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  1. My comment merely quoted facts, no opinion. Views on here as to whether or not nhs wages are fair can only be informed if the actual wages and comparisons are available. Therefore the post should help with perspective. Exactly where did I say they were average? It’s a benchmark. I merely quoted minimum wage, average wage and nhs wage from which people can make their own judgement as where the wages sit. Compassion is not relevant in setting a wage. The question of correct salary is NOT short term, or have they been paid enough over the last year because it’s been really shit, but is
  2. Might help Average UK pay = £29k Minimum wage c£15k Nurse newly qualified = £24k 2-4 years £26-30k 7 years £31-38k
  3. Only insofar as it was a reply to Exeter Jeep. And there’s me being pulled up by Mr Thread drift
  4. Some day I might actually get my certificate of lawfulness to change my flat garage/portico roof to pitched. Deadline was 8th Jan. 8th Feb got apology and will prioritise next week. Chased last week, still nada. In the meantime leaky flat roof deposits fibrous chipboard debris on the Evora whenever it rains. Can escalate but that takes 3 months minimum. FFS I hate the fact that councils are a law unto themselves and you just cannot hold them to task.
  5. 2 different questions here. Is pay in the NHS right? Should any public sector get pay rises against the general job market. Annual pay rises are inflationary, so bumping them up a bit never solves the underlying issue. You have to have the right salaries and then maintain an appropriate annual increase. I tend to agree with @C8RKHhere except, Unskilled labour which happens to be in a hospital should be rewarded in line with standard rates. I don’t subscribe to a hospital cleaner being paid more than a supermarket cleaner/worker etc, who will all be on pretty much minimum
  6. I was saying you could come this way. It’s a famous pub because it’s in the middle of a roundabout on the A31, north of Winchester.
  7. There’s one by the Shepherd and Flock. 😉
  8. I believe that the fashionable way is to just remove it altogether. Easier too.
  9. Like Whitchurch? I’m just the other side of the border Lower Bourne, S Farnham. I think I’ll take on the school run. Daughter still at school where we moved from last year. That’s a 70 mile round trip twice a day from 8th March until whatever replaces GCSE exams this year.
  10. The Evora is covered in dust and has only done 339 miles since it’s 4 year service at beginning of September. Probably under 300 if you take off the trip home.
  11. Hopefully, in the meantime for my birthday the family have used my VIP account to purchase the Porsche before it’s general release. Don't tell Mr Corkhill, but I’ll check it for engine scoring and the suspension turrets. I can’t help but notice that the rear wheel arches are the same parts as those on the a Beetle
  12. Crikey, removed some dead shrubs and replanted under the study window over the weekend. It been nice , but Long trousers long sleeved polo and I was cold. My hands are still frozen. I’m about to light the wood burner again. So much for the south.
  13. Big bro is the Navy’s Director of Nuclear Propulsion, so well familiar with Faslane IIRC he’s a Commodore now. Spent most of the Trump era in Washington, flying back and forth in the US generals private jet. Apparently it’s the only way to travel. That’s a funny story. His counterpart for the Yanks turned up one day in “The toy” Took Mark outside to show him, to which my brother said, oh and Evora. “Yes says his counterpart, surprised you know what it is”. My brothers response, “Oh yes, my little brother just chopped one of those in for a 400”. I took him out for a spin the next time
  14. Caught my brother. Being Naval he got moved from Plymouth to London to Helensburgh and has to rent his house in Plymouth out throughout and therefore lived in naval lodgings because the mortgage was more than the house was worth. Eventually sold it just before he moved back to Plymouth.
  15. I have run actual numbers against the first house my wife and I bought in 1992 (10 days after my 20th birthday), against our pay then, with a comparison of equivalent roles pay level now and the house cost now. In fact I have deliberately played down current salary a bit. I’ve financed the whole price, so no deposit. whilst the deposit may be an issue, the affordability is interesting.
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