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  1. Phenomenal work Mark. Can't wait to hear how she runs. Haven't been on this forum in months now but always pop in to specifically check on your car! Glad to hear you are nearing the finish line. Steve
  2. work is looking awesome Mark. Can't wait to hear how she goes once she's all together again!
  3. Nice, gorgeous car. Remember seeing it at the dealer who imported it for the owner in Manitoba. Sealed the deal for me buying my white one. Maserati has been great, but definitely thinking of getting into another Esprit again. Always thought an F355 might be for me, but reading all your threads about the interesting things you have done to the Esprit relights that old flame for me! Definitely can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this one, especially on the tranny side of things! If you got an idea for putting a better transmission in the car that will definitely draw me back!! Probably gonna be passing through Medicine hat sometime in the next while, you'll have to get me your number again. Would definitely like to catch up and see whats goin on, if you have the time!!
  4. Hey Mark, long time no chat! Gorgeous car! This one didn't come out of Winnipeg, did it? There was an identical one to this that came in just before I got mine and I know that owner did some motor work and upgraded turbos locally here.
  5. Lotusespritse, I am sorry never posting an answer to my problem. Sold the car in dec '10 and haven't been lurking around on this site much since. Been toying with getting back into one again and getting rid of my Maserati. The problem that occurred with my car back then was that one of clutch disc surfaces broke half off making the clutch surface hugely uneven. Simply had to drop the tranny again and brought the clutch and flywheel away locally and had resurfaced. Nothing too serious and extremely cheap to fix!
  6. Thanks Mike, yes it was a weird situation. Happy to say I was able to put over 250 miles on the car over the weekend. May not want to sell it now that it is working so well, haha.....
  7. Yes of course. I look to keep my car in top condition until the day I sell it. No no, I was never looking at 225/35's. I currently have 235/40's on the front of my car, but the Yokohama Advan Sports I'm looking at only come in 245/40 17's. Just wanted to make sure I would be safe with these. I'll still be running the 285/35 18's in the rear.
  8. Been shopping around for a new set of tires but having a heck of a time finding a matching set in a brand that I'm willing to run. Wondering if anyone has gone with other sizes in the front? Or does everyone stay with the 235/40 17's? Anyone running 245/40's? Been looking at some of the Yokohama Advan sports.
  9. Problem resolved!! It was the damn oil temp sensor in the drain plug!!!! Unplugged the sensor and light went out. Got a new one on order from JAE. Looking forward to driving now without annoying flashing light for a change.
  10. Update. Checked sensors. Temp gauge appears to be working fine. Disconnected light sensor and light keeps flashing. When I jump the two wires and ground fan comes on, but light still always flashing. If i jump to wires from header tank and ground light goes on solid. Gonna drive the car some today with light flashing and see if it throws any code.
  11. Hi Gunter, thanks for the info. Finally going to have a chance to look at this situation tomorrow. Summer is winding down here and finally might have a chance to drive the car!! If the oil sensor is an issue I will just unplug it. I drove for a year without it when I broke it and never threw a code or a light. Will also take a look at the sensors. Will keep you posted. Steve
  12. Update, still dealing with this problem. Haven't driven the car all summer because of it. Replaced header tank sensor after waiting for a month and a half to get it. Started car and light was off, yay!! (battery had been disconnected for a month in between). Had car running for an hour no issues. Turned off and came back 2 hrs later to leave with car and the damn light is flashing again!!!! No codes, just light flashing. I'm really getting annoyed at this. Is there not a temp sensor somewhere on the engine that controls this light?? Temp gauge seems to work fine, but light always flashing. I'm thinking there is a seperate sensor for the light. Does anyone know whether this is the case? Thanks
  13. Thanks Gunter. The reason I asked is I know we have rust in our water, so probably shouldn't use it.
  14. Is it not better to use distilled water in the cooling system vs regular tap water? I know our water here has quite a few minerals in it. I want to flush my system out thoroughly in the next few weeks as I've noticed some rust build up in the header tank. Is it better to just flush through with water, running it up to engine temp, then draining and repeating or is it safe to use some of the products sold at the local auto parts stores to clean up unwanted buildup?
  15. My car has always taken a 2-3 seconds of cranking to start when cold and sometime a little longer when hot. The thing I notice is when the car has been sitting for extended periods of time it will often cough and sputter once or twice before firing up like normal. Seems like injectors are loosing pressure over time?? Also, when car is cold, it does not go into a high idle before revving down. Instantly starts and idles at low RPM and always stalls as soon as I put my foot on the gas if I don't let it warm up first. This has all started since I had the timing belts done last summer and ECU reset. Any ideas?
