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  1. Just drive them gently warm when they are new, then let them cool down. After that they are run in and will last a lot longer, at the cost of slightly less performance. For example when you would start the trackday on brand new tyres, they would give incredible performance for 5 laps, then quickly start to degrade. When you run them in before you will have a less steep degradation over the following laps. Glad I decided to keep mine 4 years ago, as I see now it will be the last of an era.
  2. Hi guys (and girls?), this season I'm driving the lotus cup europe with the very professional Komotec team . Due to Corona matters the season has been seriously shortened. Race after race got cancelled, and the calendar changed, but it looks like this weekend we are finally racing again, YAY πŸ₯³. This time we gather at the Nurburgring GP together with DTM. The car I will be driving is the #2 Evora GT4 and competes in the same class as the Exige V6 cup. I did a few races with this car last season and did rather well. Got 2x second place at Spa, 1x second at Brands and my first race win at Nurburgring sprint race 2 after yet another second place in race 1. I'm planning to setup a live stream to my facebook page which can be found here: Like the page if you wish to get updated. The timetable for the lotus cup looks as follows: SAT 12/09/2020 - LCE QUALIFYING 9:15-9:40 SAT 12/09/2020 - LCE RACE 1 - 16:55-17:20 SUN 13/09/2020 - LCE RACE 2 - 9:55-10:20 All your support will be greatly welcome. 😊 Full timetable and information about the race weekend can be found here: Lotus cup specific information: Komo-tec info: Some pictures from last year:
  3. Damn so shiny 🀩🀩
  4. There is a laptime around Spa now.. Pretty nuts for a streetcar on semi slicks πŸ˜…
  5. LMAO, a Lotus is damn cheap in compare to a wife 🀣
  6. WTF is a buying experience 😁 Apparently I never bought a Porsche.
  7. Bright colors = better seen, less chance of accidents and thus lower insurrance. Buy her some shoes. 🀣
  8. Crazy people, buying and upgrading each time Lotus pumps out a facelift of the same car. πŸ˜‚ but as long as you enjoy, why not
  9. I would say I go since 2011 average 30 laps per year. So around 200 in total would be a good guess. Its just the car jumping on the bumpy circuit causing some wheelspin exactly. The radical is so stiff. ;-)
  10. Just wanted to share my thrill with the new toy. I still have my exige for sunday drives, couldn't sell it in the end, even though I found a buyer for a good price. I hope it holds it's value from now on.
  11. So any updates on this?
  12. No. Year Colour Owner 006 2013 Monaco White Simon Robinson 011 2013 Carbon Grey Jim Chan 013 2013 Pewter Grey ex TheKevlarKid 027 2013 Carbon Grey ex Patrick Kestemont 029 2014 Solar Yellow Simon / C1RVY 030 2013 Motorsport Green ex The Pits 034 2013 Chrome Orange Nano 040 2013 Burnt Orange Drumzz 051 2014 Pewter Grey Farook 060 2014 Solar Yellow Mike and Ike! 069 2014 Nightfall Blue Waky 079 2014 Gulf Blue RobbieB 082 2014 Black Edition Bassman 083 2015 Silver Morgan park Hamburg 090 2014 Burnt Orange Schnitzel 093 2014 Carbon Grey JJD 099 2014 Monaco White 550superfast 112 2015 Black Edition mcx 120 2015 Signature Orange OrangeExige 124 2015 Black Edition nw942 138 2015 Canyon Red Arun_D 139 2015 Silver Mike Collins Just came across number 83:
  13. Exige looks big when single but in company you realize how small it is..
  14. Finally! .. started getting bored after the cup 380.
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