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  1. Colin P

    Here's a fun game we can all play!

    Don’t mess with me...
  2. Have a one on my wife's JCW, the issue though is that the damn graphic is printed on to the knob and therefore rotates with it. As such I can't use it as I have to set the graphic vertically and then use the controls on the steering wheel or it does in my OCD.
  3. Colin P

    Insuring a house

    Unlikely the insurer will undertake to advise now. There used to be an agreement with the banks but it was reliant upon good will and was brought to an end a few years back.
  4. Colin P

    What made your blood boil today?

    I’m curious on this statement. I’ve seen lots of quotes from farmers saying that they lose money every year, but cannot believe this at face value. Surely if true then bankruptcy would have long since occurred? is it just a part of the business? In which case not really a fair statement. Does it include the owner taking their “dividend” leaving a zero balance sheet? Not making any assertions, I just don’t understand how it can be true.
  5. Colin P

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Not true, if it was I wouldn’t be bitching about it
  6. Colin P

    Insuring a house

    I think you need a solicitor to answer that one. Usually the sellers insurance will remain in place up until the point of completion (often noting the interest of the purchaser) and the seller would be responsible for repairs, however it is recommended that the buyer still take out their own insurance on exchange and I generally would. As such there is often a period of dual insurance. I'm not 100% sure how this would be handled in a retail (personal) circumstance as I am commercial based (I deal with the big corporate stuff) and the regulations/precedents are different. I don't recall ever being asked if a property was insured when selling and when we bought our kids place last year this was not something our solicitor asked of the seller, so I don't see this would prevent a sale. I believe that in the event of damage between exchange and completion there would be a requirement for the seller to hand over the property in the condition agreed upon (with possible delay to facilitate, provide funding for the repairs, or reduce price to reflect the repair costs. There may well be an ability for the purchaser to withdraw from the purchase as well. I've seen different versions of this play out depending upon the contract terms, but in a commercial environment.
  7. Colin P

    Insuring a house

    You have an insurable interest by virtue of the charge, therefore you could, in theory, take out a policy to cover your interest. There are some lenders that do this and I have written bespoke policies to provide cover depending upon a lenders precise situation, but generally speaking there isn't an off the shelf product as there is no demand for one. So unless you have a schedule of loans, such that you will be paying a rather substantial premium so as to make this worthwhile for the insurer then you will be unlikely to find a solution. Most lenders (smaller loans) don't bother as it is just a "business risk" that they accept. The likes of Nat West/Santander (just example names for context and nothing implied) are unlikely to be too worried if a single house they have a charge over goes up in flames and is not insured). Also need to bear in mind that if you only insure your interest will there ever be an claim to be made? ie if the place burned to the ground is there still sufficient capital in the value of the land to cover the outstanding loan? (note - as the place is vacant - this won't help anyway. Insurer's don't like vacant properties, nor properties which are in a poor condition and especially where damage has been caused by the legal owner occupier and/or displaying financial distress etc)
  8. Colin P

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Spending the day replacing a burst water tank at the mother in laws, knowing full well I’d end up funding the whole exercise as well. My 2 least favourite things in DIY, old pipes and lofts..
  9. Colin P

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    The difference dependent upon light is demonstrated/it is amazing how our cars look completely different in our profile pictures. ps The roof is particularly pretty in bright sunlight
  10. Colin P

    Am I doing it right?

    Only seen this once though.......trip to wales do was in no hurry ps, Photo taken by passenger.... Will see what I get on the IOM next month. Not a lot I should imagine.
  11. Colin P


    Aware of that, but actually assembled in UK. If you take ownership of companies into account as well as physical assembly let alone full manufacture pretty much everything crosses borders so regardless of which country you want to buy from you’d never be able to buy anything. Ours was definitely made in Germany. Still had the shipping and factory labels on it when we first saw it.
  12. Colin P


    Agree. If trump can quote national security over steel then surely passports are similar. Lotus, 2 minis here (plus German Vauxhall but let’s not talk about that ) Then again, when British press treat our cars with such contempt what do you expect. Clarkson on Rover for exampleeven when when the 75 was car of the year.
  13. Colin P

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

  14. I think this was the issue. Not seen as having much of a market and one of the aftermarket suppliers (Junks if I remember correctly) said as much. That said I think you are the third or fourth person to enquire about availability.
  15. There was a mansory one, but ludicrously expensive.