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  2. Aha, wondered when this car would turn back up (as I do with all of the Esprits which come up and disappear from sale). Went to view it when it was first advertised and was incredibly close to buying it, congratulations on the purchase of what looked and felt like a fantastic car
  3. Ouch what a horrible first experience with the car. I think I know which car this is so will chalk them down as one to be weary of should a car I'm interested in come up. Sounds like you've got plans to bring it back into order, best of luck with doing so
  4. Ouch, that sounds horrendous! Feel your pain regarding other peoples attitudes & intolerence these days, my R32 GTR broke down in pouring rain once on a roundabout of the A43 (dual carriageway, fast lane naturally) - the abuse I got was just something else. Best of luck getting it sorted, hopefully it's not too much of a big job to fix on the Esprit
  5. They do look quite good polished/chromed (ignoring the car they're on anyway) Not a clue as to costs involved mind... Edit: also, would worry that for a very subtle change it may cost a fair bit?
  6. Apologies if I've missed someone suggesting similar, but if you really want the wheels blue then you could get the centres of the S4S wheels painted bodywork colour? Easy to go back that way too Edit: Similar to these but obviously in bodywork colour rather than the pastel blue.
  7. Looking incredibly worse for wear but may be of interest to someone. Don't know if they would even be salvageable mind given the oxidisation etc? NB: Not mine, just came up in a saved eBay search Cheers, Alex
  8. Hi David, Apologies I could've sworn I'd replied to you but must have closed the page prior to posting. Completely understand what you're saying regards condition. I normally find when looking at cars that I don't see anything wrong with the bodywork and then when first wash the car find a few niggles, the Esprit's I've been to see however have almost all had niggles I've spotted right away. Perhaps my expectations of condition are a little high, just figured a car like the Esprit would be most commonly owned by people such as myself who wouldn't live with some pretty meaty stone chips or cracks in paint etc. Still looking for a V8 Esprit and still not in a great rush (Realistically I could do with waiting until April when a house purchase completes and I'll have a double garage) but do have cash waiting if anyone is considering selling their car in the new year. Thanks, Alex
  9. Went to look at this Esprit quite a while ago but the colour wasn't for me. Since seen it on various auctions with guide prices on first few around the £24-26k and the latest was unsold at £18-22k guide price in Dec. 10% buyers fees made my eyes water when I gave it a moments thought mind.
  10. No offence/disrespect taken - nothing wrong with open debate. It's not a question of affordability however, rather one of minimising risk. If you had two cars infront of you, exactly the same other than one having a fantastic service history and the other with none, you wouldn't expect them to be the same price given that the latter would represent a greater risk. I did see the S4s on PH recently which I contemplated viewing but decided not to on the basis of the V8 is the one I want, anything else to me would be a compromise. Coming from a 500bhp Skyline so all of the extra poke helps Viewed the Blue Esprit on AutoTrader at the weekend. Nice honest car but bodywork has alot of grazes/chips in it, wheels are all kerbed, rear discs are heavily lipped and it has a vibration in the steering wheel at speed and when braking. Contemplating if well sorted mechanicals are enough to help me see beyond the cosmetics (ignoring the few fixes needed on discs/vibration). Also it's the second esprit (out of 4) I've viewed which has bodywork looking worse than I'd have perhaps expected so not sure if I need to re-align my expectations given that the 2 which had good bodywork would've been prepped by the dealers sorting out alot of those chips etc.
  11. Indeed, this sport 350 has been for sale for £35k for a rather long time;
  12. That is absolutely stunning but unfortunately it's going to go for more than my wallet can afford to lose Not 100% convinced on the red carpet either But if it's a known issue then it's a £5k+ peace of mind check surely, why take the risk especially given the potential expense of a fix. Hi John, Fair summary from what I've seen of the forum, must say the classics world is a little new to me given that my past has been high performing japanese cars (Skyline GTR / Mazda RX7 / MR2 Turbo etc) which seem to be easier to find parts for, even the slightly rarer models. I think forum wise it seems to tick along at a slightly slower pace which is a little refreshing but at the same time does mean it takes a little longer to search for peoples previous experience of carrying out different jobs etc. Also, whilst I'm here, does anyone know anything about the Blue Esprit V8 with the number plate E18PRT? It's not got the late dash or the wheels I was hoping for, but does seem a genuine example which would be worth a look Thanks, Alex
  13. As I say am contemplating earlier V8 Esprits also. I'm not entirely sure it's a no-hoper though, I'm not too fussed about mileage (fair few long journeys planned) and given that they can be had for £24-26k from a dealer, a private sale plus haggling could potentially put it within my grasp. Earlier Esprits are a more realistic proposition however, especially when you consider there was a very tidy looking £22k v8 that Top Gear ended up ruining in Argentina from Lotus in Edinburgh then that should be achievable for around £20k in a straight cash sale potentially? Then that same car from a private seller without the SGA/Warranty provided by dealer should be a bit cheaper still. Appreciate if I look at the prices of cars for sale right now then I'm way off the mark, but the reality is the majority of these cars have been for sale for months and months (and will remain that way with the prices they're at I believe) with others popping up and disappearing in the meantime. Quite happy to wait for the right car not looking to rush into a potential money pit, the only issue being as another member pointed out the fact the prices are on the up. That said over winter whilst there will be fewer cars coming up you would expect the prices to remain relatively flat with demand slowing. Hi John, I appreciate where you're coming from and as I say have looked at a wide variety including a car that had been off the road for 10 years (which he'd been driving on 10+ year old cambelt, saying it'd been done x hundred miles ago). Am also considering cars that need work but cautious re the engines as parts for them seem to be pretty high (and that's coming from a Skyline GTR). In terms of running costs though, those are much easier to sign off with the better half than a higher initial purchase price. When my rental property sells I may even be able to top up the budget a tiny bit if needed but would rather get something for a lower initial price that potentially will need tinkering at a later date. Thanks all for your responses though I do appreciate them and must say the Esprit forums seem much friendlier than some others I've been on. Regards, Alex
  14. Hi Bibs, There are indeed but unfortunately not for my budget. Went to see the Silver one at Snows over 6 months ago when my budget was potentially a bit higher, great car but felt I was pushing well beyond what I had initially anticipated for a car which didn't tick every box for me. Unfortunately a few months ago I missed a '99 in blue that sold for £18k (£25k asking price initially, didn't want to cause offence so hadn't enquired until it had sold and they dropped the price on the ad to reflect selling price) which would've been perfect albeit I wasn't convinced on the retrofit newer rear lights and have also viewed a '96 (with the Oz Furtura's) which was up for £18k but didn't feel 100% about it for various reasons. In the meantime have seen really good cars go for a little above my budget (for an awesome Esprit which was initially marketed by Scott Walkers for £30k iirc). Also went to view the Burgundy Esprit in Leicester but wasn't sold on the colour and at the time wasn't 100% how much I could stretch my budget. Not in a great rush so happy to wait for the right car (at the right price) to come up but as I say am fortunate to be able to move quickly should someone be looking for a quick sale of a good car. In all honesty waiting until next year is better for me as I need a bigger garage but should the right car come up I do have alternative locations to store it Cheers, Alex
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