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  2. Hi and thanks. I guess it just comes down to economics - at almost twice the price it was something I thought I ought to consider! I guess the flipside is that if I do change, and it ruins the handling, then I have an even more expensive problem to fix! Cheers David
  3. Hi i wonder if anyone can give me some advice? I have a 2009 S2 Elise, based on the S model spec, but which was set up in the factory by Lotus Sport, and came with Bilstein suspension and Yokohama A048 tyres. The rear tyres need replacing so I'm stuck with the dilemma of either fitting 2 new rear A048 replacements, or changing all of the tyres to AD08's, for roughly the same price on both options (the front's don't need replacing, yet). I do one track day a year (Lotus Day @ Castle Coombe), so don't really "need" the track spec tyres - having said that I love the fact that the car has never once lost grip on the road and I've never had any "hairy moments", even in the wet. I guess I'm worried if I move to AD08's then the dynamic of the car may change. Has anyone done the same swap of tyres, or got any words of wisdom that may sway the argument either way? Thanks David
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