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  1. I would like to have my belts done on my V8. Could anyone recommend a garage? West London or wester of London preferred. Thanks!
  2. Is this one what you need? Found on the bay as a replacement for AL49x LRA00715 Alternator 12V Electrical Replacement Spare By RTX
  3. Sorry that's beyond my memory! was this colour though....
  4. In late 1993/early 1994, I viewed a "JPS" black/gold Esprit in Slough. It was for sale at around £4,500. It was damp damp damp inside, and had been poorly maintained. I was amazed that the sellers (two youngish guys from the area) didn't even bother to clean it or wipe off the damp inside. I then bought a black Audi ur Quattro instead.
  5. Do you mean left side seat or right sided seat? (Looking towards front of car from the back).
  6. What fixed it in the end?
  7. Nice. And the quality looks superb. Shame to hide them away.
  8. Ah-the description said they were, i didn't look at the pictures as i'm not after seats. 👍
  9. My lights have rotted, broken the plastic mounting part that pop rivets to the metal frame. I need 2 of the metal mounts and four of the plastic surround/mounting part if anyone has any? Thanks s
  10. There’s s4 seats on eBay now. £50 iirc??
  11. Please try again. Have deleted lots of old messages so inbox is clear now. Thanks
  12. For reference. ABS sensor wire colours FL - Yellow/Blue FR - Pink/Green RL - Red/Black RR - Brown/White
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