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  1. Good luck! I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone willing to supply anything to PA for patterns etc, or any money up front.
  2. I pull the choke out on my Spitfire, crank the engine, sidedraught cars take a while to fire up, and I allocate that time to building oil pressure. I swapped a motorbike engine over on Friday. When I tried to start it nothing happened. I had forgotten to connect the spark plug HT lead. EDIT I swapped a motorbike engine over on Friday. I disconnected the spark plug HT lead and cranked the engine to build up oil pressure before starting.
  3. With most insurance (all?) the higher the potential payout is, the higher the premium is. So the insurer may well be willing to agree to a valuation of -say- £200,000 but with an annual payment of -say- £10,000.
  4. You note that the rod is bent-why is it bent? How did that happen? Maybe it is trying to push a jammed part?
  5. I'm a little surprised nobody has tried to find out why this is, as it seems to be a common occurrence. It might be the solenoid or the wiring to it-after all, why should a brand new one have a problem already? That would make me look at the wiring. Certainly before I spent £500 on fitting a new one...
  6. A parasitic drain would be coming from the solenoid. Really shouldn't be hard to find where and cure it.
  7. My father last week at 91, my mother last year at 86.
  8. How old is battery? Mine just died after 3 years. Just checking the voltage may help, but they can show 12.6v and still have no power in them (be unable to provide current). Tightening the terminal on a dead battery won't help I'm afraid. Apologies if you know this...
  9. I don't blame you. Much better to sit on the beach and dip your toe in the water when/if you feel like it rather than constantly treading water and occasionally touching the seabed. (PS Don't forget we spoke about mine wanting a ground up rebuild before you hang up your spanners.).... 🐂💩
  10. Advert says they "fix onto the axle" Yikes!
  11. It may not be a vacuum pipe, depending on what exactly is the issue. The outside air flap (recirculating flap) is switched with a switch. The dial controls the direction of air in side the cabin. In the V8, on the USA passenger side footwell, up against the centre console above a passenger's shin, there is a rotating lever that controls a flap. The lever falls off the spindle. This is covered elsewhere on the site, you'll have to search I'm afraid, I-can't find it at the moment...
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