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  1. My Excel used to sulk if I didn't take it out once a week. So quite a few similarities. That said, once I gave the Excel a bit of stick it'd soon loosen up and forgive me, whereas with Mrs P it will last days!
  2. You should have posted this in the Evora section. Famous post on "another Forum" to the tune of "Why would anyone who can afford an Evora not stay in a Hotel" For me it has it's place. Generally I'd rather say in a hotel/cottage etc, but for 1 night on the piss with mates at the BTCC, it's a laugh. At the TT you have no option unless you pay through the nose and book 3 years ahead so I'll put up with it for a longer period but I'm glad to get home to a decent shower and bed.
  3. To be fair Barry, if AIDS were as widespread and I was going to an orgy, I’d want tests in place. Its a bit different, sticking your dick up someone, or getting theirs stuck up you, than being breathed on. Besides, you’d be expected to wear a mask (condom).
  4. Nope. IIRC there were basically 4 boxes you could tick. Blackpack. Forged wheels, interior upgrade and auto transmission. They were all similar costs at £2/2.5k each IIRC That said, you that car is in the period of Lotus Exclusive, the idea being that you could order bespoke options and they’d attach a price to them. Bespoke colours could be expensive.
  5. Was at a BTCC meeting in 2016 when the 400 was about a month old. Camping next to the M3 crowd, who insisted in calling it the Lotus Ebola. @Yan I’ve had the same with my daughter, although she wants me to dress as the Stig for her prom.
  6. Oh great the pi£)(:y Scum will start stripping vacant industrial units again.
  7. A big developer in the US bought 2 timber mills (in Russia i think) and diverted all the output to the states. They used to supply Europe and in particular the U.K. Add to this general shortage, a smidgen of Brexit but the worldwide attempts at stimulating the economy by building infrastructure (increased demand) plus reduced output because of COVID and you have a perfect storm. Timber and steel seem to be the worst as far as building materials go. Expert predictions for the market to normalise vary between Q4 2021 and Q3/4 2022.
  8. Sons girlfriend moved in with him to avoid her step mother when she tested positive. First she tested positive (try telling him to sleep in separate beds) then my son did. Day 11 after isolation was the day he had tickets for the FOS. Close call.
  9. When you last bought something did you ask or even consider how much it cost to make. Most of the housing market is old stock anyway, so the builders cost is irrelevant. if you were buying a house and it was worth £500k and the builder said, by the way wood went up during the build so I need and extra £10k you’d tell them where to go and go buy another house. Your customers would do the same if your product was priced above the market. What is different is the market forces that drive the broader market, and in the housing market that is supply and demand and pretty much nothing else.
  10. Sorry but we will disagree here. The cost of building a house is completely divorced from the market value of it. The only link is that if a builder can’t make a profit then they won’t build, but there are very few locations where that would be the case. I will agree that materials and labour are both suffering shortages and are increasing massively in cost at the moment. I know this first hand both personally and professionally, but this has a negligible, if any, effect on prices in the housing market.
  11. The construction costs won’t affect the house prices, as they are driven by supply and demand, not cost of construction. All it will affect is the obscene profits that the big companies make by cutting every corner they can and then expecting the taxpayer to pay to put it all right. so basically, build crap, save money then get paid again when you go back to put right all the bodges and dodgy materials.
  12. I'm with you. Looking forward to seeing one in the flesh, but think the back is gorgeous, it's just the headlights and front bumper that I think are a little uninspired. Can I see myself swapping the Evora for one, yes possibly but all rather depends on cost to change. Then again I am possibly not your typical Lotus buyer and probably closer to the target market for the Emira. There is a reason why I have had an Excel and 2 Evora's but never had an Elise or Exige.
  13. I think that the Emira will put a cap on the value of an Evora assuming that you can walk away with one at sub £60K. This does however rather depend upon what the final "real" cost of an Emira is. They are building the V6 first. The belief seems to be that this will be the more expensive (is it actually confirmed that the "old" V6 is the premium model over the "modern" 4 pot?). Therefore as Andy says the entry level Emira for the next year or 2 is not £55/£60K, it's £75/£80K, which is similar money to a new stock Evora. Therefore until the 4pot is launched it is unlikely to affect 2nd hand Evora values significantly and then only if it is indeed a "real" sub £60K price tag.
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