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  1. Colin P

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Good point @C8RKH Strictly Come Dancing is a good case in point. It seems entirely OK for female and gay male presenters and judges alike to paw, kiss, comment, fawn, fall off chairs about a bare chested man. Again, imagine outcry if exactly the same behaviour were directed toward one of the female participants in a revealing outfit.
  2. Colin P

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    @MrP_ I don't disagree with anything you've said in your last post except the message of the Ad. In fact I agree with pretty much all of it, I completely support equal opportunity and anti discrimination, treating people with respect, not making them feel uncomfortable and having a diverse team to elicit different views and opinions. Unfortunately I experience a huge amount of "Anti discrimination" or "Diversity and Inclusion" being interpreted to mean "Actively and openly discriminate against men and make them feel like second class citizens". This ad plays right into that space and doesn't hit the measure of "treating everyone with respect" and is absolutely not what we need. Balance does not equal swinging the dial from one end to the other, or opening up a demographic to being an acceptable target for pot shots, because they are collectively portrayed as being guilty of past sins.
  3. Colin P

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Because the advert is basically accusing every man of being a Harvey Weinstein. Most men don’t need to be told and if a similar ad were produced targeted toward a different demographic it would cause uproar and likely be banned. You have obviously escaped the worst of “diversity and inclusion” that has been going on for the last couple of years.
  4. I think in general it is just that it is more mainstream - what people expect and also it dealt with a few (minor) ergonomic issues (like finding buttons and controls). The red lit dash was horrible as well. That said we lost the shift lights and temperate gauge which are distinct negatives. I wouldn't say the quality was better personally, but the ergonomics as a whole are. Personally Id have preferred just a bit of a tidy up rather than a complete redesign. This assumes you had Premium Pack or an SR.
  5. Colin P

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Bring back Gene Hunt is what I say. Problem is there is a major over correction going on, and it's all one way. Yet to see 50% of men win custody battles, for example, yet people can openly state that "the next CEO/Head of etc" must be a woman (regardless of who is best for the role). Try stating that the other way around.
  6. Colin P

    I'm an Australian

    The way our lot are behaving at the moment almost makes him look like a balanced individual.
  7. No such thing. Even missing Sport pack they are each a thing of fun and beauty. For the record, I prefer the black post MY12 trim pieces, but personal taste means that others prefer the aluminium. Pays yer money, makes yer choice.
  8. The trim is the MY12 black stuff that you dislike, not the Pre MY12 Aluminium. Reference to poverty spec is simply that there are Zero options on it. No Tech Pack, No premium Pack, which means it was base model.
  9. Steering wheel, metal trim pieces, door pulls etc all point to post MY12. Simply looks like it is a "poverty spec" car.
  10. Colin P

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Looks like May agrees this morning. So the EU will have effectively won.
  11. Colin P

    Bittersweet Days

    My condolences Lee. Really sad for you and the girls. Take care chap.
  12. Excellent modding @Bravo73 and a perfect thread title It also means I can now post this without further hijacking the thread..... £24K on a cashcow
  13. Colin P

    Bittersweet Days

    Hi Lee, not posted on this thread before because I honestly don't really know what to say. My wife went through this as a teenager with her father, a couple of years before we met. I am sharing your posts (and a few extra hugs) with her. Both our thoughts are with you and your family at this awful time.
  14. I'm awaiting delivery of a Seat Leon FR ST. Impressed with them and as for Value for money makes a whole load more sense than the VW/Oodi version. Latest Euro 6 VW engines etc, 1.5, 150PS petrol and 65mpg (if you believe VW) Despite being the latest 2019 model and factory order I was still offered 20% off list. In fact out of interest I just quickly priced up a similar spec golf estate in the configurator and list is 50% more than the Seat is costing me. 50%!!!! and the Seat looks nicer!!!
  15. Colin P

    A bunch of Evoras

    Dare I say it but I didn’t think it was as dreadful a movie as most would have you believe either. Authored by the same person as the twishite trilogy.