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  1. Go onto SJ sportscars website and order one. With delivery it will be £30.00 and you know it will be the right one for the job as they are Lotus specialists. Click on Evora parts and then Electrical parts from the drop down box and it is listed as brake light switch funnily enough 🙂 It is not hard to fit just awkward to get at. I adopted the Lotus position (upside down with head looking up from footwell and feet in the air gently resting on rear of front seat). Any mechanic should be able to identify it and fit it within 10 minutes or so if you say it's on the brake pedal.
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted on this topic. I went out in my Evora S IPS the other day only to have the traction light come on intermittently and then stay on after a while. I read this thread and yes, as soon as i pressed the brake pedal on came the light so i ordered one from SJ sportscars as Lotus wanted £56.00!!! Fitted today and problem sold. Old one was a GM part with part number 09175172 and done a search and it is off old Vectra's and corsa's etc from around the year 2002/2003 and can be bought for £15.00 or so. I did not adjust mine from SJ's just fitted and tried it so they may pre set theirs to a certain amount of clicks?
  3. I would say about £5000 is. The Likely reason you PX'd your NA for more than he sold it for is because he probably had very good profit in what he was selling you (which does not matter as you got what you wanted at the price you wanted and he got what he wanted......why else would he give you more money than he sold it for?) which means he could split that profit between the two cars however the general idea that if you think a dealer "buys" a Lotus, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari or even a Range Rover for his own stock with less than a few grand profit in it you are viewing the world with rose tinted glasses. The cost of potential refurb costs for getting ready for sale and potential warranty issues that may not be covered by a warranty company on these vehicles is just way too risky. Example.....aircon compressor faulty (common refurb problem before sale on most cars) on an Evora is £2,200 for the compressor before you even talk about labour which still costs a dealer whether they have their own repair shop or not. At trade price he might get the part for £1900.00 i guess. You are not going to get a dealer or finance company give you a fantastic valuation when giving your car back on a 50/50 deal unless its rarer than hens teeth and they have a buyer lined up.....realistically you will get trade value. Wouldn't surprise me if the agreement actually states something like "trade value from Glasses guide or CAP" In fact, i would put money on that it does mention a trade valuation body as then there is no discrepency and both parties know where they stand.
  4. I think the 60K figure is extremely optimistic. For one, the difference on trade and retail on these cars is going to be a lot bigger! On a ford Focus there might only be £1500 difference between trade and retail but on a Lotus (bearing in mind that as a retailer you are ultimately responsible if the car fails when you re sell it) most dealers would want a minimum of £5000 margin i should imagine. Secondly, i should imagine that in the agreement there are going to be clauses on damage to paint (chips, scuffs etc) and alloys (kerbing etc) and definitely mileage restrictions and who ever is taking the car back in is "underwriting" that car at a certain value which means the value is definitely not gonna be on the sunny side. However, as i say, it suits some people to buy this way and you are financing a car that is say £80,000 and only paying for half of it.........there are no free lunches in life 🙂 I would also bet that you would also have to have the money to pay the finance off the vehicle (including the last 50% because you still owe that to the finance company) before you try and sell it for a greater amount privately because who would buy a £40,000 to £60,000 car with finance still showing up on the HPI. It is good for the manufacturer, the dealer and the customer (circumstances permitting) but it is not as sunny side up as people perhaps think.
  5. Same here, i had an Esprit and Elan M100 for seven years and i intend to keep my Evora for many years but that is why it is down to personal circumstance. For example, if i did not do the amount of miles i do and i didn't think it would rub my customers up the wrong way, i would probably have a brand new Evora on 50/50 as an everyday car. Nothing would make me happier than driving it every day and getting that enjoyment out of it so often 😀
  6. I think what is being talked about here is "PCP" (personal Contract plan) which can be on new or used cars and available from most dealers. It is a form of finance. Ever wondered how Land Rover sell so many £100,000 Range Rovers to the average earners in the population.....well this is how it is done. You basically put a deposit down.......anywhere between £1000 and £5000 minimum deposit usually and then 50% of the outstanding balance is put on finance for say 24 to 48 months and then you have one final payment of the other 50% of the car or you can give the car back and clear the loan (there is no deferring the debt). That is how the debt is paid off. Pit falls are obviously that if you are doing it to get yourself into an expensive car when you can't really afford the full price is that you will have to give the car back....... but on the bright side you get to drive and enjoy a car that you would never otherwise be able to afford. Other pitfall is that you have to find a deposit every time you do it and you pay interest on a car that you will never own long term unless you can afford to pay that final 50% off but on the flip many of us keep a car for over 4 years??? Thousands and thousands of cars are sold this do you think you can get into a brand new BMW 3 series that's almost £30,000 for say, just £2000 deposit and £300 a month??? Yep , its PCP. The car industry would be lost without PCP and it is a way for us to drive a new car or expensive car for not much money and that is why it is so popular but be completely aware that no debt is deferred, you are still paying for it by giving the car back. You will also be limited on the amount of miles you can cover per year so that when you give the car back it will still be worth that 50% of the finance that you are paying off with it. It depends on your circumstances on whether PCP is good for you.
