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  1. Autos are less so......... Trying to get out of Hereford this morning was fun. Ended up on the M5 rather than the originally planned drive up to Chester via Snowdonia.
  2. Deroure They are a £ each plus vat. Don't forget the washers.
  3. Evora 400/410 Carbon Parts Prices (at last)

    Found the post from @Bravo73, I remembered incorrectly, he indicated “upwards of £16k”, not sure where the price came from.
  4. Evora 400/410 Carbon Parts Prices (at last)

    Were they not previously advised on here as c£18K
  5. Potential new buyer. Discounts?

    My daughter started to complain at 11, if that’s any help.
  6. Don’t see the point TBH, the Evora is better than either Mini we have and several other run of the mill cars we’ve had before. Even on ferry’s most of the time you can take a straight run on them. This my experience with an S1 and the 400. might be a bit different on a GT430 with the splitter though.
  7. Thoughts while driving home

    James Blunt topping the charts?
  8. Thoughts while driving home

    Er, Trump is rich...... and a dick. All you have missed is that he wants the poor dead, hence removal of Medicaid.
  9. Cat bypass pipe

    Done that in the 400 20mph-70mph -20-70-20-70, only the fun police put on the "Incident 40mph" signs when I was half way through. I'm pretty sure that I was "the incident" as there was nothing else and no one else in the tunnel.
  10. Evora Sport 410

    @mikthought your response was on you tube - I added one on there and 2 people have since done likewise. The second post I thought was yours, obviously not.
  11. Evora Sport 410

    So did I, a few minutes before you
  12. Evora Sport 410

    The Sparcos are good, but agree, given a straight choice I’d have the Recaros.
  13. Any one used Lancaster Lotus in Amersham?

    I tend to go get a nice coffee and breakfast in town and wander down to the Thames to have breakfast. Followed by a wander up the towpath to the lock. Nice way to spend an hour or two.
  14. One dealer had a couple that they stocked unregistered and actually advertised them above RRP once the HE was discontinued. Without the HE I suspect I'd still be in my S1
  15. There was an identical car to mine but on a 16 plate sold by Oakmere at 1500 miles (I considered it, but bought one I could run in instead) that has now been through 2 forum members and some more miles. Oakmere had it up for £63K and the impression I got was that the resale wasn't much different. When you consider what a new fully specced 400 is now £60K is a bargain. I've also seen more than the suggestion of £2-3K SOR costs. If you plan on £5/£6K profit on stock cars but have to tie up £55K for possibly 2-3 months to achieve that £2-3K for no capital outlay seems equitable.