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  1. Hi Roland I have sorted it out. Thicko here was going the wrong side of the diff. mounting. Regards
  2. Hi Roland Would you mind taking a picture of the rear bleed pipe layout for me please? I cannot quite see the route of the pipe. Thank you in advance. Geof
  3. Hi Roland Thank you for your help. I notice that your drive shafts are painted black. Is this how they left the factory please? Regards Geof
  4. Thank you very much. I think is is correct I do have a hole in the seven o'clock position for the t-piece.
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the brake layout at the rear next to the diff. please? I have a single flexible to the cylinders with one bleed nipple. I want to change it to two flexibles and two bleed nipples. I am not sure where the tee piece goes and the hard pipe layout. Thank you in advance
  6. My Elite S1 1978 was originally silver. A03. Would the bumpers in the same colour or black please? Thank you in advance for any replies.
  7. Hi, sorry if I appear to be hung-up about colours! My chassis is now black for the year (1978). I want to get it the build as close to as it left the factory. Does anyone know what the suspension and brake parts colour/finish was please? I was thinking: Front lower and upper wishbones and anti-roll bar: Black. Rear trailing arms and lower rod: Black. Rear brake drums and backing plate: Black All other parts such as front vertical link, front brake calipers, rear drive shafts and front and rear wheel mounting hubs: Gold coloured nickel plate. Anyone help please? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you for this. I have been in touch with Lotus. There are two prices the basic one is £55 and a more comprehensive one at £82.50. Made payment on the phone and I have to send one external picture and one internal. This is hard for me as 100% stripped down. Thanks again. Will post some pics soon.
  9. Thank you. I bought a replacement galvanised chassis for it and I had it shotblasted, zinc rich sprayed and then two pack epoxied in silver!!! Going to buy POR15 black chassis paint now. Thanks for DVLA advise as well £5 sent already.
  10. Another question. Should the chassis be colour black for 1978 please?
  11. geoft


  12. Thank you for all of your replies. I will look for a code when I get home tonight. The car is October 1978.
  13. Hi, new to forum and I have an Elite 503 in silver. Complete restro. required. It is silver but does anyone know what the factory colours were at the time?. I think I would like a darker colour but the trim is a light colour but will need replacing. Cheers
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