  7. Wow a clio V6, i bet that is mad as a box of frogs! I think £25,000 will get you a very nice NA. Research the Tech Packs and sport packs to make sure you get what you want. I have seen launch editions (All the goodies throw in) with reasonable miles for that price. I am sure you will find one that stirs your soul!
  8. Thanks Chaps! That's the one i was talking about Jim, thanks 😀 In answer to your question Steve, the red sill flashes are vinyl/graphics. Glad i got the car home but i really want another long drive......i guess i will have to wait until March!
  9. Well, picked the car up today and i love it! Not ideal driving conditions but i found the car was great to drive, effortless power, the IPS gearbox changes nice and smoothly. The cockpit is a lovely place to be and the drive is excellent, so smooth and comfortable for a sports car! Well pleased! I haven't had much time today but i took a couple of quick pictures even though it got a bit dirty on the way home due to weather. I think the red pin strip and small union jack graphics were added to this car (as there is an invoice in the history) but they are exactly like the "Who Evora" (designed with Roger Daltrey) that was auctioned off for the teenage cancer trust. Perhaps the previous owner is a Who fan or just liked the design? would be interesting to find out but either way, i love it!!!
  10. Buying blind is not ideal i agree however "click and collect" which is what is happening in this lockdown for covid means you can buy the car via pics and video etc but should you get there and the car is not what you thought or something really is up you can change your mind and receive a refund. That is why not ALL dealers are offering click and collect as for some it is too much risk/hassle etc For me, the car i have bought really hit a note with me. I absolutely loved the way it looks and i did not want to risk losing the opportunity as its not like buying a black Vauxhall Corsa with all the added extras you want, at a price you like and another one will pop up soon if you miss it. With regards to Forums and social media, I generally agree. I hate social media......i dont like arsebook or twatter or instagrim and i never visit them, although i would say i am very computer literate, but this forum has been invaluable to my Lotus ownership especially when i got my Esprit. It also proved extremely useful on searching for what the market is like when buying a used Evora, what to look out for etc,etc. There is so much info on here and advice on tackling repairs yourself. An excellent forum for the Lotus owner 😀 Have i done enough arse kissing yet 🤣
  11. Great looking car that! Congratulations!
  12. Thanks everyone. Yes, it is the one that was a Sytner. I promise to post pics as soon as i collect the car. Can't wait 😀
  13. Thank you! I dont have any pics at the moment but i will take some Saturday if all goes well 😀
  14. Hi Everyone Well, been thinking for a couple of months now about selling my lovely Esprit SE and Elan M100 SE and getting an Evora. After trawling through Evora ads for a couple of months i saw an Evora which made me say, in the immortal words of Will Smith, "i gotta get me one of these!". So after putting my cars out there to a couple of Specialist Lotus traders i agreed a price and sold my Esprit and Elan and to my joy that same Evora was still for sale. I put a call into the dealer, studied the pics carefully, got a video walk around from the dealer and decided that its the one for me and put a deposit down! It is what i hoped to get at the top of my budget, an (MY12) Evora S IPS with all the dogs dangelly extras in black with red pinstripe styling (as per the special edition WHO Evora that was auctioned off for the teenage cancer trust). An IPS suits me because i do a lot of driving and have discovered that in my middle age years changing gear is such a tough task 🙂 and if i want to wind the clock back to my boy racer years i can put her in sport mode and play with me flappy paddles 😀 I should hopefully pick it up on Saturday which will make my day so to speak! Peter
  15. Well, i think i am convinced then! I will until the new year and get the Esprit and Elan up for sale in early spring. I wish i could afford one without selling the other two but i think it will be the right move. Thanks to everyone for your opinions, hopefully i will be back here early next year!
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