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  1. Join the club here: (NOT mine, no connection to it etc etc)
  2. That's a reduction of N/mm of less than 4%, which i would be surprised to find changed the ARB from safe, to unsafe. Disclaimer: these are just calculations from the figures given, which i have not even checked , and i am not certifying your ARB as safe, or unsafe, or anything at all. I'd be more concerned with the joins/welds/bolt fixings than the tubes.
  3. Happy Birthday Spanky?
  4. Can you post a picture of that sump paste? It wont help ME to identify it, but others here will have much more experience and might have a few ideas.
  5. I looked in to this while having house extended. I found 2 places still offering installs in the south of England, and 25 offering to remove it inside the M25. Apparently, so many problems are caused by it being installed incorrectly (damp on internal walls in particular) that a barge pole is the tool of choice now.
  6. Quite a big deal there alone! How? Turning off your fridge? Unplugging the microwave? How? Turing lights off as you leave a room? No more equipment on standby? I own a Lotus. I do not find meter reading difficult. Finding my ODB2 port in the car-now THAT was difficult! Same in UK, I believe. But we are being pushed to install them if we don't have them-same as water meters. For me, I don't like being watched. I would reject a black box being fitted to my car "for safety reasons" in case I strayed over the limit, and got automatically fined every time. ( Wouldn't say that was impossible in the future!) Yup. As MG4Lotus says above and I agreed. Would get my vote-I think James May called it a while ago as well. (It really is a sensible way forwards, if we can get cost (£$ and environmental) of hydrogen down).
  7. Its pretty much this. (so power companies have a picture of the population's power use generally). This may help them judge demand better-but not really, because they already have this picture on a bigger scale. But I object to the concept they are selling that it will make my bills cheaper. It won't. When i want a cup of tea, I boil the kettle (with enough water +10%, say). Knowing how much it costs doesn't make me have a cold cup of tea, or a smaller amount of tea. Similarly, I turn the lights off when I'm not in the room. I am aware that using power costs money, and using more power costs more money. Being told this by another waste of plastic, metal and effort is of no interest to me. Being expected to just believe that it will save me money makes me wonder what other lies they are asking me to believe, and as noted, these companies are not doing this to make my bills cheaper. While my meter works, I'll keep it thanks-and I'm still capable of taking my own meter readings-it really isn't difficult, is it!
  8. For my V8, the larger rear wheel & tyre fits in the boot, and so the smaller front wheel & tyre would too. If i had a puncture and stuff in the back, i would put the spare on, and then stuff the front boot ("froot"?) with the stuff I'd removed from the back to make space. With the rear wheel outside down, stuff can be put inside it too. I keep plastic bags in the boot to keep things clean in this event. Anything left over would be put in the passenger footwell. Perhaps a little cramped, but doable.
  9. Ahhh. Thanks Tom, as suspected and as you noted, it was the way it was done that fried the ECU. Jeez. Shorting out the ECU is crazy! I suppose it must have been easier to reach the ECU than the radiator sensor. Typical Lotus problem, and also due to pure presumption from the person who wired it up. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Talking of typical Lotus problems, I have a weak horn to fix, which is simple, but physically getting my hands on it is a PITA. So i have a horrible duck fart honk at the moment. Maybe once it warms up a bit I'll give it a go. And before the MOT.
  10. Just looking again at the post, i see the following..." the way the previous owner " so who knows how the other one was wired in! Still, the question stands-is the V8 sensor just a switch to earth or infinity? Reminds me of another forum I am on, where a guy said about a problem he had had "...I was advised to check for yellow gunk in the oil..." and so we assumed he had checked the oil. Two pages later, it turns out he had no oil in the car-no reading on the dipstick! He had not checked the oil, even after having been given that one piece of advice and specifically repeating it on the thread. Meanwhile he had spent hours replacing a difficult to reach fuel filter.... Ho hum...
  11. I must be missing something here-is the radiator overheat sensor a simple open or shut-to-earth sensor? So a switch wired in parallel to it to earth or infinity would give an identical input to the sensor? If not, that might explain why the ECU wouldn't like the input, but if it is just "earth" or "infinity" the ECU would not know the difference. Happy to be educated!
  12. Perhaps it is just getting to grips with a different clutch/flywheel?
  14. Fabian I have to admire your calmness. I blew out a capacitor on an old radio, and kicked myself for the mistake I made all evening. It will take 20 minutes and £2 to buy a new one and fit it, and I'm still cross with myself now. You seem to just take it in your stride, and with a much bigger project!
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