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  1. It is a sorry indictment of the state of the world when this question can be asked, but Kanye West or Trump?
  2. I've got a 2016 400 IPS you can have.......................................... but it'll cost you the price of a GT410
  3. Well we finally completed today. Doesn’t belong on this thread, other than that is where the rest of it is.
  4. The money from our buyers is there. It’s been seen in our solicitors account. It’s their solicitor that screwed up, then the banks. Still not located, now saying it could be 10 days and pressure to complete being ramped up (not sure how that can happen without the money). So it’s the 3 owners being screwed by cock ups by those being paid to do a job.
  5. Same here 7 days a week. Took only 1 of the bank holidays, really needed this holiday/break/house move to de-stress. That worked well didn't it!!
  6. Sorry, this is cut down, but it'll still be long......... Moved house on Friday. All packed up arrived outside the new place at 11.30. Sat there waiting. Asked for ETA from solicitor at 12. (bear in mind there are only 2 houses in this chain Renters -> us -> Empty house). Your buyers say that they have sent the money, but not turned up yet. Then follows many phone calls. At 4.30 the buyers solicitors come clean - we sent it BACS not TT. So that means it'll take 3 days to turn up. Bank says we can try and recall it, but it'll probably take longer, so leave it until Tuesday. So we get permission to move in under licence and allow our buyers to do likewise at our place. In the meantime the new place needs a full going through redecorating throughout, new kitchen, new roof to the garage (double obviously ) and eventually new bathrooms etc etc. So I have 2 weeks off to make a start - but cannot do anything until we complete. Tuesday rolls around. The money arrives. My solicitor then hits the buyers solicitor with the penalties for both our place and the new place due to the late completion. It is the sols F*£$ up and they knew this was coming but still took virtually all day to agree to pay in the meantime ignoring emails and phone calls. Then before these funds come over the purchase moneys disappear from our solicitors account. Apparently they have been recalled (how the hell can that happen once they have cleared?), the banks are not sure where it is, but say it could well be another 3 days before it appears again. Fingers crossed for some better news today, or the situation will be complicated by having to return our mortgage advance and re-request it (seems sensible, not). In the meantime the interest charges on the 2 houses are racking up at £170 a day and at some point I can see the solicitor being more resistant to meeting these costs, despite it all being because of their incompetence. When this is over I plan to go straight to the Law Society with a complaint. So what do we think the next chapter will be?
  7. I always said that the furlough scheme should be means tested. Dyson is the one that springs to my mind (albeit I admit to having an issue with him as I believe him to be a complete hypocrite), using the furlough scheme despite not needing the support. He always spouts ideology right up to the point that it starts costing him money. I remember when he said he'd always manufacture solely in the UK - guess what it's now Malaysia and Singapore..... and did the ridiculous price of his products reduce, er no straight in the back pocket. I must admit, if I ran a small company and it was likely to go to the wall or downsize I'd use the furlough scheme to try and defer the pain for my employees. It's not like they can easily go out and get another job at the moment.
  8. As regards the protests. You cannot erase only the bad from history. If you remove one aspect of history then it will change many aspects of the present. This does not excuse it or change it, but let’s concentrate on getting it right now in the present instead of kicking off over the past which cannot be changed. We have a multicultural society in the UK in a large part because of colonialism, that is where we are and reversing out colonialism would by its definition mean that we would not be that multicultural society. So surely accepting the past (Not accepting it is right, but it cannot be changed) and concentrating on ensuring our society works properly for every member of it in the present is the right thing to be doing. This is probably where this started and should have stayed, however the actions and arguments being made are diverting attention from what does need to be done to something that cannot be changed, but merely cause more divisiveness and bitterness and a polarisation of society. Unfortunately I can see the ongoing blanket and extremist coverage providing a fertile recruitment ground for the likes of the BNP.
  9. Not sure this is news or restricted to that era. A good proportion of the great and the good these days are not exactly known for their social conscience or selflessness. as my dad used to say, extreme wealth with a few exceptions, you are either born into it, steal it or you are completely amoral. You don’t get rich playing nice.
  10. Don’t forget folks. He has big hands.
  11. N/A, good choice. Not the car I was thinking then. Very nice, enjoy.
  12. @Gavin Hamson from the exhaust it looks like an S, that colour and on the forged wheels I may know that car. Has it done a few miles?
  13. That is some solace. I believe I a, right that Trump can at least only be voted in once more. Over here though, the potential to be stuck indefinitely exists.
  15. In a fortnight, I'm moving house and renovating as a less expensive option to keep me occupied. Costco had that digger for about 5 minutes at half list price. Missed it unfortunately.
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