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  1. .....the Jack Handle is worth a look too... :-)
  2. We want YOU for our Classic Motoring Party ! „smile“-Emoticon If any Questions we are happy to help. Share a few great Days in one of the greatest landscape in Europe with us , ALL Classic Cars are welcome. Would be great if we have some Friends from the Forum there! :-)
  3. Good afternoon, so i get under the Esprit yesterday and fix the Problem of the Steering play as shown in my Video above. I like to share the procedure maybe it is helpful for sombody . I remove the tie rod ends , the 4 Bolts from the Steering Rack and the lower bolt from the lower steering U-Joint . Than i pull down the whole Steering Rack till it slips out from the underside of the UJ. After that i take out the whole Steering rack to have more Space. I take out the Upper Bolt of the UJ then. UJ/Steeringshaft was alittle rusty and the UJ itself doesnt came ouur easy so i speay it with WD 40 and wait for about 20 mins. Then i pass a belt trough the middle of the UJ and pass the beld also trough 2 Holes in the lower frame so that i have a kind of a loop whrere i can get trough with a wodden slat , i use that Construction as a lever aktion and the UJ cames of easy that way. Reasembly Note : Fit the new UJ first on the Steering Rack bEcause there is only one Position where the lower Bolts get trough. and it is tricky to find when the UJ is already bolt on the upper side. The upper UJ Bold can get trough in any Position. The upper and lower UJ Bolts have differnt lenghts - make shure the shorter is on the upper side if you use the longer on the upper side it can get in contakt with the firewall. Tip:I use a Steering Wheel to Clutch Pedal Anti Theft Device to keep the Steering Wheel in the middle position all the Time.. So after finished i lift the Car down and................. No Steering Wheel play anymore !! Thanks to Roy for guide me in the right Direction..... The old UJ shows no play when i inspect it after removal the are much more Force on it than you can produce with your Hands or even a Screwdriver. Roys test is the only Way to go !
  4. Exactly, that was one of the first lessons i learn when working on the Esprit - 4 Hand are better than 2! First time i need it when replace the Gas Struts of the rear Deck... :-) Kind regards
  5. Good Evening , thank you both ! @ Quavion : Thanks for the reminder - the last thing i do on the Esprit was taking out the Relais Bracket under the front Bonnet for welding because it was broken. I think i didnt put it right back ! Its worth a check at the Weekend ! Kind regards Harald
  6. Ok, i will do it from the inside. I have a full Workshop with a Carlift and tought from the underside is more Space for woking. Either Way. Thank you very much!
  7. Good Evening, just doing the Chargecoller Impeller, a Engine + Gearbox Oilchange today and after start up the Esprit the Low Fuel Lamp on the Right Side of the the Binnacle stays always on. Dosnt do that before. The Fuel Gauges read normal -Tank is almost full.... any ideas ? Thank you Harald
  8. Good Evening, I was doing my Chargecooler Impeller today ... see how it was look like - there was all blades gone. What makes me wonder is that the Impeller Housing isnt all round look at the Picture on 12o Clock Position. Are this just Lotus Tolerance or is it a bad part from Factory ? Regards Harald
  9. Good Evening, i got my Parts together now, does anybody knows what is the better Way to replace the lower UJ from the Esprit ? Unscrew the Steering Column from Inside the Car and pull it up or umscrew the Steering Rack ind pull it dowb? Thank you!
  10. Hello Roy, your Tip was the golden Goal! Had the Wheel off and the Car at the Lift.( I was sitting in the Car) A friend grip first under the lower U-Joint = Play like before.... Than he grip above the lower U-Joint = NO PLAY. By the Way , while have the left Wheel of i found the Bleeding Srew for the Radiator i am searching for Hours before... Thank you very much for your Support!!! Kind Regards Harald
  11. First of all : Thank you for your help! i guess i should check the U-Joints first. I make a short Video today : any comments welcome! Kind Regards Harald
  12. Good Morning and Happy new Year! I am on the final Works an my Turbo SE , one of the things i have to check is the Steering Play, I have no up and down Play at all just a left and right Steering Wheel Play. I can turn it very easy with just two Fingers and it appears before the Wheels move. The Esprit is a NO Power Steering Model. For me it feels it comes from the upper Section like from the U-Joint (s) , or are they Bulletproof so the Steerinng Rack is known to fail? The Car was very hard holding on the Road when i get her i have always to correct to stay on the Road .. Are there any known faults ? Kind regards Harald
  13. Have the Pleasure to meet Eddie the first Time in Person at NEC who makes us feel home far away from Home. :-) Also get great Hospiality from a Gentleman at the Stand and chatting with him for a while to get more Infos for that underated Lotus Elite II/Eclat/Exel whoi i like too. Now know what i want next : A Elite 2 2,2 ! :-) Regards Harald
  14. Ok, thank you i will try this greetings Harald
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