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  1. Wouldn’t have it outside the house. Ours is at the bottom of the garden. Will only be used in summer/dry. Used it that way before without issue.
  2. Were you reading it with an Australian accent. Coz my deck is massive that’s only half of it. reminds me of the red dwarf “double Polaroid”
  3. Ha, just finished one
  4. My usual breakfast pretzel from Sainsburys this morning. 20p change from a £1 coin and the machine actually gave me a 20 pence piece. Not 4 x 5ps or 10 x 2ps which is the norm. Little things, may explain why I love the Just Jack song "The day I died was the best day of my life".
  5. I’d feel it in any of our cars too. Only thing I’m not sure about is if I’d feel it in a car with run flats, as I’ve never driven one with low tyre pressure so don’t know how they’d feel.
  6. @djmoore Hi, yes definitely you, hadn't spotted your reply until your Intro post popped up
  7. To you and I probably, but I'm always seeing cars being driven with obviously low tyre pressures. I've even seen a couple on the motorway and thought, hmmm that'll overheat and blow out and sure enough a few miles down the road they are sat on the hard shoulder. Unfortunately too many people out there who wouldn't have a clue and don't even look at the car between services (who incidentally won't actually pump up a low tyre - they just include the pressures in the service sheet and leave it). As a consequence we all have to live with the nanny state consequences, to keep the oblivious safe.
  8. Funny, I've always found the TPMS to be pretty accurate on both my Evoras. It's the cruise control that I never use on them. I use CC on my other cars, it's just that the Evora's isn't great and just doesn't feel "right" to use it in a car like that.
  9. ...... and the only thing that has ever left me stranded in an Evora. Damn thing gave up the ghost when the 400 was 6 months old so had the alarm going off in the car park to a work conference whilst the AA tried to sort it. Only avoided a flat bed home due to the sterling efforts of @Bibs.
  10. They were like that when the car was 2 years old, when I bought it. Same with the 400 within a few months of it being new. Only real option is to paint them, or I think you can buy a painted version.
  11. @TBD are you referring to the F56 or R56. If the R56 can be reprogrammed my son would be overjoyed
  12. You pulled into car park a few cars behind me (3 of us so was in the daily), I was going to pop over to say hello but I think you got out of the car and disappeared so quickly I missed you (maybe you knew I was coming ). Love the diamond stitching on the Recaros.
  13. Have you ever tried to park at a car dealership? If there is a space they park one of their stock cars in it. Customers parking seems unimportant. It's what I have been saying for some time. Move all the chain stores out of town into the shopping centres, make the high streets affordable and occupied as "boutique" type shops/local traders and then make them easy and free to park in for an hour. There is probably also a piece about "right sizing" some of them. better 50 occupied shops out of 50 than 60 occupied shops out of 150 interspersed with vacant units.
  14. New avatar? That car always did take a nice picture.
  15. @CHANGES Please run back through my posts. I believe you have misunderstood or misinterpreted some of them. "Still confused.... is that 3 camps on how to leave the EU or 1 to leave and 2 or how you put it now many on how to screw it up.. But it is still about leaving the EU is it not.." You will see in previous posts that I have said that the referendum said leave, so we should leave. I have not said that leaving constitutes "screwing it up", although personally I do think that the hardest of Brexits is not a desirable route and is one I'd wish to avoid. The prime minister put forward her proposal on how to do this (which was tantamount to not leaving and possibly even worse) and this was rejected. There are many other proposals that were put forward on how to leave and each of these was also voted down in turn (including leave without a deal). Each of these is a school of thought as to how leaving should be achieved and therefore represents a "camp" as to opinion on how to progress. You only seem to be interested in one outcome, which is the extreme end of a hard Brexit and only recognise remain to be an alternative. At least that is how I read it. You are entitled to that view and I respect it, although I don't agree with it. "But it still makes no difference the vote was to leave, there was no option on the ballet paper saying, ' leave the EU but stay in if it gets difficult to agree terms'" Absolutely agree, that is what the ballot said and if you look back on my posts you will see that I have passed comment on this polorisation of the question. The issue is that terms have not even been attempted as only the softest of Brexits has been pursued. This leaves the defaults as "No Deal" and "withdraw article 50". Problem is we've never even attempted a "we are leaving we are not interested in compromise agreements, now lets actually put some things in place in readyness for that". This is in effect a no deal, but getting our future house in order before it actually happens, not afterwards. Our difference of opinion therefore is largely about timing. You been watching too much of the bias media (BBC etc) that is spewing out that sort of crap for months No, I don't watch the BBC news. I am quite capable of making my own mind up. Just because you disagree with my comment doesn't make it automatically crap. It is an opinion - just not yours. In fact, as it is my opinion the statement I made, being that some people may have that opinion, in itself proves the point to be fact, as I am "someone" and I do have that opinion. It may be a crap opinion, or you may view it as a crap opinion, but the statement in nonetheless not "crap" because it is true. its up to the politicians to sort out how.. and yes they are making a mess of it.. Something we agree on completely I agree.. it is not intentional, it is just how you interpret what is written I will give you that one. It was after your second and before your third. For the record, and I've not posted this before, although it may be able to be worked out. I believe that we should leave. I agree that not leaving is anti democratic. I do not however want to leave with nothing in place as I think this is the worst position (only made worse if it happens AND Corbyn gets in). I would rather remain than do so, but I don't believe we need to. I hope you can also respect that as my opinion. I do believe that if we could get our politicians to actually come up with a proposal about how to leave (and not just in name) then the EU would agree to a timeframe to work through at least the basics outlines of our future relationship with them. I believe that should be along the lines of - "we will be leaving with no deal, it is in both of our interests to agree a period during which we can negotiate the core necessities of our future relationship on that basis". (This is in a previous post on page 103) So an analogy. As a car club we voted on whether we would attend a car show. It was a Yes or No. There was no "only if it isn't raining option". If we go, all members are obliged to attend and drive in convoy. The vote is "Yes". It is therefore right that we all go along. We are driving down and we come to a ford. The river is swollen and we don't know how deep the water is. I think its 2 feet, you think it's 6 inches. We are discussing whether we drive into the ford, or we abandon the car show and return home. You are all for ploughing in because missing the show and going home isn't an option. I believe that there is a bridge down the road. It is a toll bridge and a bloody expensive one at that. It also has a troll living under it who we will have to take out for several expensive dinners and "make nice" with. Even if we do manage to cross the bridge the detour and dining means we will be late, our pockets considerably lighter and the Ferraris may well have left by the time we get there. Potentially we'll only be able to look at a 1970 Morris Marina in nappypoo brown with orange seats. I don't want to return home either, but I'd rather like to try the bridge. But I am struggling to convince you that there may even be one. I'm going to end it there, because I have little doubt that this will now be tedious to other members. Appreciating it would be unfair otherwise, if you'd like the last word then be my guest.
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