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  1. Ah-the description said they were, i didn't look at the pictures as i'm not after seats. 👍
  2. My lights have rotted, broken the plastic mounting part that pop rivets to the metal frame. I need 2 of the metal mounts and four of the plastic surround/mounting part if anyone has any? Thanks s
  3. There’s s4 seats on eBay now. £50 iirc??
  4. Please try again. Have deleted lots of old messages so inbox is clear now. Thanks
  5. For reference. ABS sensor wire colours FL - Yellow/Blue FR - Pink/Green RL - Red/Black RR - Brown/White
  6. I can’t seem to email you-but I’m looking for a set of headlamps for my V8. Could you please let me Know the condition and price? Photos would be ideal. Thanks! s
  7. There was a clunk when it stopped-so is wxpwct something really snapped. I did wonder what it was will just encourage the Lots of t.. brigade.
  8. i have a couple of v8 catalyst sections, have been sawn off, one cat out of four has been removed. can provide further details if this is of any use, but they are buried in my garage so this is all i'm saying until there's interest!
  9. I was just thinking if it would Ben possible to reinforce the wheels with something like a giant G clamp and rubber/wood, so that when the higher pressure bangs the tyre into place, the rim is supported and doesn’t have to take the whole hit by itself. Just a thought ...
  10. Try this part number GM 90 277 865 Be aware that the mechanisms are sided. At least, that’s what I wrote before! So you’d need a left gm for a right lotus and a right gm for a left lotus.
  11. my drivers door lock would often not lock. I bought an actuator from europe, IIRC, you need a Left Vauxhall motor for the riight hand Lotus door, and a right door vauxhall for the left side lotus door. my comments on doing it are somewhere on here if you search.
  12. For info, the answer is just to ring round...might take a while and some don't understand what you mean-so i just said "its from a renault without a centre hole, needs an adaptor".
  13. I have Kumho fitted. May not be the ultimate tyre but the ones I took off were old Dunlops. These will be better. One problem though, I can’t find a tyre fitter to balance them! The pillar next to the centre hole gets in the way of the cone used on he balance machine. Anyone else with Saturn’s found a solution?
  14. Abandoned perhaps? send off for the logbook .. Filthy...dirty....just how I like ‘em.
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