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  1. Oh my God ! That is Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast ! Nice one Mike !
  2. Good luck on your trip Mike ! Again : your work looks ace !
  3. I am around London tomorrow, fetching a Noble
  4. Maybe a stupid question Mike, but nevertheless : what chargecooling pump does V8 standard have (mechanical/electric) and what Will you use ?
  5. You know I'll be there, really curious about Mike's car !
  6. Mike, where do you pass revving through Belgium ? Will you meet up with Gert or so ? You're always welcome here (close to Leuven) I can take the Esprit for a nice on-road meet as well
  7. as in the movies : "It's alive, it is ALIVE" Great job Mike !
  8. Looking gorgeous ! Can you take your video cam for some footage on the next run please ?
  9. Nice work again Mike ! Maybe I can drop over somewhere in September Sure the black one is a dog and not a pony ?
  10. I will be cruising through France on 24th (going to Ardeche), but don't know if your place is on the way, otherwise I can drop by with the Esprit (and my wife driving the people carrier) , leave it there (so you can test drive it ) and take it back when we go back home (31st) Just a thought though
  11. I'm going to the south of France on Saturday 24/07, I should look up if your address is on the way
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