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  1. Rear visibility is not great but I installed a rear view camera :-)
  2. When I got the bonnet there was nothing to attach the gas struts so I made something on my own ,but Matteo can send you some brackets were you can attach the oem gas struts on ,I knew to late that was possible.. No slamming at all , opens very gently.....
  3. Took me some time to fit them but I believe I bought shorter gas struts or maybe longer :-)
  4. Still pleased with both parts , I highly recommend them , I don't have the roof because I like mine with the intake scoop.. I believe my car is also Ardent red....
  5. Original panel I sended to Matteo was the same,I bought it from Komotec that was advertised as oem Lotus part...You can't do anything wrong with the pins I suppose,2 pins and 2 holes :-)
  6. When I only have to file 2mm off it's perfect to me,It's a lotus,it will fit to some and some will have to file , took me 2 minutes and what's most important, the quality of the acces is perfect....
  7. I already forgot , made the hole a little bit larger with a file to make it fit...
  8. Did you try it, because I can't imagine why they wouldn't fit , I'll take some pictures tomorrow....
  9. Did you ever measure A/F at normal driving because I tested the oem carbon lotus intake (I have the AEM air fuel gauge) and air fuel was jumping all around because in the intake pipe is a lot of turbulence of air that disturbs the MAF sensor , I made my own alu intake and had the same problem , I placed an air straightener around 2" before the MAF sensor and this solved the problem,driving at the same speed and air fuel stays very stable...
  10. Didn't weight the 2 panels but the carbon one is very light......
  11. Eltech acces should be the same as the oem Lotus one,because I bought the fiberglass one at Komotec (and this was advertised as oem)sended it to Italy and Matteo made the same one in carbon fibre for me.....
  12. Yes , I'm a patient guy , but it was mainly the fault of UPS , took them 3 times to ship to me without breaking it ....
  13. Well , mine was the first to be made, so he had to make the molding (took several months) shipped to me with UPS , came home damaged,shipped it back to Italy , repaired it (took 2 months) shipped it back to me with UPS ,came home broken again , shipped it back to Italy , made me a complete new one for free , and 3th time shipping was a succes ,so all together it took me around 14 months :-) ..Eltech products are really nice but I think you have to wait at least 2 months (if you're lucky)
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