S1 as the camera car up front and mounted the camera with the camera man on the rear. Bond all the way!
  9. Thanks for the nice comments! Yes at every car meet people look under the car to see and ask how the wheels turn in, too funny.... But I always see a smile in every bodies faces, people remember the famous 007 chase and underwater scene and love cars that have to do with movies. Probably next to the Aston Martin DB5 the most recognized Bond car.
  10. Hey Lotus and 007 friends, A few month ago I finished my '77 Lotus Esprit S1 with all the gadgets as seen in the James Bond movie ' The Spy Who Loved Me'. The car includes the front hood rocket set-up, rear license plate oil canon, submarine equipment and original very detailed interior and exterior gadgets as seen in the famous spy movie. The tartan color is on order and no, the wheel do not tilt in.... (Single mirror and 'Lotus' instead of 'Esprit' logo on front). Just wanted to share some pics for the ones who are car and movie enthusiasts. Enjoy! Uwe
  11. As a film enthusiast/maker and big 007 fan just my five cents to the interior color of the Bond car. Obviously the studio interior scenes were shot with a green room back ground to insert later the driving and underwater scenes and back ground effects. To do that the camera can not film or pick up any other green color inside the car or it will show the back ground in these areas too. Maybe that was the reason that they did not use or changed the interior and to make it look more greyish toned. Just a thought....
  12. Thanks Tony, do you have a contact info for Steve Fulcher? Thanks, Uwe
  13. I just switched over to Euro bumpers on my '77 S1. The rear I had to make a piece between the bumper and the lower vallance that covers the exhaust do to the fact that the bumper is not as tall as the federal. I have seen bumpers in Europe that have the license plate light on top of the bumper shining upward. The S1 has the Euro inserted 'box' that has the light inside on top. The front bumper I used was a mix of Federal and Euro ( I ordered a Euro and got that one, still waiting for the correct Euro), but has the turn signal lights more towards the inside and a Euro license plate design. Changeing the front bumper is not a big deal, turn the headlight pods all up and you can reach all bolts from the inside trunk and headlight pod space. Correct, the turn lights are attached to the bumper on my S1. Uwe
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