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  1. Hi Does anyone know if there is an equivalent driveshaft for this car. I assume they maybe Toyota. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Pete. Thank you for info. I have the column stripped and carefully labelled the shims etc. there is a spring on the lower bearing but not the top. I have also made a new top aluminum housing to hold bicycle crank bearings. I guess that I could make a bronze lower bearing as the car won't go that far if I ever finish it!! Regards
  3. Hi, does anyone know what I can use for a replacement bearing please?
  4. Hi John, thank you and I have now sorted it out. Regards.
  5. Hi, can anyone help please? Do you have a photograph of the Steering Rack Hydraulic Pump in situ on the engine please? I cannot get where it should bolt on to, as I have put in engine back without doing it. Thank you in advance if you can help.
  6. Can anyone tell me what part (plate, bracket, etc.) that secures the bottom of the radiator to the body please? The bottom holes are at an angle and do not match the body profile. Also the top twisted straps where do they attach to the body please? Cannot find a hole anywhere. Any pictures most welcomed?
  7. Oh yes. Thank you. Was on the site this afternoon looking as well. Thanks again.
  8. Does anyone know the reference number and/or a supplier of the bearing please?
  9. Thank you for your reply. I have now ordered a condenser. One question the R75 compressor appears to have multi groves and not the single or double vee grooves. How did you get around this please? I think I may order a Sanden SD5H14 compressor and design and make brackets to suit. Regards
  10. Hi, did the rover condenser work please? Geof
  11. Can I asked a massive favour please? Can someone post pictures of the boot area to include the layout of the battery, fuel pump & pipe work and where the negative cable fits to the chassis. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi Roland I have sorted it out. Thicko here was going the wrong side of the diff. mounting. Regards
  13. Hi Roland Would you mind taking a picture of the rear bleed pipe layout for me please? I cannot quite see the route of the pipe. Thank you in advance. Geof
  14. Hi Roland Thank you for your help. I notice that your drive shafts are painted black. Is this how they left the factory please? Regards Geof
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