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  1. I tend to look at is as they are equally shit, but the Tories understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and therefore will do it cheaper and not bankrupt the country.
  2. This is one part of your post that I’m afraid I don’t agree with. Unfortunately I think that we have proved time and time again that there are (significant) elements of society that seem to be completely incapable of independent thought. Or indeed any thought at all and will believe anything and everything that their followers/people they follow put on Twatter.
  3. Colin P

    In love again

    @Arregueti I went Excel, Evora NA, Evora 400. A while ago I took out a 220 sport, but the cash I’d free up didn’t make sense and the Evora is more me, so not worth making the switch. An M100 has an appeal.
  4. Colin P

    In love again

    My Mrs likes the Evora - but only because I take her places in it! Drove my first one all of about 200 feet and never got out of 2nd gear not driven the 400. She loves her JCW, but only uses 31 of the BHP it has (Only I use the other 200!). It's a damned site harder to drive than the Evora. I am also toying with the idea of selling the Evora - had hoped to move to Yorkshire to fully enjoy it, but instead ended up in the Surrey Hills, where every 60mph road is a 40 and usually with a load of other cars on it. I'm just thinking a cheaper/slower convertible (Abarth 124 Spider?) may actu
  5. I may be open to offers on mine, Hethel Edition (the one to have), Racing Green, Red Leather c22k Auto, just had the big 4 year service. Supplied and maintained by Hofmanns. 1 owner "66" reg, but on a well known Evora plate. It'd be every penny of £50K though if I were to part with it.
  6. Colin P

    Anton du Beke

    Heaven forbid you can actually see out of the back of a car. I love my (heavy) rear window
  7. Colin P

    Anton du Beke

    Perhaps it is @EuropaSman, but it’s got the 400 boot spoiler and glass, no Lear shot of the front of it, but when it pulled up there was a clear shot of the boot. I thought the GT410s all had the ducktail? edit. Found a shot of the rear on tinternet and it has the glass boot and 400 spoiler. That’s why I thought it was a 400.
  8. Colin P

    Anton du Beke

    Strictly at it again. Not an AU plate so maybe not from the factory. It’s a 400 too so not new.
  9. I found the best solution to the clicking was to do the nuts up to 110nm. Had repeated issues and constantly cleaning all the surfaces and it always came back after a few hundred miles. No problems since I upped the torque a tad.
  10. As I understand it, a much higher percentage of 400s generally are Autos than S1s.
  11. Car isn't small, it's normal sized, you can tell by the relationship to the number plate.
  12. Bloody expensive way of getting a Hethel Edition!! I found it far easier to get a Hethel Edition and then get the dealer to knock a load of money off of it!! Most Hethel's don't have a build plate, mine doesn't (I don't think it has a sub woofer either).
  13. Certainly looks like it. Seeing as most owners have removed the Hethel Edition decals it is difficult to imagine that someone would have added them .
  14. Blue lives wont matter. I can bloody guarantee it. The abuse and crap the BiB have to put up with is awful. Not a pleasant experience in the 2 years I served and that was a long long time ago and in a much more pleasant area. Croydon is an absolute hole.
  15. You won't believe me, so I will start by saying that this did actually happen. Took Mrs Ps JCW in for rear pads and discs (MINI rear pads tend to need doing every time you have to fill the fuel tank). Main Dealer. I know one pad was down to the metal (just - she stopped driving it immediately we identified this) and there was lip on he discs such that I was sure a MD would say is too big. They actually called me to recommend that the discs could be cleaned up and were fine. Crikey!
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