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  1. Been removed = scammer.
  2. Was no reserve last time. Thoughts:scammer, but no contact info reseller-i thought £20k was low shock! Bought it and found serious damage so selling oin quickly
  3. £20k sounds like a bargain to me.
  4. @Sparky modest to a fault! many thanks to sparky for not sparking around all the petrol today. Great progress made and yes, car having stood fOr 16 years is now running. Lots of tidying to do but brilliant day!
  5. That's what I thought!, but I'm sure I was told that the rear didn't fit. Well I can categorically confirm that the v8 rear wheel does fit in the boot. The curved firewall is needed to lay the wheel flat, then it /just/ slides under the rear lip enough for the boot to close down on top of it if you put the wheel face down, there's space inside the wheel for some stuff I'd suggest carrying plastic bin liners if you are going to be carrying luggage because it will be a tight fit around the wheel and in the front boot where you try to stuff all your luggage now that you have a puncture!
  6. Reminds me I need to see if a rear wheel fits in the boot of the V8 esprit, otherwise not sure how you are meant to continue your journey with a passenger and a spare wheel in the cabin...
  7. Hi Jon in the end I decided against it. The 400 cat I bought (ebay, £50 odd) was about an inch of catalyst-which is why, no doubt, these cheAp "sports" cats just manage to scrape a car through the emissions test. I bought a bunch of second hand OEM cats and fitted two. Sailed through MOT and I'm confident it will next year and the year after... has also reduced the noise. Previously with a straight through pipe it was Armageddon. Now although it is not as raucous through tunnels, I can drive longer distances without the noise becoming unbearable. (Which it risked before) Am happy with decision. Sent ebay cat back so not much worse off, cheaper using second hand oem, without the fear of after market badly fitting barely legal ones.
  8. TAR very much (heheh). Would you happen to know whet the "W" signifies at the end? I can find "N" for £10, compared to £35 at SJS for the "W" version. Thanks.
  9. I have found various options for the filter such as Mobil 1, Fram, K&N, NAPA and "compatibles" with no name (that I would avoid!) My question is, is there one that is "best"? or failing that which are "bad" my oil looks like new, but I may give it a change anyway. Many thanks!
  10. I am about to buy two new front tyres, 235/40/17. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what make and where to buy from? I'm looking at Black Circles and Han Kook tyres at the moment... Thanks
  11. Outstanding work! So impressive at every step. How on earth can you insure this car? I mean, insurance companies would need a lot of help to value it yes?
  12. hi Ralf, you have mail....
  13. Thanks Graham I went with a 400 cell in the end, which I am assuming is a three way cat... It should be fitted this week and MOT after-will update on how it goes.
  14. Quick question: Was it a two way ora three way catalyst that you used? Thanks
  15. I'm going to be getting mine done similarly, but I wondered if it would be better to cut out the top half of the pipe and "drop" the catalyst in, then replace the "lid" and weld it back up? that way the integrity/shape of the exhaust would be kept, and I wouldn't worry about losing the bend/angle of the setup. There's also be less chance of damaging the catalyst with hammering it into place. Thanks!
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