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  1. White label products can garner a different experience as the brand fronting it will be interested in their customer bases experience and be pushing the provider to perform. In some instances they may actually administer it themselves. There is every potential that Co-op run it themselves and Markerstudy are just the capacity provider. That said perception can be a big influence. I'm aware of a scheme where Air Source heat pumps were installed to replace gas boilers on a large scale. The occupiers were complaining that they were not heating properties up quickly enough on demand. Even when education around how to use the systems efficiently was provided the feedback was still poor. Eventually a "Boost button" was installed on the systems. There was witnessed an immediate improvement in customer satisfaction. The fact that the button wasn't connected to anything had seemingly no effect.
  2. There must be something specific impacting your terms that insurers are not keen on. A broker may be able to help you isolate what it is, they should be familiar with the rating factors if you quiz them a bit. If you can isolate it you may be able to do something to either change the cause or eradicate it (ie a particular modification could be undone, adding another named driver) Accepting generally that there is a large increase in prices this year (yet another loss making year for motor insurers last year, impacted by increased claims numbers and a massive uplift in repair bills and hire car charges arising from longer repair times due to parts supply shortages, shortage of repairers and a significant wage uplift for those that there are as employees demanding pay rises reflecting their level of demand - yes I do know something about this) this has generally been 10-20%.
  3. This is a little guess work, but my understanding for Pre-Reg cars/Demos is that the dealer has to have it for 3 months before they can sell it and this impacts their tax position if they don't (tax relief on demo vehicles). Perhaps this is longer on commercial vehicles. May be protecting themselves against incurring a tax liability. Regardless, if it were me I'd walk away.
  4. Dates are Friday 28th July to Wednesday 2nd August. Bit later than usual this year. Fortunately the guys are accepting of mon petite Lotus de francais and still letting me participate.
  5. Will be there in August with @C8RKH amongst others . Can't wait and the TT sets it up nicely.
  6. Costco if you can, believe it or not. They will give a 5 year guarantee and outprice the electrical retailers. Another vote for LG being good value
  7. Hmm, seems I may have a different view here and I do take issue with quite a lot of the overly sensitive political correctness. Whatever your individual view of the appropriateness of a Gollywog (and I collected the badges as a kid) it is pretty well understood in today's climate that they are found to be offensive to fairly significant elements of society, so to display them openly in a public house or any other business, regardless of any intent or underlying personal feelings seems pretty bloody naive and the actions of big brands distancing themselves from it I would suggest is entirely predictable. If I still had my badges would I keep them in a drawer and look at them now and again, yes. Would I pin them on my lapel and walk around with them or display them prominently behind me on teams calls, absolutely not.
  8. Will have and will have run it in before our little outing to the IOM. I thought about a TTRS, but just the thought of spending a week with you having bought one of them turned my blood cold....
  9. Comfortable, usable Lotus. Low weight, modest power but a bit bigger than an Elige. Probably what the late Europa should have been. Stick a Lotus Badge on it and no-one would know any better. Speaking to the dealers half the customer base are, or were Lotus owners. Think Norfolk "sur la mer"
  10. Kids eh. My daughter turned down a late model Alfa Spider (cheaper to insure) instead insisting on a Fiat 500..... We provide a car for our kids whilst they are in full time education on the basis that they either hand it back or buy it off us when they go out to work. The boys both handed them back - leaving me with having to dispose of them. I was thinking with the Alfa that I may have kept it. C'est la vie. PS, what made me happy today..... the Alfa Giulia lasted a whole year (very nice car....) but the lure of missing a sportscar meant that it went today (Ouch! 12 month depreciation). New sportscar waiting PPF for collection on 17th May. Unfortunately the current Emira debacle means that the new car is "Lotus like" rather than a Lotus.
  11. Finally sorted out the study. Need to make the bus now and get some track for the emerald night.
  12. Best bet is to find a small local company with a good rep. Steer clear of nationals and as Kimbers said, the minute they mention calling the boss eject them - or tell them up front that you are not interested in any nonsense and they get one shot and you will compare quotes and product before making your decision. Historically (or when other works ongoing which need B.Reg approval) I'd install myself, but it is regulated so you either need an approved (ie FENSA) installer who will register it with the LABC or you will need building control to sign off on it. There are specific questions when selling the house around replacement doors/windows and solicitors will kick off if not recorded.
  13. .... and to think I was headed for the "What made me happy" thread.
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