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  1. LotuStuart

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    Id be interested to see an "After" picture of the position of the cables.
  2. LotuStuart

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    . It looks as though the left cable (as you look down at it) is not in the cable end groove. And the retaining plate is still round the wrong way.
  3. LotuStuart

    Esprit fuel economy

    Never checked, but 30+mpg sounds great. I accept that you are checking out of interest of course, and this is not a criticism of you..... I was once asked the fuel economy of an Audi ur quattro i was selling. I suggested that if this was an important consideration, it was probably the wrong car to buy. (between 15-25mpg was the answer)
  4. LotuStuart

    600bhp Esprit Se

    oh. Also... A four tail pipe exhaust system has been epecially designed Lotus Esprit range of vehicles. It is manufactured in stainless steel with or without a catalytic converter and is designed to be ueed in place of the standard exhaust sytems fitted without chassis or engine modification. This says it is fitted without modifying the engine. see and I'm not sure how it would fit to a V8, and the patent is dead. Otherwise it all sounds totally believable-and I love the picture of it!
  5. LotuStuart

    600bhp Esprit Se

    Where did you sell it to? I've not seen it. PS It's "would have been obvious" not "would of been obvious".
  6. LotuStuart

    S3 Turbo Engine stops

    Can you replace a fuel line with a clear section rather than black rubber to see if you are getting fuel through? My immediate thought would be a vacuum is being created in the fuel system, or that a piece of waxed paper (wont dissolve in petrol) in the fuel tank is drifting on to the fuel pick up after a while causing fuel starvation, and then when the engine is off and the pump releases it it drifts back in to the tank again.
  7. LotuStuart

    Aircon fix.

    The front condensors are indeed cheap enough-but can you source those 180' Y connector pipes?
  8. LotuStuart

    Crown wheel thrust washer orientation?

    good-provided that one is correctly positioned....
  9. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    So we are guaranteed to be worse off in trade with th EU when we leave. Otherwise everyone will leave. The absolute best we can do is "as good as if we were still in" but his isn't going to happen Thyr need us more than we need them eh?
  10. LotuStuart

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Absolutely gutted. Sorry doesn't really cut it, but I feel for you.
  11. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    "Life is like a box of horse shit, you never know what you're going to get. Then it turns out to be horse shit."
  12. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June arses.., steady on old chap!
  13. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    It's the game show choice: Take the money or open the box We're opening the box and it's half full of horse apples. Not even full. And we're sticking with the decision.
  14. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    What happened in 1975?
  15. LotuStuart

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Understood: so as long as someone who voted in it has died, that is the end of their lifetime and there can be another vote. Also: (1975) or was that a lifetime ago, so we can vote against that now? Also: "which is why it was called a referendum." Is this a definition of a referendum as a once in a lifetime vote? Where is that definition from? And I may or may not harp on about the definition of "lifetime".