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  1. Remember to get the connections right. Dale who i ordered from also made up the connectors. Very helpful and fitted as expected.
  2. Yes indeed. It is working and working fine. Mia it as cold as my A3? No. But on the hottest of days I have been very happy with it-recycling the cabin air is the beat way to stay chilled. I’d be interested to compare my version with one using the “broken finger” condenser. The volume of gas to use is the only issue. Mine was done by experts so I trust them to have got it right...
  3. Also a biker. Probably forgotten most of what I've owned (or didnt pay enough attention while I had them!), but here's a few Honda CL125, Dominator, Transalp, three Africa twins, CB650, F4i, a Honda Automatic bike (!), Suzuki Vstrom (two of), a Honda CX650 Turbo, Yamaha XS650, various 50cc mopeds (perhaps 20), BMW C1's (several)
  4. i think his reaction was a bit strong, but understand completely. He wants to help other TR7 owners because he is a TR7 owner. How would you feel about giving your door handles (etc etc etc) away to someone wanting to restore a Marina? Same deal! I also give stuff away on Freecycle, but often get enquiries from the same people over and over. I know they are going to sell it if i give it to them, and they can Fxck right off-I'd rather set fire to it---which is odd really: I made the decision to give it away, but I don't want to give it away to just ANYONE, it has to be someone I "deem worthy". On another point, when I give away a DVD player I don't expect to give it away to someone driving a 2017 Range Rover. FFS, I'm trying to help people who can't afford a DVD player (which are now, what, £15?)
  5. Create your own notch with a hacksaw and 5 minutes.
  6. exit via the gift shop?
  7. Extremely annoying!!! if it can be polished out, do that. Call the guy again and put the fear of god into him. “I have two witnesses and am getting hold of all available cctv footage, and will pursue you at court if you do not step up” but don’t follow through unless you have time to waste. This is just to get him anxious for the next month as payback for being an ass if it can’t be polished out, also speak to him as above and contact DVLA to get his details on the basis he drove away from ana accident. You can also obtain his insurance details but I’m not sure how. Contact his insurance company and file a claim tell him this is wha you are doing so if he wants to settle he should do it before you report the claim to his insurance company -and the police - get a crime reference number
  8. when i first looked at that picture, i wondered what the two arrows in the background were pointing at...
  9. When i lived in the US I used Sta-bil, I can recommend it. Also some stuff that converted water to ethanol to put in the tank (IIRC). Marvellous.
  10. I'm really really not being an ar$e about this, but the logical conclusion is that you can jack it up in the middle of the floor pans. "oh no you can't" I hear you cry, "there's no strength there". Same as the edges of the floor pan then (sill area). I assumed that if there is not a metal support system linked to where the four bonded Lotus defined jacking points are, that there is extra reinforcement in the jacking points that enable them to be used. These reinforcements, of whatever nature, are not present in the edges of the floor pan. AS above, I'm trying to be helpful, I'd hate to hear that the scissor jack has killed anyone's car. incidentally, I am assuming that the scissor lifter has a long support, adn that this spreads the load along the area being jacked-perhaps this is why the whole thing has not collapsed so far. I'd just be happier using the jacking points Lotus have carefully inserted-they are certainly closer to the chassis than the middle of the floor pan, or the edge of the floor pan. YMMV.
  11. I’m literally shitting myself looking at that picture. You are lifting the car on the plastic. If the plastic doesn’t give way catastrophically, the bolts that hold it to the chassis might. I only ever use the chassis or jacking points.
  12. my thoughts too-there is another identical jack on the other side-AND they're both bolted to the floor
  13. I mean I do know its all marketing bullsh!t speak, but...this place is a garage. It has storage space. If this is a "surefire investment", why don't they keep it? Also... Bound to go up in you are selling it because you a re a generous guy? has a problem...easy to why dont you fix it and relist for more money? genuine reason for the car is fckued and you want to pass it on?
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