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  1. Hello Steven, Here are the actual corrected instructions I sent to LEW to be posted. For some reason, the corrected version was not posted: "Here is the guide to use the fog lamps/driving lamps as Daytime Running Lights. The modification is easy and requires approximately 15 minutes. Step 1
  2. John, I've read that you should get a Lotus thermostat to avoid problems.
  3. UPDATE Got the car back from the Lotus shop. Changed the following parts: Sensor Thermostat Gauge was tested and runs within 10% error, i.e. it reads about 10 degrees higher than the reading from the Tech1. Also took laser temp readings off coolant intakes and outakes of the radiator and it seems to be within the normal operating limits. In summary, the car runs a little hot but within Lotus parameters. I will plan on getting the radiator replaced if the car starts to run hotter. How much time to take out and reinstall radiator? What is the cost of getting a new radiator (not Lotus OEM) or having the original re-cored? Regards, Phil
  4. Under the plenum where the arrow points.
  5. I should have shared this earlier with the community. For future reference, I attach the schematic to use the fog lamps as DRLs straight from the horse's mouth. It's an easy mod. I forwarded a copy to LEW in the hope that it will be added to the Guide section. Regards, Phil DRL_Schematic.pdf
  6. OK sorry for the Newbie question but how does one go about getting a tune reading to adjust the belt? Where do you put the microphone? What do you use to hit the belt to generate a sound? etc... Thx Phil
  7. Hi Glyn, Logically, I do not expect that this problem is radiator related since the increased temperature is not a problem which gradually worsened, it happened very suddenly. That is the reason why I suspect it is a broken part. Regards, Phil Hello Edward, Thx for your reply. Did your car exhibit the same symptoms as I described above? Did the problem occur suddenly or was it gradual? In my case, the heating issue is quite sudden. Regards, Phil
  8. Is it a do it yourself job? What is the difficulty level? Do I need to take the car to a dealership to change thermostat? Regards, Phil
  9. Hi all, Slight overheating problem. The car is a MY2002 with 26,000 miles. Since acquiring the car some six months ago, I never heard the cooling fans start up after the engine was shut down. In fact, if the fans would be running, they would stop as soon as the engine was shut down. The car always kept a steady reading of 85-90 degrees while on the highway and would rise to about 105 in traffic at which point the fans would start and the temperature would fall back down to 85-90. Yesterday, when I shut off the engine following a very leisurely drive, the fans started and kept running after 2 minutes. I then restarted and shut down the engine which caused the fans to stop. The coolant temperature during the drive was a steady at 85-90. Today, I took a short drive on the highway with the heater and AC off. While at highway speed (70 MPH) with an ambient temperature of 20 C (about 68 F), the coolant temperature raised to 105 degrees at which point the fans switched on but the temperature kept rising up to +110 and stayed there. I pulled over and allowed the coolant temperature to settle down. While returning home, the temperature raised again to about +110 where it remained. When I shut off the engine, the fans stopped. Coolant level is OK and radiator looks clean of debris. Suggestions? Regards, Phil
  10. Hope this diagram is of assistance to you. Regards, Phil
  11. Thx Paul, I think I'll forego that part of the installation of the GPS. Regards, Phil
  12. According to the Owner's Handbook Supplement for the 2002 V8, maximum fuel capacity is: 63.5 liters (17 US Gal, 14.2 Imp. Gal.) Beware...
  13. It's the Eclipse AVN 7000. It's a single DIN unit with a hard drive, there is no need to install a second unit under the bonnet.
  14. Hello Jonathan, The wire needs to be electrical. I refer you to the attached instructions. Regards, Phil
  15. I wish to install a GPS system in a 02 V8 and this unit suggests connecting a wire from the GPS to the Vehicle Speed Pulse Sensor wire on the car's computer harness. Does anyone know exactly which is the Vehicle Speed Pulse Sensor wire on the car? Regards
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