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  1. Knowing Andy, some kind of beef in red wine stew
  2. Appreciating that the car went Brrrrmmmm, I was waiting for the post saying you went "Brrrrrrrrrrr" cleaning it before putting the cover back on....
  3. Mine was clean when you posted this. I had lots of fun getting it like this
  4. I was led to believe that the runners won’t first the 400 and the 400 runners won’t fit the recaros. I was hoping someone would make a solution as I’d like to either lower the sparcos or put in recaros.
  5. Will you still be organising them in 2023 @TomE
  6. It arrived (see unhappy thread @C8RKH)
  7. You are kidding @C8RKH they were in stock
  8. Bought and built when it first came out. Holds the record for the most missing pieces at 13, so an accurate representation of the real thing. Apparently Mr Bechham is building one too ive got a 60s F1 car on order from China at the moment which I’m looking forward to.
  9. It’s the subject of a citizens advice bureau “super complaint” and as a whole the insurance market has moved away from dual pricing, or at least it is much less than it used to be. Still worth benchmarking your premiums though. The complaint also included briadband suppliers, but if anything they are getting worse until it gets legislated, Virgin (if you can find someone who even knows about it) even deny it is dual pricing based on semantics.
  10. Persimmon are by no means the only builder who has built large estates with missing/defective or undersized fore stopping. I have involvement in several instances where £multi million rectification programmes have been instigated following fires which have resulted in total losses. Part of the problem is that people don’t pay any attention to the construction of what they are buying, provided the kitchen and bathroom is nice, so timber frame iis flavour of the month/year/decade because it is cheap and quick and maximises builders profits (and incidentally the governments push for offsite construction= timber frame). Quality built houses have the same market value as crap, so why build anything else? Timber frame also seen as environmentally friendly by the authorities with no consideration for whole life costs/repairs etc. The extent of damage from fire and small water leaks is not considered. There is just no resilience in the buildings, small bits of poor quality can affect the whole structure. Ok for smaller properties, but for blocks of flats or terraces of houses it is not IMHO and appropriate construction method. To see how poor this is and how a flawed test is used to justify these buildings read this Read the bit about the BRE test, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious, yet it is still a test used by the Timber Frame association to defend the construction method.
  11. Sounds similar to the drop links on my S1. Picked up by MOT (Halfords use shaker plates so the car stays under full load during testing, which is why I use them for MOTs) but the main dealer couldn’t identify.
  12. What a bunch of idiots.
  13. This may be their position on this one point. There were however only 2 parties that could ever have won the election. One has an issue with their leader and/or institutional reputation for racism, supporting terrorist organisations and communism and quite frankly would ruin the country. Please don't assume everyone who voted conservative was voting for leave..... yes they would have known that this was the outcome, but the alternative doesn't bear thinking about. For the record there was a vote to stay or leave and leave won, so I wholeheartedly agree that we should leave (or more accurately already have left) regardless of ones personal opinion, but please stop claiming everyone who voted conservative wanted to leave, it is just not true and claiming as such is no better than the "remainers not accepting they lost". There I've said it. Aside from this, agree, nothing supports violent protests
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