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  1. ...and @C8RKH that these days seemingly no one is able to even change a light bulb without calling an electrician. 16 Houses in my leg of the close and my study provides me with excellent observational positioning (aka sat here all day working I can see everything that goes on in the close whether I want to or not). There's me getting repeated comments, "it's amazing you can do that yourself", but aside from that, despite there being constant work being done it is all done by contractors, cleaners and gardeners etc. OK one guy does a bit of decorating and a couple cut their own lawns, but otherwise barely anyone else even washes their own cars. This means that they have no idea whether the job has been done well or not.
  2. It is true that new houses are cheaply and poorly built, but do we really think that building companies of the past were any better? Plenty of horror stories on older properties as well, just that a lot of it has since been dealt with. Some of what I uncovered during my current works made me consider this again. I can honestly say that I am amazed that the front 3 foot of flat roof across house has stayed up. I think that probably the biggest issue is that new properties are build so "marginally" that when the builders do bodge something the impact of that bodge is more of an issue as there is no contingency/resilience in the rest of the property to make up for it. Major failings (all of which are a consequence of the modern methods lack of resilience): Missing Fire barriers - not too much of an issue if you have cavity walls rather than timber frame, Incorrect window fitment - not an issue if you close the cavity walls rather than rely on cavity closers (which are combustible) - this is a pet hate of mine, all about cold bridges, which is bollox when the inside wall is thermalite block, Under specified roof trusses - not an issue if you used 9x2 timbers instead of trusses, ventilation - not an issue with traditional cavity or solid walls Historically though the actual bodges are not new and have gone on for years: Laying bricks upside down to avoid filling frogs, Dumping rubble under the lawn, Bungaroosh, missing cavity ties, missing roof braces. The problem is, most of the UK public are completely oblivious to even what their homes are built of let alone how they were built. Prices being determined by colour schemes and quality of kitchen appliances. The fact that the house is a glorified shed passes them by.
  3. Can't help with that question, but I've been considering a change to this unit, which I think (hope) should be plug and play. Car play being the driver behind it.
  4. My understanding is that there were some hardware changes as well as software between the S1 and the 400, so the upgrade cannot be done. I considered an S IPS to replace my Manual N/A and it didn't do it for me. The 400 Auto is in my opinion in a different league. Whilst some may argue otherwise, the clue is that I did not trade up to an S IPS but I did to a 400 Auto.
  5. Yes, but in this case only the blind would state otherwise. See above before and during!
  6. @C8RKH The real kicker was that in the officers report it actually says "This pitched roof would provide a more attractive front elevation" Well D'oh! The real issue was just getting a response out of them.
  7. @Dan E I've not had too many major issues on materials, but then I've got bits from here and bits from there and not always found what I need/would expect in stock at the first place I've looked. Avoiding the trade biased builders merchants and obvious places helped. (ie For timber - Campions was 2/3rd the price of Travis Perkins and had the stock - and it's C24 not 18). The whole house has been done internally (except the Kitchen which is on my list, but the leaky roof included the bay window in the kitchen). Realistically whilst the pitched roof makes a big different I'm not sure that there is a lot more I can do to improve the looks of it. It's never going to appear on a picture postcard. Location, Location, Location so they say.
  8. Absolutely, when your local skip company is owned by one of your favourite drivers it pretty much makes it an easy decision. Hoping he will make a return in future years. Besides they are actually really helpful and friendly, rather than most skip companies that treat non tradespeople like something that they trod in. I wondered if anyone would notice!
  9. So after all that time to make a decision I took 2 weeks off work. Still got a fair bit to do (new front door pulled forward, fit windows, garage door, flashings and fascias), but making a big difference. Yes @Barrykearley that fascia is every bit as banana shaped as it looks - you really do not want to know how that was built in the 70s
  10. No way Greg Davis would ever get in that Nice pickup too.
  11. Good luck, I look forward to finding out the initial determination, which should be some time around June . Why the revised/multiple applications though?
  12. Finally got our planning permission through, so I can finally fix the leaky garage roof. Only took 10 months, 2 formal complaints and writing to the CEO of the local authority to actually get an answer.
  13. @Kimbers Wife ended up on the Hot Chicken counter at one of the supermarkets in her last job, she hated being greasy and smelly, hence give her the choice.... clearly though we are not dependant upon her wage and she is free to choose. It's great that your son has a fulfilling role, I know a few autistic people and know how hard it can be.
