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  1. Hi Dave, you won't like this, but I use the same insurer and declare modifications. They are very clear both when you tell them and in their documentation that they do not cover the cost of modifications and that repairs will be to standard spec. Whilst you may not roll over on this one, you will not win it. Your best bet is to politely negotiate with them on the basis that the Win Ace bumper is cheaper than a genuine Lotus one and try to convince them that it is a win win to replace it with the non standard item.
  2. This is our little Elise. Ellie for short.
  3. God bless Ma'am I spotted this in the media. Pathetic and disrespectful: Labour peer Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top said: “I too associate myself with the wishes and prayers that people are making for the royal family.”
  4. Sports box? see it originally had forged wheels, but the turbines work with the colour Nice car, a little jealous but I’ll be back in a lotus too at some stage I’m sure.
  5. Ha, because I get a car allowance my mileage rate is currently less than the cost of the petrol. We only have desks for c50% occupancy - I can see certain of our offices betting a bit crowded in the winter.
  6. So basically a hot water tank on a combi boiler..... Question - will we see a lot of people who have been working from home return to the office to benefit from "free" heating .
  7. Not having somewhere to stop in en emergency is dangerous, it's as simple as that. The use of the extra lane has to be in conjunction with a much reduced speed limit whilst it is in use, not just reliant upon operators noting a broken down vehicle and closing the lane (which people also then ignore) Another issue is the seemingly arbitrary reducing of speed limits. Last month I drove around 20 miles of motorway at a 50 mph limit because of the (and I quote from the signs) "System on test". Drove back a week later and the system was still "on test". Empty motorway and 50mph limit controlled by Average speed cameras.
  8. @andydclements it could well be a good idea to replace the tank. If you are heating significant quantities of debris in the tank that won’t help and the coil could be as bad as Chris’ immersion heater so the heat exchange will take longer if it is (think of efficiency between a new kettle and one covered in scale). I just cleaned out our kettle and it takes less than half as long to boil now.
  9. I have a plan. I'm going to turn everything off, leave the kids at home and go down the pub every night with the Mrs. It'll be cheaper. If I go to Weatherspoons we can eat too.
  10. I dare say the kettle would look as bad after 6 years if if wasn't cleaned. I replaced our hot water tank this year the old one was from the 80's at a guess. There was a good 12 inches of "shale" in the bottom of the old one. I could barely move the damned thing.
  11. Well based on last years use and the price cap rise (October one) looks like our energy bill will be c£6.2K next year. Lets see what impact the new boiler and solid conservatory roof will make (although I pretty much turned off the conservatory radiator last year), just left on enough to make sure the pipes didn't freeze.
  12. Ditto. I'm not a fan of combi boilers, having back up of hot water tank and immersion heater and a log burner ensures that in most situations you'll we warm and hopefully have hot water. Besides we have 3 Aqualisa digital showers and removing the hot water tank would mean replacing them.... and that ain't gonna happen 😍 @ChrisJ saves on dishwasher cleaning products
  13. Hmm dishwashers.... now I get that most power is used in heating the water, but the quick wash on our dishwasher is 30 minutes. The Eco wash is 3.5 hours!! There must be a minimum water temperature that is necessary/will do the job. How the hell can a cycle that is 7 times as long be the economic one.....
  14. You are not alone, my pet peeves: - Lights on in middle of the day because the curtains are still drawn. - Kids leaving bedroom lights on when they are not in there, plus the hall light (and basically every light switch between their bedroom and wherever they happen to have relocated to) - Son, Radiator on Max and windows wide open. - Son, washing machine on every day for 1 T shirt and a pair of shorts (old work uniform hopefully new job will stop that) - Son, I'm not hungry (only as soon as the oven has cooled down from our dinner it goes on again because he wants to make himself something else) - Kids, standing in front of the fridge staring blankly at the contents trying to decide what they fancy to snack on ...... and my all time "favourite" wife and kids: open front door and stand there having a conversation with the door wide open. I'm less diplomatic telling them to shut the door these days and it usually ends up with me getting 48 hours of the silent treatment.
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