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  1. Mine certainly fits, but I haven’t been out in the rain since.
  2. Excellent. Thanks. Will order now Thanks! What was the result please? s
  3. I’ve searched the forum and found nothing. Has anyone got a recommendation for the v8 wiper blade please? mine is practically wooden. Thanks!
  4. I’d say a T piece for the sensor, with one end being the one sensor and the second being a mechanical gauge.
  5. Have you tried unlocking the door on the other side of the car from where the wedge is? Maybe a broom handle or similar might do it...(i don’t know what sort of unlock mechanism it uses though)
  6. Thank you. Will try them.
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for a secure storage facility somewhere reasonably close to West London? Thanks!
  8. I'm afraid I don've have any recommendations, and am also looking for an outside cover-one that a cat can jump on and not damage with its claws. *sigh* Any suggestions? (Not declawing cat...) thanks
  9. ...and that is where it will remain. Lockdown means the refurb place is closed, so i'll have to put my wheel back on! typical,,only took me 4 years to make a decision, and I was four days too late to get it done!
  10. Ok thanks. in other news, I have app racing calipers, and the skinny spare doesn’t fit over them. So car is now in Garage on three wheels and an axle stand!
  11. As title, does anyone know the name of the original wheel colour please? im having mine refurbished This week, and I can’t find a reference to the colour they should be sprayed. Many thanks !
  12. thanks-it starts off well priced I agree-then postage and 20% added to it, and the cost for one wheel is the same as refurbishing 4. Looks like I'll be refurbing mine next week-the other issue, of course, is that i need the rear as well, otherwise i will have mismatched wheels on one side!
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