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  1. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    And why I wouldn't. The 400 is the car for me until or unless a road spec 410 is equitable price wise.
  2. Wanted Evora 2+2

    OP - how'd you get on. ps - the rubber seal between the air vent in the dash and the door is missing - not uncommon.
  3. Wanted Evora 2+2

    Agree, that is very subjective. All thing being equal, for me the blue one every time, but that is down to my preference for the persian blue over oyster Can’t see the rear seat in the photos but yes it will be fabric too. I think it was not approved, hence officially track use only. It’s not in the standard parts list, only the motorsport one.
  4. Wanted Evora 2+2

    No arm rest and the bottom of the sills, centre consul and doors are fabric see the last picture on eBay
  5. Wanted Evora 2+2

    The blue tips were only on the Sport exhaust. To be fair they probably know no better. It was a genuine after market item from Lotus. Not sure if you could actually spec it from new. It’s either that, and after market or someone has altered the exhaust. With the slashed tips I’d put money on it being the Lotus Sports exhaust. crikey has the price gone up....
  6. Wanted Evora 2+2

    Correct, no premium pack on the red car. It does however seem to have the Lotus (Janspeed) sport exhaust (£600). Id take exception to the fact they advertise it as the cheapest for sale when it’s directly under the blue car on eBay, which is cheaper. Edit. Might be the light, but looks like the drivers side headlight might need the lacquer redoing.
  7. Wanted Evora 2+2

    I'm not sure which car this is, but you can usually tell from the photos. Do you have a link to the red one?
  8. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    In a year or so, yes, I will almost certainly be thinking about whether to change the car and an Evora would be the likely choice, but not if it's going to cost me the best part of £30K. (upshot, probably keep the one I have)
  9. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I did mention I was talking forecourt price not RRP - I looked at one of the last Sport Racer N/As @ £45K (think it was £44,950) and they also had an "S" in stock for c£50K. (In the end I kept my N/A for a couple more years) I bought my Hethel Edition Auto for under £70K - new on 1/9/16 I am reliably informed that there is now "encouragement" on the dealers not to discount new cars and certainly not to the same extent. The acid test - I would not be able to justify the price of a new GT410 specified to a decent road going level now, yet 15 months ago I could and did buy a fully loaded flagship model.
  10. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Agree with everything else. I am not criticising the pricing just articulating what it would mean for me personally - Lotus know what they cost to build and what they need to charge and presumably also understand the price elasticity that relates to it. From a personal/customer perspective though if they drop the 400 it would rule me out of buying another new Lotus. The more you charge the less cars you will sell. It took me some effort to convince myself to shell out on a new 400. I simply couldn't justify the additional cost of a GT410 to myself. To spec a GT410 to a 400 level requires several option packs taking the £84K start point to c£90K. So the Evora (approx) for similar specs has gone (from memory not necessarily RRP but what new stock cars were advertised at): 2012 Sport Racers - N/A c£45K S - c£50K 400 - c£70K GT410 - £90K+ A completely different prospect in financial terms. As I said, I do think the new cars are great news, just for me, I could no longer justify the cost and I assume other potential customers will be in a similar position.
  11. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    For the record, I am a fan of the GT410 and am fully supportive of what Lotus is doing, I'm quite happy that they keep tweaking the range and want them to sell cars, but I do feel that this I item does require comment. It is a GT car, it should have a no cost radio of some sort. Additionally, unless you have owned a 400 you also won't appreciate the lack of sound quality in the car that results from a quality make (I am a huge Alpine fan). I personally can live and accept this as standard fitment, however if you specifically paid £2K and got something that sounded like the 400 system sounds like (and its mainly the speaker set up rather than the head unit - so I don't see the new head unit improving things) for the sound quality you get out of a 400 you'd be pretty cheesed off. Honestly the system in the 400 is probably the equivalent in sound quality to something bought in halfords for £50 inc speakers in the 80s. You cannot charge £2K for that and not receive some form of criticism.
  12. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I also popped in to the local Pork dealer (Kill me now!) as I thought on paper that the new Panamera Tourismo looked much improved in the aesthetics dept and might be a "sensible family car" option. the flesh it is still FUGLY and HUGE, but yes, the option list is an absolute Joke and written in a foreign language. Conversely a range of Evora's as we now have makes sense to me. As I said above I see a different buyer for the GT410 an the GT430, I would be concerned if the 400 was discontinued because this would result in another significant price hike. Whilst I bought a new 400 I honestly can't see me buying a new GT410 as by the time it was specced as I'd require it it would be upwards of £20K more than the 400 was 15 months ago. Far more likely to just replace my bumpers
  13. Wanted Evora 2+2

    The windows may just need a reset, unusual for both to go. Wind all way down and hold. Wind all the way up and hold then open door and see if they work. If not I think there are a couple of switches that fail, it I’ve never had it happen so not sure what this entails. I wouldn’t worry about it even if they are faulty,it’s minor but it’s a good negotiation point . Exhaust depends upon how you get it done and opinions vary. There are a number of threads in the main forum discussing this in detail. If you got one made up by a non specialist a few hundred, but most people go Lotus sport/Larini or 2bular. Could be anywhere from £500 to £1k depending on which and whether you remove the 3rd cat (it’s not needed and was not installed in later cars) either way it’s an easy DIY or an hours labour. It’s well worth it and hardly urgent, but it is nice once done. I went decat and 2bular on my n/a (it’s my blue tipped exhaust on the website).
  14. Wanted Evora 2+2

    It does. Nav=tech pack (other giveaway would be cruise buttons but no pic of steering wheel) oyster = premium pack and the black calipers and vented disks shows it has sport pack. Standard exhaust though, so you’d probably want to decat and upgrade that as they are very quiet otherwise. Not many left with the standard box on. In 2 of the photos you can see both doors are ajar, but the window has not dropped. Worth looking at and will need sorting, they should drop half an inch when the door is opened. If I were looking, this is the one I’d be looking at first.
  15. Wanted Evora 2+2

    Persian blue is lovely in the flesh. I always was a fan of the oyster interior.