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  1. For info, the answer is just to ring round...might take a while and some don't understand what you mean-so i just said "its from a renault without a centre hole, needs an adaptor".
  2. I have Kumho fitted. May not be the ultimate tyre but the ones I took off were old Dunlops. These will be better. One problem though, I can’t find a tyre fitter to balance them! The pillar next to the centre hole gets in the way of the cone used on he balance machine. Anyone else with Saturn’s found a solution?
  3. Abandoned perhaps? send off for the logbook .. Filthy...dirty....just how I like ‘em.
  4. Ski poles. Are they a specific pole in the film? Maybe Bond just picked Up a couple when he got there-they aren’t hugely important to skiers after all. One gets shot in pieces when bonds reaching for his pistol. also, at 120mph, will the skis transfer wind loading to the racks and to the boot lid?
  5. I am so sorry to hear this. I bought a part from him only last month, and mistaking me for another Stuart he Facetimed me to catch up. Despite never having spoken before, we chatted for perhaps 20 minutes about Lotus ownership and the world in general. It was a very enjoyable conversation and brightened my quarantined day up hugely.
  6. Mine certainly fits, but I haven’t been out in the rain since.
  7. Excellent. Thanks. Will order now Thanks! What was the result please? s
  8. I’ve searched the forum and found nothing. Has anyone got a recommendation for the v8 wiper blade please? mine is practically wooden. Thanks!
  9. I’d say a T piece for the sensor, with one end being the one sensor and the second being a mechanical gauge.
  10. Have you tried unlocking the door on the other side of the car from where the wedge is? Maybe a broom handle or similar might do it...(i don’t know what sort of unlock mechanism it uses though)
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