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  1. Just to manage expectations, if this is the Lotus product they are "Carbon Fibre effect"
  2. Hardly a standard "S" though. This is a different conversation and I should think price wise it's knocking on the door of a GT410.
  3. Agree with @C8RKH and @jep I had my NA for 4 years and the 400 for 3 now. Done similar miles in each. Did look at an S between the 2. For me, if you are just road driving I'd recommend the N/A, or if you want Auto the 400. The N/A is more than fast enough for the roads, but if you want to step up then miss the S altogether and go for the 400. To me, and this is just my personal opinion, the "S" is the most expensive to run by virtue of tax, fuel (N/A and 400 are very similar consumption) and Tyres (My 400 rears had 6mm tread left at 20K) and these costs just didn't seem worth it to me for a relatively modest increase in performance. This isn't to say I have a downer on the "S", just for me the N/A or the 4XX would be my choice.
  4. Give him a clip round the ear then.......... oh wait
  5. They will though, because they don’t want us to leave, but even better, in the interim they get the best of both worlds, we are still in so they get the benefit, whilst we don’t as we’re busy shooting ourselves in the foot.
  6. Not belittling your problems and sorry to hear of them - but on the bright side it'd have cost you a fortune to get rid of those tiles if not for the claim. Not as important but my contribution to the Unhappy thread - my wife just gave ma a Nestle Whip (note not a Walnut Whip) - the buggers have deleted the walnut!!
  7. Hi, yes I did. It was about 5 years ago but I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t remove either 35 or 36 to do it. I think I recall it was very tight though.
  8. Part 35 holds the lift tube in. You need to compress the 4 tabs before/whilst you slide the lift tube off.
  9. Door cards are really easy. Few screws at the bottom and lift off. I can’t remember if you have to remove the interior door latch trim, but if you do it is just a screw. As regards the handles - yes it is common, in fact I sold a couple of spares with it when I sold it, but as the handles are getting a bit brittle it is common to resin back on the holder for the locks. Lotus bits are probably the best place if you need a new handle.
  10. I found that my N/A always ran better on 95 than on higher octane, 93min I think is what the handbook said. So mine was run on 95. The S and 400 require premium, so hat is what the 400 gets (although I know someone who runs a 400 on 95)
  11. It does rather look like it was banana shaped before it snapped - perhaps suggesting an impact of some kind. The threads below the break also seem to be distorted (closer together on the right than the left).
  12. You don’t need to tell Andy this, he loves an opinion and has loads of them
  13. M25 on a daily basis - I’d go IPS. Big fan of the NA but as a daily around here the IPS is a better proposition, which is why my current Evora is an auto. The M25 in a manual is not particularly pleasant VOE.
  14. Colin P

    Anton du Beke

    It’s the only programme that my daughter will watch with us every week, it’s the only reality TV I’ll watch, but will admit to enjoying it
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