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  1. LotuStuart

    Free V8 OBDII Scan Tool

    Are you sure you need drivers? do you have a lead? They usually come with drivers but windows 7 didn't need any when I plugged my lead in.
  2. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Is really want to know more about the inside of each cylinder before committing to a strip down. If you find it really is fubar, no harm done. But if it's just one bank and a broken valve then that's much better. I would ask for diagnostics before instructing a rebuild.
  3. LotuStuart

    Alternator/charge problem?

    isnt the wire supposed to be connected to the terminal that would have been in the rectangular area in your pics? (Near the B+ writing) I think the spade terminal has broken off inside the lead, and you may be able to solder on a new connection-or buy a new alternator. YMMV
  4. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    My fear is the recurring threads I read about rebuilt v8's busting their head gaskets. So I'd want to avoid that if at all possible. Even If one bank stays together that's better. Ikay cant see the top of the piston having come away in those pics. The shiny part looks like the cylinder bore reflecting the piston maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. The Nick awareness v8 was , iirc (and please correct me) water damaged so an unknown quantity and been sat a while.
  5. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    I've had another look at those endoscope pics. The damage does not appear catastrophic to me-although I freely admit It isn't at all clear from those photos. If anything, I'd say the top of the pistons look like lightly water damaged aluminium(!), but the walls are shiny and reflective. I'm hoping a valve broke and jammed one piston, but before the car is stripped and £thousands spent I'd really want the insides to be investigated with a good camera inside them, checking out all "corners" and any other non-destructive/taking apart of the car-ative investigative work done first to be sure of the issue. Can you get the exhaust off and see the turbo vanes like I can on my old audi turbocharger? To see if they are loose/damaged/missing? maybe get he boroscope in there too? IDK how possible that might be!!!. Incidentally, I have just taken apart a motorbike engine with a snapped valve. The valve jammed the piston on the upstroke, but not the downstroke-by which I mean I could turn the engine back "down" but not to TDC. if you can find a broken valve head.... good luck anyhow
  6. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Not sure if this was covered, but if the engine seized, didn't that transmit to the rear wheels locking up? i must admit I can't see what the inside of the cylinders look like from the endoscope pictures.
  7. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Looks like the damage to the tops of the plugs is long term water damage-could that have leaked in from somewhere, and into the cylinders down the thread? (unlikely I think) but a coincidence, and the car has been sat unused for a long time
  8. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Awful news surely a rebuilt engine should last long linger than that-not fit for purpose??? but would a warranty transfer to the new owner? Anyone know? Or do you have he receipt-is a warranty mentioned-and is it transferable(does it say it isn't) somehow just doesn't cut it. Hope something good happens.
  9. LotuStuart

    TE fuel tank replacement

    So someone partially rubbed one out in their Esprit, and it damaged the indicators? Sheesh.
  10. LotuStuart

    front ball joint removal

    Top guys! (I mean, shame its the wrong part, but they are putting it right).
  11. LotuStuart

    Glass roof

    Out of interest, I think the boot lid in the YouTube video is more open than my car will allow. Where the vid shows you can place the bottom of the roof in and hen rotate the top part over the rear boot lip, this is not possible on mine. Instead, place the roof horizontally. push it far forwards to get it over the rear lip and then do the first positioning in the deepest rearest part of the boot.
  12. LotuStuart

    labour time for b service.

    Dave/Barry. Thanks for clarification on polybushes. Dont you raise the rear end on a v8 to bleed? Mine was flushed and filled, then the light came on shortly after. I topped up and it's not come on again in over a year. Ymmv of course but id not be shocked just yet
  13. LotuStuart

    labour time for b service.

    I thought poly bushes were a Nono on the Lotus?
  14. Brilliant. Thanks!
  15. How did you find the info on the TPS? While mine goes like a rocket downhill, id like to check on that issue.... thnaks i nadvance