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  1. Yes, have read many topics about Evora, but for me it is looks like car for metrosexual boys
  2. Hello everybody! I'm from Kazakhstan But I'm not Borat Have had different sport cars before - EVO VIII, EVO X, GT-R R35, R8. Now driving BRZ. It is amazing car with awesome drive sense. But as almost Japanese cars it is ugly. And no any kind of wide body or aero can make it looks like real sport car. Now starting to research about Lotus Exige S V6. I'm not enthusiast of manual gear. Also my height can be a problem (187 cm). Any suggestion will be appreciate. Thanks
  3. What kind of automatic transmission available for order? Double clutch pre selective or traditional automatic? Estimate price?
  4. Is Exige S V6 with automatic transmission exist ? Any link to road test? Price? Found out only this: 2013 Lotus Exige S Roadster Geneva Auto Show Photos and Specs - Road & Track
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