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  1. I unplugged the cable for 6 years now , never had a problem...
  2. Installed Imran side sills today , did not go for widest option but installed them less agressive , looks nice to me....
  3. Slide it in at the air filter side and push it with an extension almost in position , put 4 dots 2 component glue from the maf side and push air straightener over the glue and finished , did it several times without a problem...For extension to push the air straightener in I use a tube almost as large as the alu pipe (diameter)
  4. It has to be between 2.5 and 3" before the MAF and just use some 2 component glue , put 4 dots glue and slide the air straightener over it ,job done...
  5. And you forgot to mention how cheap you got the intake 😅
  6. No I don't track the Exige , I have a Renault Megane RS for track use , very cheap to maintain and very reliable.....
  7. I bought it on ebay : I first made an intake without the air straightener (picture) but when testing air fuel was going crazy , when I added the air staightener air fuel was very stable ,been driving it for 4 years now without any problems...
  8. I also have headers and no cats, (same as Kristof) I have no problems with my intake that's almost the same as Imran's intake with the only difference that I added an air straightener before the maf , I did some testing with an air fuel gauge and without the air straightener air fuel ratio was very unstable...
  9. Been running 4 years now without cat , larini manifolds and self made intake same as Alias 23 but with honeycomb before the MAF to smooth out air turbulence, I also mounted the AEM air fuel gauge (a must for me ) and air fuel is perfect...I don't understand why most people don't install an A/F gauge ,you can always see what's going on , I have 3 cars and in every car I have an A/F gauge....
  10. Rear visibility is not great but I installed a rear view camera :-)
  11. When I got the bonnet there was nothing to attach the gas struts so I made something on my own ,but Matteo can send you some brackets were you can attach the oem gas struts on ,I knew to late that was possible.. No slamming at all , opens very gently.....
  12. Took me some time to fit them but I believe I bought shorter gas struts or maybe longer :-)
  13. Still pleased with both parts , I highly recommend them , I don't have the roof because I like mine with the intake scoop.. I believe my car is also Ardent red....
  14. Original panel I sended to Matteo was the same,I bought it from Komotec that was advertised as oem Lotus part...You can't do anything wrong with the pins I suppose,2 pins and 2 holes :-)
  15. When I only have to file 2mm off it's perfect to me,It's a lotus,it will fit to some and some will have to file , took me 2 minutes and what's most important, the quality of the acces is perfect....
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