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    S2 Elise 2001 X5 BMW 01 V8 4.4 Ltr -
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  1. No its too confusing, whenn you press the key button the alarm pips so do you do it when its in the ignition or what -its not clear.
  2. Yes these are the instructions in the actual Lotus Elise tech manual. - see attached New Microsoft Word Document.docx
  3. My spare key has been sitting for quite some time, so now it doesnt work. I checked the batteries - all good. Has anyone done the press key 17 times thing to re-initialise? If so can you give me some more in depth description? My main key is working fine but I really want to get my spare working.
  4. Are you sure you need an alarm fob? Maybe the alarm button is on the main key like my car - its a 2001 K series 2. Hold the button down and it sets the alarm to off/on depends on what system you have - mine is the Meta M36 T2
  5. No it doesn't matter but wouldn't you just love to know? I'm intrigued!
  6. Hi guys. I would love to know the answer to this question. Lotus will not reply to me. Its easier to explain in a video so have a look and come back and tell me what you think.
  7. ratcat


  8. Yes more than likely. Anyway order the Gates K series timing belt with tensioner and they will give you an auto Tensioner. Even if you had the manual tensioner go with an auto one when you replace it. I did mine as you can see back in December. the job wasn't super easy but I'm just an average home mechanic and did it no problem. Any other questions feel free to ask. The other guys or I will be happy to answer for you.
  9. I wonder if you can buy a car bra for an Elise or any Lotus for that matter. I suppose you can buy just about anything these days. Not that I would fit one to my Elise, They are a bit of a wank as far as I'm concerned. But one thing I think Lotus should look at is... Training lips for new owners. Seriously this would save much in the way of repairs. My Drivers side front lip (right hand side) is seriously damaged and has been since I bought the car. I fibre glassed it and did a rough sand job but within three weeks I had hit another sharp angled driveway. I would say that it was a good five weeks before I became fully conscious of potential damage to either front lip. Now I approach every driveway entrance on an angle and am fully aware of any damage that may occur. A removable aluminium lip with a couple of small countersunk cap screws would be ideal. Leave the training lips on until that period has passed and if they are not damaged just leave them on. If they are damaged fit the spares that come with the car. I'm talking about solid aluminium pieces the shape of the front lips that will screw onto a flat area, not just an aluminium protector. Also any time you damage one or both lips you can order new ones -standard Elise (and other Lotus) lips and just spray them yourself or buy them pre-sprayed for a bit more. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  10. Wow yes great site... that'll do it!
  11. Yep any Lotus at all - I'll have to start watching some 'Bond' movies!
  12. I don't remember seeing any Lotii in movies apart from the '89 Esprit in "Pretty Woman' (they spoke to Ferrari and Porsche first but neither wanted to participate because the movie had a prostitute in it. Last night I was watching 21 Jump Street, (the movie) and there was a glimpse of a parked silver series 2 Just the front corner of it as the camera was focused on some American muscle car. Oh and of course who can forget the Lotus inspired DMC DeLorean?
  13. Thanks for your help Gary and everyone else. The Elise is perfect now and drives like a dream, Cheers
  14. Hey all. I am in the process of doing the (fun) Timing belt change on my 01 Elise. I have the pulley off. There is an unused belt bell which I assume is for the MG power steering. Is it OK to machine this off? I want to turn it off for two reasons. 1. I can then get my tension wrench in because it will give me more room and 2. it will reduce weight. Or is it all finely balanced and need it like a flywheel or something>? Thanks guys,.
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