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  1. A couple of years back I built a new garage designed around the esprit . I fitted a sissor lift that fits level with the garage floor so when not in use I have a level clear floor. The lift works perfect for what I require and If I had anything to change it would be the esprit.
  2. You could be rite Ben, The only things we manfucture around Ballymena is cigerettes and LORRY TYRES
  3. Is that all I just thought his sat-nav was playing up
  4. Saw this yesterday 4 miles from where i live near Ballymena. Northern Ireland. Whats going on ?, no lotus dealers in this country so wheres this heading to ?
  5. A belated happy birthday Brian from Northern Ireland. Thanks for everything
  6. jcbjs 260


    I recon you must be the same age as me, agree with you 100%
  7. jcbjs 260


    Is it my age or is tv pure shite
  8. Simple! you buy for less, you sell for a lot less and take all the risks that comes with it.
  9. Fantastic,thats what I want to see. keep them coming, now any v8s???
  10. I had the same problem,checked everything but the light stayed on. I was working with the car stationary all the time in the garage. Make sure when your testing the system you take the car for a short test run to reset the abs
  11. why is there no videos of esprit v8 on a trackday ?
  12. jcbjs 260

    red esprit

    Red s3 with northern ireland (co.antrim) regd at Barter books Alnwick
  13. I know I dont cover many miles but my v8 has just passed its mot without any preparation for the fifth time in my ownership. This is through a government mot centre in Northern Ireland which has very strict regulations in comparison with other areas. Not bad I think. Was having a chat with the inspector afterwards, he said he had been around hethal track in an esprit when he worked for the local dealer, an experience he would never forget. Small world.
  14. Just for the record head gaskets replaced with geunine lotus, problem solved
  15. Has anybody a wiring diagram for the bosch connector to the 430 kelsey hays unit? The only diagram I can find in the service notes is for a 415. Also a T000t1307 calibration cartridge I could either hire or buy. thanks
  16. I have changed a abs wheel sensor and ecu but light remains on, does the light go off as soon as the fault has been repaired or has the car to travel a few times to reset the ecu?
  17. Yes had two in the past 7 years. Ultra reliable but not that exciting as far as preformance goes and not that easy on fuel. Good gear ratios( 6 speed) and a very smooth gear change. Lsd as standard.
  18. In Northern Ireland after passing the driving licence it is compulsory to have R plates (restricted) displayed and a max speed of 45mph for 1 year. That has been law for the past 40 years
  19. Man just lifted this car from the showroom, drove in below a lorry. Driver is critical, hope things improve for him. Accident happened near sprucefield, Northern Ireland.
  20. Hi Mark, I had the same problem after a so called mechanic connected the electrics wrong. I sent the stepper motor to Pete at PNM engineering. They were able to repair the old one for me.Give him a call, he maybe able to sort you out.
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