  16. If anyone is looking for a more affordable alternative to buying the costly replacement clutch disks, let me know. I know a local shop that will re-line your old discs and resurface your flywheel for a very good price. I had this done last spring on my car and have since put on over 2000 miles with zero issues!
  17. Neal, the Air Con pump is definitely removable in situ without removal of any other parts. Its a bit of a PITA, but completely doable. That was my introduction to maintaining an Esprit
  18. No check engine light and no, the fans are not triggering as they shouldn't because the coolant is cold. I would highly doubt it was the oil temp sensor as I broke that piece off 2 years ago and drove for an entire year before putting in the new one last summer. During that time I never had an issue. I guess I could unplug that sensor, though, and see if that turns the light off. Thanks.
  19. Ok, I will give that a whirl, but doesn't this have to do with coolant level? That would be consistant with a coolant light steadily on. Mine is flashing, which the book tells me is an overheating light. That is not the case as it is doing it on a cold start. Thanks.
  20. So yesterday I pulled out my Esprit from storage. After I was able to break into it (view "locked out!" thread for info) started the car up, let warm up for a few mins, and took for short drive. In total had the car running for about 30-45 mins with no issues at all. Parked the car on the driveway and went back to work. Came home 4-5 hours later and started the car to move inside the garage. Soon as I started it the coolant telltale was flashing. I first thought it was that the coolant level was low, so I topped off the header tank which did need a bit, but not much. Restarted the car and it was still flashing. Checked the book and it says that a flashing telltale means that the car is overheating. That, however, isn't the case. It was completely cold when I started and moved into the garage. Anyone have any ideas? Possibly temperature sending unit? Where is it located? Thanks Steve
  21. Thanks for the info. Would a simple compression test not tell if there were a head gasket issue? Also, if there were a head gasket failure why would it also coincide with the car temp being at the max on the gauge? I did not loose near the coolant you were talking. I think I caught the overheat just as it was happening and quickly took action. When I revved the car a few times it was like the thermostat finally released as my temp gauge fell quite quickly and fans clicked on. I bled my system again after the incident and topped up the coolant, but took very minimal coolant to have my expansion tank to the point of overflowing (1 Litre at the very most). Also ran the car for about 45 mins after filling expansion tank and cooling fans indeed came on and off. I'll be pulling my car out of storage over the next few weeks and will look over everything. Keep me posted on your situation. Thanks Steve
  22. Had the car out today to top off the coolant and check things over. Car started a little rough (always seems to do this when its been sitting for awhile with the battery disconnected), but after a few seconds settled down. Drove over into the heated shop and proceeded to top up the coolant and bleed the system. Was down about 1.5-2L in total. Ran the car for a good 20-30 mins letting the fans cycle on and off a couple times. Fans came on just under 100 degrees and then brought the temp back to just under 90 before shutting off. Was blowing good heat in the cab as well. Checked the oil and still nice and clean and clear. Knock on wood, but I hope I may have gotten away without any issue here. Letting it drip dry in the heated shop over night after cleaning and will check over everything once more tomorrow before putting back in its cold resting spot for the winter.
  23. WOT = Wide Open Throttle. An OBDII scanner is a hand held device that hooks to the car either under the dash by the passenger side footwell or in the trunk by the fuse box. You don't need a laptop or software with it as it is a standalone device. It will simply read out the code that is causing the CEL to come on and give you the option to erase the code. Most OBDII readers will know the generic codes that are the same between all brands of cars, but will only list the code number for brand specific codes.
  24. Check engine light comes on for a multitude of reasons. You will need to get a OBDII scanner to read what code is causing the light to illuminate. Once you have the code you should easily be able to find out what it means on the forum here. If the cause of the code was just a momentary thing the light will go off after 3 cold starts, I believe. If it is something more consistent it will stay on. Either way its best to find out what the code is just for peace of mind. I know my car throws up a O2 sensor related code sometimes when I go WOT for any extent of time, but goes out after 3 cold starts if I haven't already wiped it.
  25. Thanks for the info Mike. I picked up coolant for it yesterday. Planning on bringing it into a heated shop over the weekend to top it up and check it out a little. Of course it happens like 6 hours before I get on a plane for Mexico. Nothing I could do about it for the last week and its been bitterly cold here!
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