  14. @LotusLeftLotusRightStill better than Mrs P @ £8.91 (minimum wage, same for all the floor staff) at the local Department Store (aka Grace brothers). More important is the work she is doing. Better lose £1.10 and hour than smell of burgers and grease. At the end of the day, part time and at that wage level all it does is determine whether I can go for the extra cupholder option when speccing the next car, or the premium drinks package on the next cruise.
  15. @Kimbers from my experience that tends to be the developer/freeholder/investment vehicle (ie those commissioning the build) rather than the main contractors. In my examples I'm talking household name builders, that are still significant and active companies, albeit much of the work is still sub contracted.
  16. Oh dear, he has only just bought that, but at least he still has his Evora to use.
  17. The ambulance driver should have checked behind, yes. Is it the ambulance drivers fault, yes..... but the fact is that people don't check behind them when they overtake. This is one of the reasons why I will only very very rarely overtake if the car in front of me is in any position to be able to overtake the car in front of them. I learned this lesson as a teenager, when exactly this happened to my older brother and someone pulled into the side of him. The ambulance was clearly up behind the car in front and in a position to overtake, so unless it had been that way past a number of overtake opportunities and the ambulance had made no indications that they were looking to overtake on the previous opportunities I personally would not have gone to overtake the 2 together. Incidentally, I do not believe that the ambulance made the decision at the last minute and by implication did it on purpose. Whilst it is far from clear, it looks to me as though he had done exactly what the Elise driver did and accelerated before he pulled out - he was already travelling faster than the Merc when he indicated and pulled out, which is why he managed to overtake it so quickly. He would not have made that overtake in that period of time had he pulled out and then accelerated. From the footage visible, on its own, regardless of fault, I personally would not have attempted that overtake.
  18. That has been going on since Victorian times. You've forgotten missing cavity barriers in blocks of flats. I've been involved in at least 3 entire estates where barriers were either undersized or missing on the whole development. Remedial works on each being measured in £multi millions. Most being identified when one of the blocks burned to the ground because of unchecked fire spread. We are beginning to see some traction in "Clerk of Works" being employed.
  19. The problem is that when in doubt the Local authority building control officer merely opens the NHBC guide book to see what he should do. NHBC are in reality a trade body, not an insurer (which itself is a misnomer, they are a warranty provide as opposed to insurer), they set the rules based upon what the construction industry wants. It is effectively self regulation. Claims to NHBC generally get redirected by them to the original contractor with an instruction to put it right. The only time NHBC may actually stump up the cash is where everyone involved in the build has ceased trading and cannot be held to account.
  20. I believe @Bibs that you will find that this is some kind of loyalty reward scheme to ensure the ongoing patronage of their best customer
  21. I get the bit about inequitable pay @Barrykearley, but the minimum wage is what it is. Under 18 is fair enough as they should be at school and hence it is "pocket money". Reduced rates up to 23 years old does seem inequitable (IMHO). In any case my kids would/would have happily taken a part time job at a lower wage, just so that they could earn their own money. Or possibly more accurately it would have made it easier for me to cut them off and given them no choice! Some really valid comments on here around employers paying decent rates and improving working conditions/treatment of staff at the lower end of the payscale. A lot of businesses making a lot of money on the back of bolting their wage and benefits budget to the floor. The supermarkets are a case in point, massive profits, yet the vast majority of their staff are on minimum/living wage and expected to be pretty much on call 24/7/364 and an effective ban on any holidays over December/Christmas and Easter and if you want a school holiday book it 18 months in advance.
  22. About bloody time too. It's really difficult for youngsters to get a part time job these days and it is an important part of growing up. The boys were 17/18 before they managed to get a part time job (and believe it or not only by their uncle knowing the personnel officer!) and my daughter is 16 and struggling, in the meantime the supermarkets are pissing off their regular (for want of a better term) staff because they want them "fully flexible" (basically you work a fixed number of hours, but whenever suits the employer including a couple of hours at a time, split shifts etc) and specifically making them work weekends and evenings. Win Win - give permanent staff fixed hours, largely during the week and employ students for evenings and weekends - it's actually cheaper (as minimum wage below 18 is less) and guess what everyone is happy. Kind of like it was in the 1980 and 90s. But no, they'd rather treat their staff like crap.
  23. How about the material used for Evora mudguard brackets.
  24. To be fair, if I were one of those kids I'd be chomping at the bit to go back to school.
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