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  1. I will definitely post some pics. My wife said after all this waiting she will not drink the bottle but pour it over her head. I will send pictures of that Cheers Wolfi Oh boy - would I have liked to visit the Mille - I am sure our two babies will be on the same truck - hope he drives savely. Would love to meet in Austria some day Cheers Wolfi
  2. A few stone chips I would not mind - just take care of her Wolfi Holy Moses - do I envy you - wish you lots of sunshine Wolfi
  3. Congrats - mine goes to Munich - let`s see who gets the news first.
  4. But it`s still waiting for transport in Hethel . Now it was 2 months late in production and I have to wait for some more cars to get on the truck so it makes the transport worthwhile .I think I am going nuts while waiting. Nevertheless I will open the first bottle today and a second one when it arrives. Cheers to all of you Wolfi
  5. Congratulation !!!!! When did you order yours ? I ordered mine - Exige S Chrome orange in December and was assured delivery Mid April - now I got notice of delivery Mid June - drives me crazy.
  6. Hi Sven I got a call from them yesterday - it´s productionweeek 22 now - so the car won´t be in Munich til mid of june the earliest. I have to recover from this disappointment yet. Good luck to you. PS: I really feel sorry for you about St. Anton - and this rotten weather as I can see - sob Is this you on the pic ??? - - excellent style !!!!
  7. Hi all of you - I just joined TLF yesterday to get a view about experiences people made so far with the new Exige S V 6 since I can hardly wait to get mine I ordered in December - delivery supposedly in April but now it seems it´s being late. Production week 19 all of a sudden and that was 6 weeks ago - getting nervous already. Hard to stay patient waiting for an exciting car like that. Wolfi
  8. I am new in here and would like to say hello - how to get into the Introductions area ? May sound dumb but I am not really an experienced user or blogger. Wolfi
  9. Hi Stefan I ordered it in early December as a pre- scheduled car open for any colour and options and they quoted a delivery date of Kalender - week 15. 6 weeks ago they told me it is going to be Kalender week 19 and since then I got no news at all. I am getting worried. When did you order yours ? Wolfi
  10. Congratulations Stefan - Great colour - I ordered mine originally in motorsportgreen but then I changed to Chrome - Orange. Mine seems to be late though. I also ordered in Munich but there is no news since 5 weeks. When did you order yours resp. when was it scheduled and when did you actually get it considering the original schedule. I can hardly wait . Have a good time with this machine. Wolfi
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