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  1. Should do well with that, talking to a colleague recently about a motor home and they were finding that such is demand outstripping supply that a lot of the dealers will only sell you a motorhome if you have one to trade in.
  2. Our American colleagues misuse/misunderstanding of the English language, newspaper headline: "Tom Youngs: Leicester Tigers prostitute charged by RFU after Bristol incident"
  3. Apparently if you want a new motor home a lot of the dealers will not sell you one unless you have a trade in.....
  4. Hi, sorry only just picked up on the date and SWMBO has other things planned for me next weekend. Hope everyone has a great time.
  5. All looks a bit Heath Robinson to me. As for the front splitter...
  6. Cristallo worktop for the main bathroom.
  7. I suspect that these are the same items GRP product later in the thread):
  8. I think the question was more related to providing Cummings (specifically) a platform than performing an investigation. Spending a whole day listening to someone who lies for a living and also has an axe to grind is of no benefit to anyone and certainly doesn’t help in understanding what was done correctly or incorrectly. Basically anything said by him simply has to be disregarded.
  9. Grabbed a coffee from one of those vans on my daily walk last week. Asked if they wanted card or cash (considering low value and charges) to get the answer that card is preferable. Seems odd. Cash always used to be preferred for small businesses and low value as the money stays in the pocket of the vendor and not the banks.
  10. Fancy coming and sorting out Waverley Council for me?
  11. London to Wales whilst running it in (also shortly after picking it up from Hofmanns)
  12. These always seem to be black - I think it is the basic interior and cheaper leather. The Recaros are also prone to bolster wear unless you are careful. That said, yes I prefer the Recaros.
  13. I would of responded but some of you're examples are sick innit guv
  14. Done that change. The 400 is quicker, louder, stiffer and angrier. Hope that helps. You sit higher, that is not so great. It is more of an event, the noise is a big part of that, but you can close the exhaust flap if that is an issue for longer journeys. It gets more attention. It handles better, but the higher driving position detracts a bit from this. It is a different car. All I can say is try one and make your own mind up. I've no plans to, but I'd be quite happy to be back in an N/A.
  15. Like minds. Surely they are now “Non gender specific person” books.
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