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  1. Colin P

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    Bungee on to wheel spoke?
  2. That’s what I thought. Minor thing though.
  3. Colin P

    Dealer relationship

    There, FTFY
  4. Colin P

    Dealer relationship

    Aye, Hofmann's are great. Always fantastic service and a pleasure to deal with. Chris is good at cooking the odd sausage too. Top tip, if you need a service just book the day off and go for a wander around Henley and up and down the Thames, very civilised - my wife even accompanies me.
  5. Colin P

    Clutch on Evora S

    You appear to be in luck as the cheapest numbers I've seen quoted are from Craig Moncrieff in Edinburgh, who also seems to be one of the most experienced at doing them. IIRC he apparently charges around £2K, whereas down this way its nearer £3-£3.5.
  6. It's also not a MY2012 car, it's a late registered car. I know that they have not claimed otherwise, but worth mention. BTW, I know of one official Lotus dealer that PXed an N/A for S money based on the log book (which was wrong). When I pointed out to them that they were advertising an NA as an S they corrected it and reduced the price, but did comment that the cock up had removed any chance of them making a profit on the car.
  7. Colin P

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    To be fair you’ve got a £30k car there. That’s pretty good if you ask me. That said I was considering buying one till I test drove one so I do know what they drive like, but still anything over a basic spec supermini and you are doing pretty well.
  8. Colin P

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    But most new cars are either on a company lease arrangement or a PCP of some kind. Costs and/or minimal residual values guaranteed up front and the majority of cars handed back at the end for a new one. I'd suggest 90%+ only look at one thing - the monthly cost, and as long as the warranty covers the period really don't care. Manufacturers don't really give a monkeys about the second owner. The Korean manufacturers have built their reputation on older buyers, who pay cash and keep the cars for longer in general and would very much buy based upon the head rather than the heart, but are a dyeing breed.
  9. Colin P

    ECU performance dump printout report

    The IPS won't let you (OPs question was on the IPS). The software will ignore driver inputs if compliance would result in drivetrain damage. I don't know exactly how much leeway the IPS will allow you to change down (ie in new gear 5000 revs, 6000? I don't know), but the only way I could see you even being able to do it would be a situation where you are gaining speed quickly downhill and change down right on the maximum point the software will allow a gear change and for the speed gain to be quick enough that the limiter doesn't have time to kick in. I'd imagine it to be pretty difficult even if you were purposely trying to do it.
  10. Colin P

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    #smug If entry level had been £90K (or even £80K) I'd still be in the N/A. I know of at least one other (from new) Hethel buyer that said the same.
  11. Agree with above, there isn't a major issue. If you follow this logic any Mini between 2005 and 2012 is fit for the scrapyard (yet there seem to be an awful lot around and a lot of repeat buyers), all porsche 996 will have been scrapped because of engine scoring and bore cracks, Lotus Excels and Esprits with Nikosil liners are all doomed (same goes for Jag XKRs who also have Nikosil liners), any car with an A-series engine will have had HGF within 3 miles of the dealer forecourt and every Mercedes build between 1998 and 2003 will be nothing but a pile of dust. All rubbish (except the last one ). There is nothing in an Evora that you shouldn't be able to sort for 4-5K absolute max and that would have to be engine and gearbox. You'd lose that in depreciation in a year on any other car in the £30K plus price bracket, and that's assuming nothing goes wrong with the alternative.
  12. Colin P

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430

    It is great for keeping beading for a long time and for general protection, but in my experience it doesn’t provide the same protection against swirl marks as a good carnuba wax. On light coloured paints it’s fine, but the darker the colour the more you need a better protection against swirl marks. On my silver Merc, I’d not use anything else, but on the black roof of my wife’s Mini, it just doesn’t do the job.
  13. Colin P

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430

    I had the same thoughts. It’s great on silver etc, but on dark colours it isn’t as good as a proper wax at stopping swirl marks. Our cars are actually now Gtechniq coated, but I wax over the top with Harley wax. Much better at resisting swirl marks.
  14. So out of the 3 I wonder how many have red leather?