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  1. Thanks! That’s very helpful. I’m not happy opening the speedo so ill put up with the occasional inconvenience, unless it becomes a major pain!
  2. Is this the full course of ten or just the half hour?
  3. Thanks-can you clarify if that is a proven fix, or a suggestion? Has it happened to your Esprit too?
  4. Self tapping screw in there and you're good to go.
  5. Blimey. I had no idea this was so common. Mine does it too (2002 V8). Has for a couple of years. When it happens, it seems to do it on start up, then goes away after I've driven for a bit. I think it is display related only, because if (say) it shows 30,000 miles, then goes wonky and I drive 5 miles, when it comes back properly it reads 30,005 miles. Its a minor irritation, but it would be nice if anyone has a solution. My standard thoughts on old electronics are (1) Earthing problem. (2) old capacitors.
  6. I’ve driven through Griffin and I think I bought a motorbike there once! none in stock but I think this was the place.
  7. Interesting! I used to live in Atlanta. Is there a Lotus showroom somewhere north of there? I forget… whereabouts are you?
  8. I'd be happy to run that up the flag pole and see who salutes. Your dinner seems to be a packet of crisps and two bottles of gin. Fabulous.
  9. >Fortunately, prior to this, I managed to sort a conundrum on an SE that had kept it off the road for a whole year, so I'm well chuffed. Intriguing...Deets?
  10. aircon also helps demist in winter... I would keep aircon if installed. There is no fun sitting and sweating in 84 Deg in traffic with a £400 Fiat punto sat next to you, with all 4 people inside being cooooool. Each to their own, but taking effort to remove a useful extra like aircon makes no sense to me. I'd at least leave that to a new owner, or at the very minimum keep the parts to pass on to them.
  11. I am not in need of one of these, but just wanted to say well done on the top work being done by you all.
  12. I had a threesome. It would have been a foursome, but the other guy pulled out.
  13. I would like to have my belts done on my V8. Could anyone recommend a garage? West London or wester of London preferred. Thanks!
  14. Is this one what you need? Found on the bay as a replacement for AL49x LRA00715 Alternator 12V Electrical Replacement Spare By RTX
  15. Sorry that's beyond my memory! was this colour though....
  16. In late 1993/early 1994, I viewed a "JPS" black/gold Esprit in Slough. It was for sale at around £4,500. It was damp damp damp inside, and had been poorly maintained. I was amazed that the sellers (two youngish guys from the area) didn't even bother to clean it or wipe off the damp inside. I then bought a black Audi ur Quattro instead.
  17. Do you mean left side seat or right sided seat? (Looking towards front of car from the back).
  18. What fixed it in the end?
  19. Nice. And the quality looks superb. Shame to hide them away.
  20. Ah-the description said they were, i didn't look at the pictures as i'm not after seats. 👍
  21. My lights have rotted, broken the plastic mounting part that pop rivets to the metal frame. I need 2 of the metal mounts and four of the plastic surround/mounting part if anyone has any? Thanks s
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