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  1. I am about to buy two new front tyres, 235/40/17. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what make and where to buy from? I'm looking at Black Circles and Han Kook tyres at the moment... Thanks
  2. Outstanding work! So impressive at every step. How on earth can you insure this car? I mean, insurance companies would need a lot of help to value it yes?
  3. LotuStuart

    Pair V8 catalysts.

    hi Ralf, you have mail....
  4. LotuStuart

    Replacement Sports Cats (DIY)

    Thanks Graham I went with a 400 cell in the end, which I am assuming is a three way cat... It should be fitted this week and MOT after-will update on how it goes.
  5. LotuStuart

    Replacement Sports Cats (DIY)

    Quick question: Was it a two way ora three way catalyst that you used? Thanks
  6. LotuStuart

    Replacement Sports Cats (DIY)

    I'm going to be getting mine done similarly, but I wondered if it would be better to cut out the top half of the pipe and "drop" the catalyst in, then replace the "lid" and weld it back up? that way the integrity/shape of the exhaust would be kept, and I wouldn't worry about losing the bend/angle of the setup. There's also be less chance of damaging the catalyst with hammering it into place. Thanks!
  7. LotuStuart

    emmisions too high

    All done-Many thanks Mike-much appreciated.
  8. LotuStuart

    emmisions too high

    Sodding emissions.... Mine has failed and I need to replace the cats. Anyone got a pair they are willing to sell? Kinda urgent, so if no shouts before noon today I'll order new. Cheers!
  9. LotuStuart

    Engine Cooling and Heater

    Thanks for that-its always good to be proactive on things like this.. I checked mine last night and the pump is working, and the relay is too (it had a 5 pin instead of a four but that's fine-the 87a pin was wired as the alternate state rather than the linked (same) state.) Next I would like to check that the sensor is OK but that can wait for a dry day.
  10. LotuStuart

    Pair V8 catalysts.

    Anyone stripped theirs out and need garage space back? thanks for any help.
  11. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Not so long ago MPs pay was ~60k£, and their allowable expenses were ~245k£
  12. Having driven 30 odd miles at the weekend, including at 35mph in 5th for 5 minutes, I've still not managed to set the O2 sensor, so it looks like it may be broken and therefore unsettable. New ones arrive for fitting this weekend, and hopefully an MOT to follow. £40 for a fail sheet-emissions and repeater light failed-duly replaced the light with new lenses already-and also found our why the screen washer had stooped working-the pipe had been clamped in the washer bottle holder bracket at the last service. It is now unclamped and working fine. Door lock motor also ordered from Lithuania. will be fitted next clear day. Taking the interior door panel off was easy, but will need to remove the lock mech as well. Will mark fitment before removal and hope that is enough to refit accurately. Will try to fix the old motor after removal, but for £25 I wanted to just remove and refit at the same time, not remove, mess around, find its unfixable and then refit pending receipt of a replacement...
  13. LotuStuart

    Door lock actuator

    thanks-i was just reaching that conclusion from some ebay pictures! So i am looking for a RHD car drivers side, or a LHD car drivers side!
  14. aaaand here we are again! car just failed MOT on emissions, scan shows bad o2 sensor (p0134). I reset it but my scan now shows status is not "emissions check ready", and the MOT guys helpfully ran a check on the exhaust-and emissions are still way too high (5% co on LH bank, 1.1% on RH bank (where duff sensor is)). I've just bought two Bosch sensors off ebay ref 0258005133 and 0258986505, so will keep you informed of how it goes-and I'll try running the car up a hill in 5th at 35mph to try and "set" the emissions check (which I know is needed for the US emissions check, but I wonder if because its not ready, either the sensor is still broken, or the sensor wont work properly until the emissions check status IS ready!
  15. My car has remote locking, so there is a motor in the door part number GM 90 277 865 Has anyone changed theirs, and knows if the part is "handed"? I took the door panel off to find the part number but rain stopped play and I had to reassemble quickly. I can find a few on ebay but they are for the left hand door and are complete with the mech. Now, I don't need the rest of the locking mech (which is clearly going to be handed) just the motorised lifter, so am happy to buy a left hand one and swap the motors over-if that will work, but dont want to leave the door without a lock mech and strip it out to find if the motor is handed or not-any clues please?