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  1. Thanks a lot - I’ll find out the part numbers and submit them to you thanks Wolfi
  2. As I need some spare and upgrade parts for my Exige S my question is where to order original parts as brake pads and an upgrade clutch ( Evora 400 ) and where and how to get the FFM discount Thanks Wolfi
  3. Had my car at 2 different dealers for service ( it’s quite a challenge to find one here in Austria) and found out recently that I have a couple of empty pockets in my tool kit.So my suspicion was there might have gone something lost when taking out the wheel nut or whatever. Please can anybody send me a photograph of the tools included in the kit so I can buy the missing parts- would be greatly appreciated Thanks Wolfi
  4. Chrome Orange - was Special Order since not officially available in 2014
  5. Please send Danny my warmest regards also - he was such a great host when I was there with my wife one year ago getting my training with Martin Donally. They might remember the "Austrian" Kindest Regards Wolfi
  6. Hi Gavin - if it is still an issue - I just had the 430 upgrade done at KT and I think it is a massive improvement . I wanted the 390 kit with additional cold air intake first to get somewhere close to 400 hp when Daniel Koblitschek convinced me that I actually get a better value for my money going for the 430 kit. You actually pay € 77 .- per horsepower - this is an excellent value. Now I have 426 Hp on the dyno and I did not really feel much of powerloss on track last week at 29 degrees air temp . Track times showed this. Asking him about that issue of heat soak he also mentioned that the two pre- Kats in the stock headers generate heat of app. 600 Celsius at a much less favorable spot of the engine bay than the sport- Kat. My driving habits by the way are 80 % motivated road driving on mountain roads and about 3 - 4 track days a year. Hope this was somehow informative or helpful Good luck Wolfi
  7. Just to express how glad I am that I did it last June - a 1:1 tuition at Hethel with Martin Donnelly as my personal trainer - a full day of driving with the Exige S . Me and my wife had an absolutely extraordinary day there being the only guests and the only car on track. Thanks again to Martin for his patience and thanks to Danny Hartgrove for the hospitality and for arranging the great factory tour just for the 2 of us. A day to remember Thank you - so sad it is closed now that I recommended it to all my pals at the Lotus Club Austria Wolfi
  8. Thanks Thomas - now I have time until May ( next track day in Hungary ) to think about it ?
  9. Just listened to the 'Auto expert video' now ( I overlooked it at first) had to leave home in a hurry - he is absolutely hilarious - viewing this I will probably not even give it a try - considering costs and benefits ?? Thanks mate Wolfi
  10. To check pressure I use a small handheld pressure gauge bought at some automotive accessories shop chain ( ATU) in Austria .At home I use a compressor with hose and gauge and for track use I am about to look for 12 V tyre compressor ( should find one in the internet easily ) cheers Wolfi
  11. Thanks Jonny great presentation , thanks Dave for this valuable info - so if at all I will have to fill my tyres several times to get rid of the air as much as possible - then it would probably make sense. As far as I understand. Will give it a try Thanks - Wolfi
  12. Thanks Norbert - so it is a waste of money and rather a problem making you feel safe while not standing up to what is promised ???
  13. Thanks Michael - I just reckon that if good for track use to maintain constant pressure it should be ok for road use just as well considering the raise in pressure and significant high tyre temp I experienced at my last Trackday in Hungary at 28 C outside temp.But I just do not know if it works at all. What is used in racing where really exact pressures have to be maintained ???
  14. GAS - fill ??? Would it make sense to use a gas - fill to be able to maintain the rec pressure of 32/38 in corsas on track regardless of the temp and Tyre abuse ( I read somewhere that the pressure stays constant regardless of temp) this would save the constant pressure checks if it is as they say. Any experience anybody ???? Please advise Thanks Wolfi
  15. Hi everybody - would it be possible to maintain the recommended pressure of 32/38 on Corsas for track use regardless of the temp when using a gas-fill - instead of air - could this help avoid the constant checking of tire-pressure ??? I read that regardless of temp and tire - abuse the tire pressure should stay constant when using gas-fills. please advise Thanks Wolfi
  16. wolme


  17. Dixie has the same noise - you made the same experience so I feel in good company and just try not to listen that closely anymore. I also think I just wait for the clutch to weaken and then go for the KT setup because the costs just for labour apparently are around 3000 BP. You are right -that's what KT says - I will just wait and see since the costs for labour are tremendous and as long as its not necessary I will just hang on and then go for that KT setup.
  18. Hi Dixie - Theo Komotec flywheel and clutch only weighs 2,45 kg to their specs but they also say that transmission noise will increase. Good to hear that yours also rattles - I thought there was something wrong with mine.
  19. No. Not The Original one. The Komotec would be The light Alu one. Weighs only a fraction of the original.
  20. Dixie - must be a misunderstanding - I am still using the original flywheel and clutch . I am just considering the KT one. Thanks though. Wolfie
  21. Hi Neal - thanks for your reply. My car was built spring 2014 so it should hopefully not suffer from the early clutch problems you mentioned. Although The clutch is a bit noisy when engaged in idle or just above - Sounds like a bearing - it stops when you disengage it. At the shop they tell me just to watch it - I hope watching it is enough - I would hate to get stuck somewhere in Italy or so some 500 miles from home with no Lotus dealership anywhere near. Thanks again for your comment - have a nice day- Wolfie
  22. Hi everybody there up north. Have not been here for a while but am about to change this. Here in Austria I am a rather lonely EXIGE V 6 owner ( it is a rather exotic car over here and hard to get advice , let alone getting service - for my first service I went to KOMOTEC - 650 km one way ). Now can anybody tell me what the average life span of an original clutch with the odd track day ( 2 so far in Hungary in 1 and a half years since getting the car delivered) and now 15000 km on the clock could be. Since I heard a comment here and there the clutch being not the strongest part in the V6 I am thinking of getting a sinter clutch and Alu flywheel from KOMOTEC not really knowing whether it makes sense already. Had the odd occasion where the clutch gets smelling a little when engaging it starting off a little crispier. Also heard it is quite a job reg. labour getting the clutch an flywheel changed. does anyone have any experience or advice - Thanks in advance - Wolfie
  23. Hi lars I got notice today - My Car will be arriving in Munich July 1st - so I will probably pick it up on Saturday - if they work on that day ----------- Yabbadabadooooooooo Holy Moses - this bridges the waiting time more than well - congrats - wow
  24. Now this is really cruel
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