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  1. This is my thinking, the big concern over the batteries drives you toward effectively renting the car at a known cost. Anything else is concerning. Not really an option to think about buying new and running a car into the ground over 10 years or so.... I'd get one on lease and write the cost off over 3 years, I wouldn't buy one and I definitely wouldn't buy one second hand. I have the option via salary sacrifice scheme otherwise I'd not even think about it. Edit, sorry supporting thread drift. Back on Topic, the demand still seems strong on the Evora and with no replacement stock I think you just have to make your choice and go with it.
  2. Ive tested negative today, but had it last week whilst on holiday. Wife and son now both positive, daughter somehow escaped as we spent a lot of the week in the car around Cornwall (I was pretty much symptom free for most of it so didn’t know I had it). Fortunately pretty mild for all of us. Son is worst and he’s had it before. wife’s work telling her to come in whilst positive (retail) and daughter surprisingly being asked to come in to her weekend job despite the household being infected (nursing home!).
  3. "Unlimited" stated to be "[1] Unlimited as long as the technical prerequisites are met for this vehicle" No mention of "whilst vehicle is in current ownership" Does appear to be a one off payment...... currently.
  4. I suppose that the other way of looking at this is that they simply build all cars the same - intuitively this would feel like some parts would be more expensive, but often manufacturing just one version of a part can be cheaper - even if it is a higher spec version - than making different versions of what is essentially the same part. It would also make the manufacturing process simpler. There seems to be an "unlimited" access charge, which presumably means that the features are unlocked for the life of the car. This being the case, is a fee of, say £500 to unlock the heated seats for life any different than the cost of an "option" @ £500 to install heated seats? All that said, this is typical BMW, when in reality it should all just be standard spec and stop trying to make the cars look more affordable than they are/penny pinching. I suspect that leasing these things may help keep P1D values down - which could be useful to the company car driver.
  5. Have you seen the price of 1980s Alfas. That said, I have a sneeky suspicion that by the time the 4 pot Emiras are on the second hand market/in stock cars my Giulia will have tanked value wise......
  6. They are taking the piss in the west country, just came back from a week down there. On the way home there was a varience in price per litre of 12p between the cheapest and most expensive. Believe it or not the cheapest was the Texaco near stonehenge.
  7. Yep, it's the cities that you want to be careful of. Rural folks over here might drive pickups, but they are more likely to be carrying cider than a hunting rifle. #neveronetopassupasteriotypehumouropportunity
  8. Admiral multi car. Added each of our kids cars when they turned 17 on and always the cheapest and never even discuss a black box as being needed.
  9. "Ohhhhhh Geoffrey!" Best opening scene to any show ever, ending with the infamous line "one swallow doesn't make her my girlfriend" Got them on DVD. Yes Season 4 all a bit silly (albeit the pile of toilet rolls had me ROFL) What friends should have been, it's actually funny. The Buffet scene........ "How did you get here?" Patrick Says "BMW M3 in midnight blue, black leather seats, 0-60 is xx seconds and onto 100 in another 3" Woman hears "Car" So true.
  10. Funnily enough it seemed more interested in saving fuel and when to turn your lights on.
  11. The people that did the PPF on the Alfa say 10 days to allow the paint to cure. Something I have noticed is that new cars tend to pick up stone chips far more easily for anything up to a year so I really do think that the longer you can leave it the better. Finding a balance between letting the paint cure and not collecting stone chips in the meantime. But that would involve the use of specialist curing facilities, whereas I think with the OP this would be a local bodyshop which would be unlikely to use the same, if any, curing technology.
  12. Apparently I'm a low risk - still gave me 4 modules that I am supposed to learn from. Stuff that, only the assessment is "compulsory". Box ticked, HR happy, perhaps now I can do some work.
  13. Think it has to go here rather than the happy and unhappy thread...... I've been sent a "Driving for Work Risk Management" assessment - designed to make us better and safer drivers with the results showing areas for improvement. You'd think that as I sent my boss a picture of the satnav showing 122mph on a B road on the IOM that they really wouldn't have bothered......
  14. I have a set in stainless, but no Evora any more... PM me if you need them.
  15. My alarm was on and the car locked, so it was opened manually with the key and the alarm set off. Unfortunately it was around 5 years ago so I don’t remember the detail.
  16. If it’s flashing so fast you can’t count them then you’ve probably failed in the process. my key failed once, it does work but it is a real pain to get it right. You need to follow the instructions precisely and get your timing spot on. I think it took me about a dozen goes to get it to work.
  17. If I mention I know you @Bibswill it increase or decrease the quote
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations. Having asked for quotes from some local companies it rather seems that no-one wants any business as no-one ever comes back to me. Thanks
  19. Yes, £32K is about right for an S1. Seriously though, I never paid more than about £280 a year (usually nearer £200) for any of my Evoras @ 10K per annum and business use. Standard Admiral multicar though.
  20. It will appear, and be declarable, on the claims experience. Some insurers may not take it into account, but I checked recently and most (mine included, which is one of the largest providers) do require it to be disclosed as part of the claims experience. Funny though as in 33 years driving I'd never had a windscreen damaged, then across the families cars we've had 1 new windscreen and 3 repairs in the last 18 months (none going through the insurance). Autoglass are now charging stupid money for a private repair so I wouldn't use them.
  21. There really are some dicks on pistonheads. Silver Audi with a black interior and a self opinionated attitude anyone?
  22. Turned 50. And got screwed for £500 by the car dealer when picking up the new car as my birthday treat.
  23. Right up to the point when the heritage people will not let you pave over the lawn to access it!!
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