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  1. assuming it’s the same as the S1 badge it is just stuck on. No mechanical fixings just the locating spur. One of the bumper/clam mounting bolts is accessed through the hole under the badge so don’t use anything permanent to fix new badge.
  2. Colin P

    Vehicle Tax moan/rants/whinges

    I was about to say wasn’t this a largely theoretical argument
  3. Colin P

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    There were plenty of 400s on the line at the 70th.
  4. Colin P

    New, but Old.

    Welcome, and may I suggest you also explore if you have not already found it. Basically answers every question from how to fill the washer bottle to a nut and bolt restoration. My first Lotus was an 83 Excel in Ice Blue which I had from 2005 to 2010.
  5. Colin P

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    No it's not, it's 42. It's always 42. Now we'll see the age profile of this thread.
  6. Colin P

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    Bin the steak and red wine in favour of salads and a diet club soda and you'll feel it more Perhaps I need to sneak Charlotte into your passenger seat to even things up.
  7. @Johnny5 What part do you need:
  8. Colin P

    Debating selling my Evora, Hand back, PX?

    Interesting this. It seems that with the value of 4xx cars more owners are feeling the need to “downsize”. Im going back to having a daily so I also recently took out a 220 as possible change. Nice and surprised at civility of it but just too small. Came to the conclusion that the only possible move for me would be back to an S1 Evora, so shall be keeping the 400 (unless someone with an extremely nice S1 wants to upgrade).
  9. .. or order a set now an put them in the toolbox. The 400 is 2 years old now, so I suspect I'll be dusting off my set shortly
  10. Personally I don’t see the point. The mirrors are only 2 inches wider than the car and I’d rather lose a mirror than the rear wing. Never used the function on my NA and would quite like to stop it on the 400 as it looks rubbish in pictures.
  11. Colin P

    I've done some pretty daft things in my life

    Wales, this was our last attempt at Welsh roads.
  12. Colin P

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    “No longer a Lotus owner” did @JayEmm not have an Excel and Elise as well? Have they gone too?
  13. On the Lotus it’s car related which I’ve had a few people try and buy, but wife and I also have plates with our initials which just 1 letter apart (our middle initial being different) one CSP the other CVP. Look good parked together on the drive.
  14. Colin P

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    Only works if completely stationary and you then have time to get it back in gear before the lights change. It seems that I am usually asked by van drivers when we are rolling slowly in traffic and I have to use the universal signal for “it’s got paddles” whilst shrugging shoulders.
  15. Bugger. If we knew the manufacturer we might be able to get the LED replacement boards etc.