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  1. In the case of MY wife she'd probably be happy! However I thought I'd see what reaction there may be to start with. Got a couple of PM so far so there is /some/ interest there!
  2. Just testing but... anyone out there wanting to buy a blue esprit S4s? i have one with <80k on the clock but has got a possible head gasket issue thought I’d see if there’s interest before posting more
  3. I'm what's called an Oracle DBA - diagnose some poor performance issues on one of our financial databases!! :-) I jest, of course, but I guess what I'm saying is ... Oil change? Yep.... Spark plugs? Can do..... Stupid indicator bulb slipped out of the front left indicator - PITA but did it with much blood spillage. I wish I could do it but it's over to the professionals - which I'm thinking was your meaning anyway (i.e. lesser man hours). I think I may be sorted re: the bits. Will find out tomorrow. I shan't go into the other issue yet - well maybe - nutshell time - car runs good at low speeds - car runs good when gradually winding the revs up to the 7k mark - but put your fut down for max turbo and at around 4~5k revs turns into a tractor (both the sound and the performance). First things first. And thanks for letting me know that it's not an engine-out thing - or equivalent. Do you want to buy a 1 year old Civic GT type -R ? No? Well I thought I'd ask.... :-)
  4. I've sjsportscars and pnm engineering and there *seems* to be availability - seems to be a costly state of affairs (e.g.. the springs costing more than the dampers)
  5. Hi. My S4s failed it's MOT yesterday - I had given it over to SW Lotus to get an MOT plus fix issues that may come up. Failed on the rear shocks I thought that shocks would be like tyres - i.e. one size that would fit a variety of cars but alas no. So it's my job to go and find some shocks / springs / bolts etc relating to the rear shocks. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding trying to source these? I'm about to do a big search but I thought I'd put this question here up front because sometimes you find that one post to this forum and someone somewhere is kind enough to point right to the answer. So - it's a 1996 S4s and SW told me that shocks from the S4 and later do the trick. Thanks in advance for anyone who has a good answer! Off to google land now......
  6. good answers. thanks. Comment: "I can't see what the problem is. The driver's seat has plenty of adjustment on it." Every time you bring the visor down it moves the rear view mirror - which then needs pushing back. About the original screws. Yep - they are like they're welded in place. I've bought one of those kits where you can get rounded / seized scores out. I'll give it a go
  7. /some time back my centre mirror decided to break off. i cant remember how it got broken but that's how it it. I bought a mirror that fits nicely (vauxhall caliber, held by mirror stick strips ) in place and hides a DVR camera - very neat. Two problems came up which i thought I could get used to. It's been years and it sort of pisses e off a bit! FIRST: To adjust the mirror you have to move it around because the width of the mirror is too wide SECOND: (and I hate this) The rear view vibrates with the hum of the mirror - great if you've got double visions My question is - Has anyone replaced their review mirror which fits well.? Obviously there's "fit the original" -however I believe they're rare so Has anyone fitted a non Lotus mirror and does it look the biz?
  8. Thats very kind off you but I've got the rubberised one now. If it looks crap then I may well be back!!! Obviously someone else could get in there to buy yours first, but thats my problem if happens it happens. [thinks: should have come here before ordering it] Again, thanks very much for picking up on this
  9. It would be nice if they had quoted prices - they look like a fantastic company
  10. Thanks Jacques - I may well take heed of your advice thanks again
  11. i received delivery of a 'rhino lip - via international mail from the USA this week. It looks like quality There's a load of literature with it and pictures of Lotus cars where they claim to have faithfully built a very comparable copy. Time will tell re:how good it looks - I'll be giving it to better hands than myself. They even enclosed a brand new whole punch still in its package maybe i should have a go at fitting it- does anyone have any horror stories?
  12. Hey - that'll be good. Consider me a possible customer if you do decide to sell copies. I suspect the postage might be as much as the item though! Why is it that no-one has come u with that idea here in the UK ? (I'm making a massive assumption, there)
  13. Sorry about not responding Sorry for the lengthy come come back regarding the situation but Ive been off the roads due to to lack of money ( almost a year) however i found on eBay a pair of drive shafts on eBay and went fir the risk of them being ok. I had to pay for then because price was very acceotabe. They sat in my house for ages and when i got an income due to finding work (hooray) they were the first to be attended to . What a perfect decision! I have two professionals work om the old ones in every way they good but it cost money to being told it wasn't quite right especially when it leaked until a week or two. I'm happy with the route I took. Get your eBay to show daily Lotus parts and scan every post to east to west (etc) and crossed fingers/. I might create a list of obsolete parts and make a parts bin- one by one
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